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Best Bluetooth Receiver For PC

Over the last two decades, Bluetooth technology has become one of the most popular forms of wireless communication between household devices. The technology was first developed in 1994. Since its initial development, Bluetooth has gained significant interest among technology companies.

There’s a good chance you’re using Bluetooth in your home without even realizing it – that’s how common the technology became over the years. 

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Techkey Gives you powerful wireless data connectivity 
Backward compatible with Bluetooth V3.0/2.1/2.0/1.1

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Avantree DG40SConnect with Bluetooth headphones, speakers or receivers
Connect with Bluetooth keyboards & mice

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Kinivo BTD-400Connect your Computer/Laptop with Bluetooth Enabled Devices such
Bluetooth specification v4.0 Class 2 with low energy technology

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ZEXMTE Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy (BLE) technology
3Mbps and transmission distance up to 33ft/10m in open space

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ASUS USB-BT400USB 2.0, Up to 3Mbps and Over 10 meters in free space
Frequency Band: 2.4~2.4835GHz unlicensed ISM band

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Many game consoles rely on Bluetooth as a way of communicating with wireless controllers. Mobile phones use Bluetooth to transfer files or to connect to other devices in a close range. Unfortunately, some computers still do not come with Bluetooth as a default feature.

In these situations, one of the best Bluetooth receivers for PC can be used. We take a closer look at the top picks you can consider in this post. 

Can You Add Bluetooth To A PC?

While most laptops, such as the Superbook, come with Bluetooth as a feature today, you may find that buying a desktop computer is different. With a desktop, separate components are generally required to add Bluetooth functionality – something that manufacturers do not really focus on.

Still, you may find yourself in a situation where you need access to Bluetooth functionality on your computer. This may be the case when you want to connect a wireless remote, mouse, or keyboard, for example. 

It is possible to add Bluetooth connectivity to your PC. There are two main options that you can choose from. You can decide to add an extra module to the interior of your desktop tower. This would integrate Bluetooth into the computer without taking up an additional USB port.

Some people prefer something more portable or do not want to open up their desktop – in these situations; you may want to look at the best Bluetooth receiver for PC. These are USB devices that you simply plug into your computer.

You can use a Bluetooth receiver on both a desktop computer and a laptop. This makes it quick and easy to add or remove Bluetooth functionality without having to open up the computer. 

Best Bluetooth Adapter For PC

It may feel like a challenge to choose a specific USB Bluetooth adapter to use with your PC. This is due to a variety of options – including different technologies, classes, and manufacturers.

To make the process of choosing a Bluetooth adapter easier, we’ve compared top-rated options to each other. After considering various specifications with each of these adapters, we present a list of options that are better than the rest. 

1. Techkey Bluetooth Adapter

A compact adapter that has a lightweight structure, weighing just 26 grams. The mini structure of the Bluetooth adapter ensures it does not add extra bulk to your computer or laptop. The receiver can be used with computers running Windows operating systems.

The device is compatible with all of the most recent versions of Windows. Apart from compatibility with Windows OS, you can use this Bluetooth adapter on a Raspberry Pi device too. 

The adapter offers fast connectivity and transmission, with a maximum speed of 3Mbps. The 33 feet range offers extended reach compared to some of the other models that are available.

The use of BLE technology means the Bluetooth adapter uses less power while still providing sufficient functionality. The adapter is backward compatible, allowing you to use it on devices that are fitted with older Bluetooth technologies. 


  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Lightweight design


  • Not compatible with Mac
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2. Avantree DG40S USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC

A Bluetooth adapter that uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology while still providing adequate backward compatibility functions. The adapter offers support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and the latest version, Windows 10. You can use this adapter with a laptop or desktop PC.

The multidevice design allows you to connect your computer to a mouse, keyboard, projector, gaming controller, or printer. The device provides support for Bluetooth Low Energy technology, making it a more power-efficient option. 

The adapter has a plug-and-play design when used with a computer running Windows 10. For older Windows versions, an additional driver needs to be downloaded. This driver is provided free of charge on the manufacturer’s official website. No drivers are provided for macOS, however. 

There is a 12-month warranty offered with the purchase of the adapter. If the adapter is registered on the manufacturer’s website, the warranty is extended to a period of 24 months. 


  • Compatible with older Windows versions
  • Multipurpose design


  • Additional driver needed in some cases
  • Not compatible with Mac
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3. Kinivo BTD-400 USB Bluetooth Adapter

A standard class 2 Bluetooth device that offers compatibility with a wider range of operating systems. The adapter is automatically detected by Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. You can also connect the adapter to a Raspberry Pi system, as well as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

The adapter may be used on both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. You get a 30 feet range with the adapter, which ensures you can comfortably play games with a wireless controller. 

The Bluetooth adapter comes with a warranty that lasts for a period of two years. This adapter has backward compatibility, which means devices using older Bluetooth technology can be used with the receiver.

The plug-and-play system means you have no need to install additional drivers when using the USB Bluetooth receiver on a computer. The adapter is compatible with headsets, speakers, wireless controllers, printers, and smartphones, such as iPhones


  • Low energy design
  • Can be used with Raspberry Pi


  • Limited compatibility with older Windows versions
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4. ZEXMTE Bluetooth USB Adapter

An adapter that focuses on providing better compatibility with your Bluetooth devices. You can connect devices using Bluetooth 1.1 up to 4.0 with this adapter. The USB receiver weighs just 3.2 ounces, which ensures it won’t add extra weight to your laptop.

A driver is required when using the adapter on Windows 7, but on more recent versions of this operating system, you get a plug-and-play experience. 

The receiver offers a range of 33 feet. The adapter also provides a transmission rate of 3Mbps. This ensures file transfers are fast while also providing better stability in the connection between your devices. Low energy technology is used in this adapter.

The device does not offer support for macOS, so keep this in mind if you have a Macbook or other device manufactured by Apple. 


  • Fast transfer speeds
  • Lightweight design


  • Only compatible with Windows OS
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5. ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter

When it comes to adding Bluetooth functionality to a Windows computer, this is a great choice. ASUS is a recognized brand in the industry, providing high-quality devices and components that work efficiently. This adapter offers transfer rates that can reach 3Mbps.

A USB 2.0 interface is used to provide better compatibility with older computers. There are some limitations in terms of OS compatibility – the adapter works with Windows XP, 7, and 8. Limited compatibility may be seen when pairing the adapter with Windows 10, however. 

The adapter uses a frequency band of 2.4GHz. In terms of range, your devices should connect without any problems as long as they remain within a 30-foot distance from each other. Note that this range refers to the distance in open areas.

When there are interferences, the range may be reduced, or an interruption in the connection may occur. The device has a small size – it weighs just 0.17 pounds. 


  • Plug-and-play
  • Quality design


  • USB 2.0 interface
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Buying Guide: How To Find The Best Bluetooth Receiver For PC?

One thing is for sure – there are a lot of different options when looking at a Bluetooth receiver for your PC. While a Bluetooth adapter can be a convenient addition to your computer, there are some things to take note of first.

In particular, make sure you closely analyze your options – this will help you buy the best Bluetooth adapter that offers stable connectivity and lasts longer. In this section, we share some useful tips to help you understand what to look for when buying a USB Bluetooth adapter. 

Bluetooth Technology

When it comes to buying one of these devices, the first thing to look at is the technology used. Bluetooth adapters come in different shapes and sizes, but the aesthetics do not contribute to the actual functioning of the device.

For example, you’ll find that a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter works significantly better compared to one that uses an older technology, such as Bluetooth 2.1.

The launch of Bluetooth 5.0 recently also made progress in delivering faster and more stable connections than ever before. This might mean you will pay more when buying an adapter for a PC but could yield better performance. 

It is also important to consider the Bluetooth technology used by the device you want to connect to your PC. If you have a controller that uses Bluetooth 4.0, you won’t be able to connect it to your computer with a Bluetooth 2.1 adapter. Instead, a USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter will be needed.  


You also need to consider the compatibility of the Bluetooth adapter you want to buy. Most adapters will provide an overview of the compatibility of the box or container. Check to ensure the device works with the operating system installed on your computer.

There are many adapters for PC that feature universal compatibility. These are great if you will be using the adapter on multiple computers. In other cases, you can find one specifically made for Windows or macOS, for example.

Many of the adapters available will work with Linux-related operating systems too. 

Additional drivers may sometimes be necessary. If this is the case, make sure the drivers are provided either on a disk with the adapter or on the manufacturer’s website. If you cannot gain access to the drivers, it means your computer may not properly recognize the Bluetooth adapter. 

Bluetooth Range

Range is another factor that you want to look at. Bluetooth generally has a short-range. The technology is not made for communication between devices that are far from each other.

Still, the range of Bluetooth receivers sometimes differs – some may offer a very limited range, while others use more advanced technology to give you better reach. 

More recent Bluetooth technologies will give you a better range compared to older options. For example, the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology gained a significant improvement in range, particularly when you compare it to options like Bluetooth 4.0 or 2.1. 

Consider the devices that will be connected to your computer. Take note of how far away these devices will be. In situations where you are connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse, the range does not have such a big impact.

When you want to play games with a controller, however, make sure the range is sufficient for any distance between you and the computer. 

Bluetooth Class

Bluetooth devices are categories into two classes. These are called Bluetooth Class 1 and Bluetooth Class 2. Understanding the difference is important, as this ensures you get a device that is appropriate for use at your home. 

Bluetooth Class 1 is a technology made for commercial and industrial purposes. These are generally not needed by general consumers. The Class 1 Bluetooth technology was developed for areas where longer ranges are needed. 

When using these adapters at home, you want to look for a Class 2 Bluetooth device. These are generally much more affordable but still provide a sufficient range to work with your household devices. 

Power Usage

Power consumption is something that people tend to overlook when they buy a Bluetooth adapter. While this is not something you may be concerned about when getting an adapter for your desktop, you should look at this when the device will be used with your laptop.

A class 1 Bluetooth adapter will generally use much more power compared to a class 2 option. Some adapters are made to provide a more energy-efficient operation – these are the ones you should consider buying.

This is especially important when looking at Chromebooks or similar laptops that are not as powerful. 


Avoid automatically buying a Bluetooth adapter just because it has the features you demand. You should always consider the manufacturer behind the device.

There are many brands that manufacture Bluetooth adapters – some tend to be more trustworthy than others. Thus, take note of the brand that makes a specific adapter you are interested in.

Do some research on the specific manufacturer. Make sure you read reviews left by customers who used the brand’s products in the past. Avoid brands that are linked to negative reviews, as this means the product may fail to provide efficient functionality. 


Prices for Bluetooth receivers differ significantly between various brands – and even when looking at specific products. With this in mind, it is important to compare prices among the adapters available too.

Avoid opting for the cheapest option on the market. These are often poorly made, which means they may not be reliable. There’s also no need to spend hundreds on something as simple as a Bluetooth receiver, however.

Advancements in technology now allow companies to make these adapters without charging a lot of money in the process. 

A good option is to make a list of receivers that comply with your needs. You can then compare these – and find the one that provides you with the best value for your money. 

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Bluetooth is a standard technology in our daily lives. We rely on Bluetooth to ensure our devices can effectively communicate with each other. If your PC lacks Bluetooth, syncing a wireless device can be a challenge.

We looked at the best Bluetooth receiver for PC in this article. Use the information we provided, along with the selection of top picks, to help you decide which option is right for your computer and needs.