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Best Casino Games to Play Online

There is a large selection of games available at non-GamStop casinos, but which one should you choose? On this page, we not only look at interesting casino games but also which games give you the greatest possible chance of winning. We also take a closer look at which online casinos both deliver a good selection of casino games and facilitate players from the UK.

There is a large selection of casino games that you can choose from in any non-GamStop casino. Are you wondering which casino games you can play online? Below we go through all the most popular games on the market. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite?

Online Slots

Online Slots

Slot machines must be said to be the most popular game at non GamStop casinos. In fact, slot machines account for over 80% of the earnings of many brick-and-mortar casinos.

Slot machines come in many different varieties. In fact, you can play many thousands of different slot machines online today. Some of these are modern video slots, megaways or jackpot games, but you will also find a selection of old classic slots.

Video slots are modern gaming machines. They usually consist of four to six wheels, with five being the most common. These machines give the developers more freedom than, for example, classic slot machines.

This means that you get a more complete slot machine as both music, symbols and functions reflect the themes. Video slots usually come with more exciting features, such as free spins, multipliers, wild symbols, and scatters. Not to mention their own bonus games.

Live Dealer Games

It would take a few years from when the live casino was first launched until the gaming category really took off. At the time, only a couple of tables were available in simple versions of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

A few years later, with a lot of work and the help of technological advances, live casinos became more and more popular.

Many who were fond of table games did not want to play at a non-GamStop casino because the only things available were animated table games controlled by an RNG.

It was only when the live casino could offer an authentic casino experience that these players took a step into the online casino world.



It is not without reason that blackjack is a casino game that many players love. Not only can you get the house edge all the way down to under 0.5% on some tables, but how good your chances are also depends on your choices.

You are not guaranteed a low advantage to the house when you play blackjack. That is far from the truth.

If you make very bad choices, you may well manage to get the house edge to over 10%. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn the basics behind this casino game before you start betting with real money.

There are also simple strategy cards that you can use to know what to do in various situations.



Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games in the industry. Unlike blackjack, where you have to know the basic strategy to have a good chance, roulette is very simple. In fact, you cannot lower the house edge in roulette with any strategy, despite what some people claim.

Roulette consists of a wheel with the numbers 1 to 36 together with 0. In American roulette, you will also find 00.

The wheel therefore consists of 37 or 38 pockets.

Once the players have placed their bets, the croupier (the person who controls the game) will shoot the ball out onto the wheel. If the ball lands in the pocket you bet on, you win.

Of course, you are not limited to just betting on a single number in roulette. After all, it would be a pretty boring online casino game.

In roulette, you have many other options. For example, you can bet on all the red or black numbers, high or low, and odd or even numbers to name a few.

Furthermore, there are several different tables where you can try your hand at roulette. The Standard tables include American, European, and French, with the latter giving you the lowest house edge.


Craps is another popular casino game among many who like table games. In this game, two dice are used to determine the outcome of the game. Just like in roulette, you have many different selections to play on.

It’s no secret that craps can seem advanced to new players. Especially if you are completely new to non-GamStop casino games.

You have to pay close attention to have an overview of what is going on in craps, and certain games will be locked at times.

Live craps was not launched until 2020 by operator Evolution Gaming. And even though craps is one of the games that can potentially have the lowest advantage of all non GamStop casino games, down to 0.01% on a game, you don’t get such attractive rules online. It is still one of the best casino games available when it comes to the house edge.



Most non-GamStop casino players know poker either from physical game nights with friends or via online poker. Poker, where you play against other players in, among other things, Texas Hold’em, is most popular among Britons, but you will also find many poker games that you can play against the house as well.

There is no doubt that live poker cannot measure up to some of the most popular categories among casino games, but there are still many people who prefer to play this way.

You can also not only play live poker but also on machines if you wish. However, we must honestly admit that we would play live poker every day of the week rather than play animated poker games.

Some of the most popular poker games on the market today include:

  • Casino Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud
  • 2 Hand Casino Hold’em
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus
  • 7 Jumbo Jackpots
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Game Shows

Although you originally only had the opportunity to play table games, that’s not the only category you’ll find live casino games at the moment. Today you get so much more. Let’s take a closer look at what you can get from unique online casino games.

Football Studio

Football Studio is a very simple casino game that can still be a lot of fun. It’s similar to War, but instead of playing against another player, you bet on home, away, or draw.

Lightning series

We just touched on the Lightning series above when we talked about roulette. There is not that much of a difference between the Lightning series and table games, as they are after all based on the latter. Nevertheless, they are usually placed under “game shows” by the vast majority.

Lightning Roulette must be said to be by far the most popular version in the series.