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Best Redragon Keyboard : 10 Options You Should Know

Do you remember the first time your fingers touched a keyboard and what an impact it had on your life? How about the joy of typing in words and seeing them appear on screen? For amateur and pro gamers alike, keyboards are more than just tools. They’re part of our identities. As such, we want to know which ones will give us that winning edge.

We’re talking mechanical keyboards, gaming keyboards with RGB backlighting, custom keycaps—the whole shebang! In this blog post, we’ll look at 10 different options for some of the best Redragon keyboards out there so you can get the most bang for your buck while still getting quality performance from these multiple devices. When you think about it like that, choosing a Redragon keyboard is kind of a no-brainer.

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Redragon S101Includes Redragon RGB Backlit
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Redragon K502Has 25 conflict free & 12 multimedia keys
Have 6 different Lighting modes & effects

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Redragon K556-RKInclude a keycaps puller for clean or other needs
Get 8 spare switches as a gift

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Redragon S107With 104 keys, 25 keys without conflic & 11 multimedia keys
10G ACC super-fast game engine

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Redragon K551104 Keys with Dust Proof Mechanical Switches
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10 Best Mechanical Keyboards

For many people, one of the most frustrating things about being a computer user is that there are so many different types of keyboards available to buy. With so much choice, it can be hard to know which keyboard is best for your needs, right?

All these options will suit different budgets and tastes! That’s why we have put together this list of ten Redragon keyboards you should consider buying in 2024. These models represent some of the highest-rated and most popular keyboards on Amazon right now (as well as our own personal favorites).

1. Redragon S101

I could not be any happier with this product. It is the best Redragon keyboard I have ever owned. The design is perfect, everything has a place, and it’s easy to find what you need.

This includes the keys, they are in a solid row, so when your fingers are on the home row, they are in exactly the right position. The backlight is red and can be adjusted to whatever level you want.

The Redragon S101 has a splash-proof design with drain holes for liquid, making it ideal for use in pretty much any environment. Its design allows the keyboard to last up to 50 million keystrokes. Also, at under $50, this is an absolute bargain!

On top of that, they have a two-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you know you’re covered. I have owned several gaming keyboards in my time, some more expensive than others. But for the price and what you get with the Redragon S101, it’s really hard to beat. This keyboard is great for gaming, and everyday use. If you are looking for an affordable, durable, and good-looking keyboard, the Redragon S101 should definitely be on your list.

Estimated Price$40 – $45
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemLinux, Windows, and Mac OS
Number of Keys114
Special FeaturesRGB Backlit, Precise Tactile Feedback
Compatible DevicesPC
MaterialABS Plastic


  • The keyboard is built to withstand liquid spills
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and typing ease
  • You’ll be able to see your keystrokes more clearly in the dark
  • Customizable backlighting
  • Long-lasting performance


  • There is no macro setting
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2. Redragon K502 – Best for the budget

I recently purchased the Redragon K502 Keyboard, and I must say that I’m really loving it. This keyboard is designed for people who have never used mechanical keyboards before. Is it the best Redragon keyboard? For a tight budget, it is.

The soft Island-style Chiclet keys offer a tactile response with every single keystroke, so any sort of typing or gaming becomes a breeze. The weight feels exactly right – not too light and not too heavy – and the board also has a nice rubbery matte texture to it, so there’s no slippage at all as you’re typing or gaming.

The Best Redragon Keyboard isn’t just your regular keyboard, this thing is fantastic quality, and it has a number of other uses as well. The only downside I have found is that there are no dedicated media buttons to easily change songs or adjust the volume. Still, considering how affordable the K502 is, I wasn’t expecting any sort of extras like that. If you’re looking for a really low-price keyboard, then look no further than the Redragon K502 Gaming Keyboard.

Estimated Price$30 – $35
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemWindows, and Mac OS
Number of Keys104
Special FeaturesQuiet Keyboard, RBG Backlight, Splash-Proof Design
Compatible DevicesPC
MaterialABS Plastic


  • Gaming keyboard with quiet island-style chiclet keys
  • 104 key gaming keyboard for flawless performance
  • Reduces fatigue from long gaming sessions
  • Easy to use and navigate, even in the dark!
  • Anti-ghosting keys for fast and accurate gameplay


  • There have been reports of the spacebar not working properly
  • There are no rubberized grips on the stand

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3. Redragon K556-RK

This is one of the most affordable mechanical keyboards on the market today. It has an excellent layout, perfect for both gamers and professional typists.

There are two variations of this mechanical keyboard to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you. The keyboard is lightweight and durable, making it great for taking wherever you go.

The Redragon K556-RK includes features that will help your game. 12 multimedia buttons allow quick access to functions like volume, play/pause, etc. The mechanical keyboard also features a dedicated key to swap back and forth between applications or browser tabs–an important feature if you switch between programs often during your gaming sessions.

Different versions of this keyboard offer different backlight colors.

Some include RGB lighting, while others offer a single backlight color. The Redragon mechanical keyboard also has an ergonomic wrist rest to make your gaming sessions more comfortable. If you’re looking to change the color on your Redragon keyboard, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out our article on How to Change Color on Redragon Keyboard. On there, we’ll be walking you through the process of how to change the color on your keyboard, provide some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your keyboard.

Estimated Price$70 – $75
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemWindows, and Mac OS
Number of Keys104
Special FeaturesBrown Switches, Professional Software
Compatible DevicesPC
MaterialAluminum, Metal


  • Mechanical Brown Switches offer a satisfying tactile typing experience
  • 18 Backlit Modes allow you to customize your keyboard’s lighting and colors
  • Get 8 spare switches as a gift
  • The mechanical keyboard is durable and ergonomic
  • The keycaps are shorter to make typing quicker
  • Support computer systems across all operating systems


  • High value compared to its counterparts
  • Solid mechanical keyboard with limited customization options
  • When you press the buttons, there are some hollow metallic noises
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4. Redragon S107

The Redragon S107 mechanical keyboard has many features that make it an excellent option for gamers. It has a backlight that makes the keys easy to see in the dark, and it also has a keypad that’s perfect for gaming. Additionally, it has a comfortable design that makes it easy to use for long periods of time.

Overall, the Redragon S107 decent mechanical keyboard is a great option for gamers who are looking for an alternative affordable keyboard with a lot of features. The main difference between this model and the S101 is the number of keys. The S101 Redragon keyboard has 114, and the S107 has 104.

Estimated Price$30 – $35
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemWindows only
Number of Keys104
Special FeaturesRGB Lighting, Splash-Proof Design
Compatible DevicesPC
MaterialAluminum and ABS Plastic


  • 3200 DPI High Precision Gaming Mouse
  • 10G ACC Super Fast Game Engine
  • RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard
  • It’s waterproof, durable, reliable, and easy to clean


  • There are no macro settings available on this Redragon mechanical keyboard
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5. Redragon K551

Redragon has been producing quality gaming peripherals for a few years now. The K551 is one of the best mechanical keyboards that supports a lot of PC games and offers a solid performance. This budget mechanical keyboard is worth the price and will last for a long time.

The design of the keyboard is very minimalistic and simple.

The keyboard has a matte black finish that looks great and makes it easy to clean. The keyboard’s backlight can be customized to any color that you want. There are also several lighting effects that you can use. The K551 Vata has a detachable cable that is braided and nylon-coated. This cable is very durable and will last for a long time. The cable is also anti-tangle, which means it won’t knot up easily.

The keys on the Redragon K551 are mechanical switches. These switches offer a great gaming experience and are very responsive. The keys are also backlit and can be changed to a different color if you want. The switches on this mechanical keyboard aren’t too loud and won’t be heard over your speakers or headset.

Estimated Price$40 – $45
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemWindows, Mac OS
Number of Keys104
Special FeaturesRGB Lighting, Full Numeric Keypad
Compatible DevicesPC
MaterialAluminum and ABS Plastic


  • The keys are made of metal and offer a fast, linear response
  • The backlighting is nice and bright
  • You’ll love the feel of typing on this keyboard
  • The keyboard is ergonomic, splashproof, and gold plated


  • Some may find the rattle is particularly loud
  • It would slide around a lot when typing
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6. Redragon Kumara K552

The Redragon K552 is one of the best mechanical keyboards that I’ve ever tried. It has an incredible design with a lot of versatility in input options. This is probably my favorite feature because you can use it to play games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without buying any specialty gear.

The keyboard has a detachable cable that makes it easy to transport, and it also comes with a keycap puller and a ring keychain. This mechanical gaming keyboard has a Windows key lock function that allows you to disable the Windows key so that you don’t accidentally press it while playing games.

It also looks sleek with blue LED backlighting, which would be perfect for gamers who want their keyboard to stand out during late-night gaming sessions with friends. The backlight goes through several different colors, making it easy to change the mood depending on what type of game you’re playing or whether you just want a more relaxing atmosphere.

I would recommend this compact mechanical keyboard to anyone who wants a simple yet versatile device that can completely revolutionize their PC gaming experience.

Estimated Price$50 – $55
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemWindows, Mac OS
Number of Keys87
Special FeaturesRGB Backlighting, High-end Switches
Compatible DevicesPC
MaterialMetal, ABS Plastic


  • Customizable switches for precise feedback and performance
  • Superior typing because of durable, responsive keycaps
  • 18 different modes in total with many color options 
  • Precise backlighting
  • Optimized for PC gaming with an ergonomic, compact design
  • Durable construction holds up during intense play sessions 


  • Slight differences in key sizes
  • When typing, this Redragon mechanical keyboard tends to echo and rattle a lot
  • It moves around when the keyboard is flat
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7. Redragon K582 Surara

The Redragon K582 is our seventh best Redragon keyboard for gamers and heavy typists alike. It has been proven to be a durable, dependable device that will last with the best of them. Its keys have tactile feedback and provide a great feel when typing, plus the keyboard is designed to reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions.

The design is also sleek and attractive with its all red appearance. The design also includes a detachable palm rest, which makes it comfortable to use no matter the size or reach of your arms. This makes it an excellent option for gamers with limited desk space because it allows you to position the armrest wherever you need it.

This mechanical gaming keyboard also features custom blue switches. These switches are designed to reduce the click when pressed, which can be vital in some games. The blue switches also provide audible feedback, so the user knows when each key has been pressed.

This is a durable keyboard that will not easily break. Its sturdy aluminum-alloy construction makes it a long-lasting and robust device compatible with any computer system. This keyboard also features customized smooth red keys that make a slightly softer sound than other keyboards but maintain their responsiveness after thousands of uses.

Just ike other premium gaming keyboards, this Surara features customizable multi-color backlighting to further enhance its visual appeal. The brightness of these lights can be adjusted from 10% all the way up to 100% for added versatility during low or no light conditions.

This keyboard is equipped with 12 multimedia keys that can be used within games or any other application. These multimedia keys consist of volume control, mute controls, play/pause buttons, and a few others. The user can also assign these control functions to additional keys on the keyboard itself, which comes in handy when playing games that require more than just 2 or 3 keypresses at once.

This allows for even faster gameplay because you don’t have to keep reaching for your mouse when performing multiple actions per minute (APM). This Surara also comes with built-in software that allows you to program this keyboard with custom macros and profanity word filters for gamers who like customization features.

Overall, the Redragon K582 Surara is a great keyboard. It has a durable design with responsive keys and a sleek appearance. It also comes with a variety of customization features that are perfect for enhancing gaming performance. This keyboard is sure to provide an enjoyable typing experience while helping to reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions.

Estimated Price$60 – $65
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemWindows, Mac OS
Number of Keys104
Special FeaturesSoftware, RGB Backlit, N-KEY ROLLOVER
Compatible DevicesPC, Gaming Console
MaterialABS Plastic


  • Ultra-responsive with red switches
  • No ghosting/delay issues
  • Plugged in for quick access
  • Exclusive dynamic RGB backlighting
  • Durability tested with 50 million keystrokes


  • The keyboard must be restarted to change the RGB lighting
  • The space between keys is possibly too small for many users
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8. Redragon K530

This keyboard has a sleek look and white color, and brushed metal. It has a soundless click mechanism to keep you from disturbing anyone in the room with typing sounds. It is also not backlit, so it can be used in dark areas without being too bright for other people in the room.

The K530 is Bluetooth enabled so that your wireless connection is never interrupted. This makes it perfect for taking notes in school or even playing computer games when out on the couch. The keys are fully programmable with macros so you can have your personalized key layout at your fingertips.

The backspace and enter keys are also a little bit larger than average, which can be really helpful if you have large hands. The Redragon K530 keyboard is a good option for anyone looking for a quality yet affordable keyboard.

So if you are looking for a fantastic keyboard that doesn’t break the bank, the K530 is a great choice! It has all the features you could want in a keyboard and more! The soundless click mechanism and Bluetooth-enabled connection make it perfect for any situation, whether you are at home or out and about.

Estimated Price$70 – $75
Connectivity TechnologyWired/BT Wireless
Operating SystemLinux, Windows, Mac OS
Number of Keys61
Special FeaturesWireless, Hot-Swappable Switches, Functional Side Print
Compatible DevicesLaptop, PC, Tablet
MaterialABS Plastic


  • Fast, wireless and reliable
  • Portable design is convenient for gamers on the go
  • No wires in our way when playing
  • Solid base with double injection ABS keycaps for high durability
  • Brown switches are quieter for quiet gaming
  • Easily swappable with other Redragon keys
  • Highly customizable RGB illumination


  • Even with software, setting macros may be complicated/time-consuming
  • Limited Hot-swappable capability

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9. Redragon K580

The Redragon K580 keyboard is the best Redragon keyboard. It has a great design and is very comfortable to use. It also has a lot of features that make it perfect for gaming, such as backlighting and programmable keys. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an excellent investment in a gaming keyboard.

If you want to know how to change the color on your Redragon keyboard, you may be interested in How to Change Color on Redragon Keyboard! Check it out! We show you how to change the color on your Redragon keyboard and provide.

Now, the Redragon K580 has a great design that is sure to appeal to gamers. It has a black and red design that looks very stylish. It also has a comfortable design, which makes it perfect for gaming. The keyboard is also spill-resistant, which is great for those who are accident-prone. The keyboard also has a media control hub, which allows you to control your music and videos without leaving your game. There you have it – my thoughts on the Redragon K580 keyboard. Overall, amazing buy!

Estimated Price$75 – $80
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemWindows, Mac OS, Linux
Number of Keys104
Special FeaturesOnboard Macro Keys, RGB Lighting, Dedicated Media Controls
Compatible DevicesPC, Gaming Console
MaterialAluminum, ABS Plastic


  • 5 Macro keys for fast, easy recording of any keystroke
  • Multimedia controls to control songs from the keyboard
  • Comfortable design with a volume adjust the wheel
  • 104 anti-ghosting keys
  • 50 million times keystroke test
  • Comes with 18 backlight models and 5 modes of RGB


  • Relatively expensive compared to its counterparts
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10. Redragon K512 Shiva

The Redragon K512 Shiva is a gaming keyboard with a detachable cable, backlight, and a keycap puller. It’s also a mechanical keyboard that uses Outemu Blue switches. I really like the keyboard’s design, and the backlight is a nice touch.

The keys feel good and have a good amount of feedback when you press them. I also like that it comes with a keycap puller to easily remove the keys if you need to clean them.

Overall, I was very impressed with this keyboard. It’s well-built, responsive, and has a great feature set. Highly recommended option to anyone looking for a membrane gaming keyboard. I did have a few minor complaints about it, however. It doesn’t have an armrest or wrist support which can get uncomfortable during long gaming sessions. Also, I saw some reports of key durability issues after heavy use. But for the price, you pay these are negligible.

Estimated Price$40 – $45
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Operating SystemLinux, Windows, Mac OS, Unix
Number of Keys110
Special FeaturesRGB Lighting, Multimedia Keys, Winlock, Gold-plated
Compatible DevicesPC
MaterialMetal, ABS Plastic


  • Customizable backlighting
  • 6 Onboard macro keys
  • Programmable on the fly without software
  • Stays lit even in dark environments
  • 26 Powerful anti-ghosting keys for fast and accurate gameplay
  • Detachable wrist rest for added comfort
  • 10 Million Keystroke Lifespan


  • Quite small wrist support
  • In reality, membrane switches
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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some really great options when it comes to picking out the best Redragon keyboard. It’s best to think about what you will be doing on your new keyboard and decide which option is best. The best one for you depends on what features most interest you. What will your keyboard be used for? Will you need a number pad or backlight keys? These questions should help narrow down your choices in order to find the perfect keyboard.

It’s clear that there are a number of choices on the market, even when it comes to Redragon keyboards. That’s why we’ve reviewed the top ten best options for you based on a variety of different factors and based on all kinds of user feedback. We hope you’ve learned more about the best keyboards for gaming, so now it’s time to go out there and find your perfect match!