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Beast Mastery Guide

Beast Mastery Hunter is an interesting Shadowlands mystical specialization whose main characters are evil animals that quickly strike down their enemies thanks to their strength and agility.

If you need a very agile DPS with a high hit rate and a strong pet class, you should choose the Beast Mastery.

Beast Mastery’s main advantage is its mobility. The said specialization is a unique variant of ranged DPS, capable of inflicting one hundred percent destruction while moving. This ability will be a tangible help in various PvE covenants, as you can almost entirely rely on the mechanics or use your abilities, saving resources that cause damage. Not every ranged DPS has this ability.

The mobility and potent sorcery enchantments of Spirit of the Turtle and the Beast Mastery Hunters will be a quality option to bring casual missions or mechanic quests in underground cities and raids to life.

The effective tool of the Hunter is Focus. It is used very often by the Beast Mastery players who like Cobra Shot and the “take! ” commands to deal damage. You must pivot around the Barbed Shot to maintain Animal Frenzy and thus hit more targets, reducing Beast Rage’s refresh time.

Your rotation will consist almost entirely of spells. The rest of your sorcery spells will come from cool-downs and other additional talents.

Beast Mastery provides numerous opportunities for your hero. There is the effective splitting weapon Multi-Shot, which gives the right to use the Beast Strike. With such an arsenal, your pet will successfully fight several dangerous opponents. You can find any boost you need on https://buy-boost.com/wow.

Main changes to the version 9.1

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In the new 9.1 version, Beast Mastery has not changed significantly. The Beast Mastery class itself has not undergone any major transformations either.

Notable innovations include the appearance of new myths for covenants, as well as Sylvanas Rae’shalare’s bow. Shooting with it will give you a new talent called Wailing Arrow. It is probably one of the most significant changes of the mentioned game section for hunters.

It will be complicated to get this bow, but the game will allow you not to use it for a long time.
There are some changes in covenant selection as well. With a successful raid design and the latest connections and expansions, Kirian now has every chance of becoming more popular than the Night Fae covenant.

A set of valuable hunter’s items

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Sanctum of Domination offers the gamer a selection of actionable accessories. Among them, the following ones are especially famous:

  1. Rae’shalare, Whisper of Death refers to the Wailing Arrow talent. A shot with this piercingly buzzing weapon can destroy your target, as well as deal additional Dark Magic damage to other enemy targets within eight yards of the principal target. Animals struck by this arrow are immobilized.
  2. Dark Ranger’s Quiver. Five volleys of this weapon start a devastating fire, the victims of which will be five enemies in front of your character. All of them will take Dark Magic damage.

Hunters have acquired some fascinating and distinctive class accessories. For example, Sylvanas Windrunner shares two unique items with hunters that quickly restore the character’s vitality.

Four previously unseen legends were a pleasant surprise for Beast Mastery players. One for each of the four covenants.

  • Venthyr (a mystery bag)
  • Necrolord (an arsenal bag)
  • Night Fae (fragments of antique horns)
  • Kirian Covenant (Soul Hunter)

However, the weak action of these accessories does not make them popular among players.

The pros and cons of the Beast Mastery Hunter

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This mighty warrior has both strengths and weaknesses. His strengths are:

  1. High mobility. This character can hit maximum targets while moving. This ability is most useful when carrying out tasks of specific complexity.
  2. He is very useful to those who can control the crowd, is bloodthirsty, and achieves their goals by inflicting maximum damage on their opponents.
  3. He is well protected against the Spirit of the Turtle. He has an absolute safety button that neutralizes some types of boss effects.
  4. He can deal massive damage to single foes.
  5. He has wide coverage and the possibility to defeat the most challenging targets.

The Hunter also has some disadvantages. Gamers note such drawbacks as:

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  • Naughty silly pets. They often stay in dungeons and raids. They have to be released first and then called again. Such a need makes the game play very difficult, especially if the gamer is engaged in responsible combat.
  • Existence of AoE damage limitations. The specified resource is quite modest when compared to other specs.
  • There is no possibility of damaging “unfolded” objects.

Unfortunately, the Hunter is one of the least powerful classes for extended battles where maximum damage is required.

In addition to the above features, Shadowlands offers its players a number of the latest hands-on features that will assist in setting up covenants and Ancient Artifacts.

Acquiring the appropriate covenant will be a valuable step for your hero in Shadowlands. The reason for this is the close connection between covenant and Soul Binding and the effectiveness of specialization, which will undoubtedly affect the entire success of the game.

Shadowlands’ unmatched talents will give your hero a significant advantage. Especially the perfect rune carving technique.

Beast Mastery Shadowlands character ammunition is quite complex. It will be complicated to pick it up because of the different variants of the game content. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the clothes for the Hunter very carefully.

You should also choose the right race for the hero. All racial rewards are very similar, giving you the opportunity to opt for the race you like. Races that offer rewards in addition to the basic characteristics are particularly appreciated by Shadowlands players.