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The idea of “Myphonefootball” all started when I use to play football at the amateur and trying to purchase the best soccer cleats for wide feet but couldn’t due to funds. Growing and remember this once happened to me made me realize that there must be a lot of people trying to find “the best thing for Y”.

I think you’ve found the best blog you need if you’re trying to figure out which product is best for you.

Over time, I have seen so many people just purchase products base on recommendations from friends, family members, teachers or even spouses. Not everyone has the time to research and read a lot of reviews. Trust me, making research can be a lot of task at times.

Anyways, the fact that I was unable to purchase a soccer cleat for myself even after doing so much researches on the best soccer cleat for wide feet. Some were worth investing in and some were bad. Some were affordable, some were pretty expansive. After investing much time, I ended up buying nothing. But yet I had a brilliant knowledge that I need to open a blog.


The idea for www.radarmakassar.com is to provide the best and honestly inform everyone’s needs about different soccer gadgets.

Aim for this blog is to be the last destination for everyone making up their mind to pick up the best products that fit every one of their needs. Whether, a soccer ball, a soccer cleat, an indoor soccer shoe or even a goal keeper glove, you can find my unbiased reviews here on Myphonefootball.

Please take your time to look into them and don’t forget to leave a comment.