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Green Thumbs Up: Tips and Techniques for Creating Stunning Landscapes

Landscaping has become a valid art form over the years. It has always been around maintenance and keeping everything right and healthy but thanks to some very talented individuals they managed to put creativity with usefulness and we got some incredible front and back yards.

As we already mentioned landscaping was about the maintenance and preservation of what you already had in your backyard. Landscapers tended to grass, shrooms and plants, they needed to water, cut and trim everything so it looks healthy and beautiful. Over time that maintenance grew into art. Big homes with huge yards, back and front, started doing things that made the surroundings stunning. You could see hand-carved bushes into animals, grass surfaces into things out of someone’s crazy fantasies.

The best thing about landscaping is that if you go all out you can easily overdo it. there is a fine line between what looks great and works for a certain yard and what seems thrown together and crowded. Thanks to professionals like landscaping companies Columbus Ohio you can have your yard done beautifully with everything panned and thought out.

For those of you that have an affinity toward doing your yard and putting in some work than there are certain rules, you need to follow. Here is where we will tell you about them and some techniques you can use to make a stunning landscape in your backyard.

1. Plan

A nicely thought-out and planned yard starts simple – with a plan. Draw your yard on a piece of paper or do it in software if you have something available and start from there. many will advise keeping everything basic but still including some things that will remain as a part of your yard. Some tall trees are always a good idea for multiple reasons. This is good because this way you can see what you want and where you want it. you can visualize the look and feel and from here you can determine if something is crowding a certain spot or if there is something that will suffocate another feature of your landscape. Software for designing is good for this because you can have a 3D image of what are you doing and where so it is easier to see everything before it is done, but if you don’t have one or can’t use one, a piece of paper is always the second-best thing.

2. Features

Source: thespruce.com

Every yard has some features and particularities that make it unique and special. You need to find those and note them. Some of those can be a pond in your yard if you are lucky, hills or vales, spots that get extra sun or very little to none. All of these things make your yard, or at least part of it special and you need to note them because they will be very useful in further planning.

3. Set goals

A good plan for anything needs a goal. What are you trying to achieve with the project that you are doing? When your yard and landscaping are considered your goals can be something like:

  • Landscape for parties
  • More open areas for kids and pets to play and enjoy
  • A secluded spot offering peace over a book
  • Garden

There are numerous things you can do with your yard and there are landscaping styles that can help you achieve that. You need to have a goal and fit it into your plan accordingly.

4. Execution

When it comes to making everything happen there is a practice that landscaping companies use and it is to start from big to small. You can start with your decking or pergola if you have it planned. The next step is to fill in other things around them and always keep in mind your budget and the short-term goals you are trying to achieve. When doing this it is easy to get lost in the moment and there are a lot of things that might draw you to buy them that you will regret later. Always stick to your plan and your goals.

5. Style

Source: midwestliving.com

Believe it or not, style is very important in landscaping. It is as important outside as it is when you are redecorating on the inside. You need to think about the particular style you want and like and you need to stick to it religiously. This way you will keep the entire property cohesive and the best thing to do this is to stand in front of your house and look at its exterior for design inspiration. It is never a good thing when your landscape tells one story and the design of your home inside and out is a completely different one.

6. What do you need?!

Source: flowerpower.com.au

Plants are a thing you will need the most and they are one of the easiest ways to define a new look. Beds of plants with clean lines define areas and points of interest while curves tend to look a bit more natural.

Bushes and wider plants will be good for softening the corners of your home or a bed plant but keep in mind that larger plants need to be away from the foundation a few feet so the roots don’t damage it.

For privacy, you should consider planting hedges along the line of your yard. These are awesome and can double as a fence as well.

With slopes on your property, you can either plant on the slope or you can utilize that and with some effort make something even more beautiful – small retaining walls with various levels and plants along those.

Pathways are also a neat thing that incorporates and connects everything in your yard and you can go with solid concrete or pavers if you want a more formal and defined direction. Crushed gravel for instance is a more laid-back version and a softer alternative. If you want a natural feel then stepping stones are the way to go.

Water feature in any yard adds to the general look and feel. If you are lucky enough to have one in your yard you should figure out how to work around it and make it a pinnacle of your yard. If you don’t have one you should consider a pond installation which will be perfect for your yard.