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5 Tips For Designing The Best Event Wristband

Are your event wristbands dragging you down? Don’t let dull, boring designs ruin the vibe of your upcoming event! Avoid an event disaster with these must-know tips for creating the best custom wristbands in town.

Benefits of Event Wristbands

Event wristbands provide many advantages for both event coordinators and participants. From entry control to participant tracking, there are many benefits to using customised wristbands for events.

They assist with security, providing a quick and accurate way to check the identities of entrants. They can be very cost-effective, as a single one-time investment can cover the costs of multiple events. They are also a great way for event-goers to express themselves, acting as fashion accessories or even showing off their favourite artists or brands. Additionally, purchasing an event wristband creates increased visibility for your company or organisation throughout the event itself – gone are the days of having traditional paper tickets being lost in shuffle!

In addition to physical benefits, customised event bands can also aid in data collection and analysis. From revenue tracking to customer information gathering and more; tracking wristbands allow you to have control over the data collected while at an event which can be useful when planning future campaigns or initiatives. With these bands comes an opportunity to push out promotional offers and gain customer feedback onsite which is always invaluable in refining your brand appeal and services going forward.

Design Considerations

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When it comes to designing them, there are many factors to consider in order to ensure the best possible outcome. It is important to have an understanding of the purpose of your events’ wristbands and the range of options available in order to make a well-informed decision when constructing your design.

Some key considerations that you should factor into your design include:

  • Material – Consider the materials available and choose one suitable for your event’s needs
  • Color – Select colors that will define and accentuate your design
  • Size & Shape – Tailor die cut shapes and sizes that perfectly fit each individual attendee
  • Graphics & Text – Incorporate logos, branding, personalized messages or simply text for additional customization
  • Banding Options – Choose from cloth/fabric, silicone or Tyvek bands
  • Security Features– Add various security features such as numbering and barcoding for added authenticity

Selecting the Right Material

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When choosing a material for them, it is important to consider the following factors: budget, durability, waterproofing and aesthetics. They come in a variety of materials such as cloth, vinyl, rubber and silicone. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific event requirements.

Cloth ones are the most economical option but they are not as durable or waterproof as more expensive materials. Cloth bands also do not look as professional as other types of wristbands.

Vinyl wristbands provide a good balance between cost and durability; they are strong yet lightweight and only slightly more expensive than cloth bands. They have an attractive finish with a glossy or matte texture that makes them great for branding purposes. Vinyl bands usually come with either metal snap lock or plastic snap closure.

Rubber wristsbands cost more than cloth or vinyl but they offer great durability and can last for several days depending on how often they are worn by attendees. Additionally, rubber bands come in over 30 colors so there are many design opportunities available for promoting your brand or message at an event with colorful rubber wristbands.

Silicone wristsband is the most popular type of event band due to its near indestructible construction; it is highly water-resistant which makes it ideal for use at aquatic events such as beach parties and music festivals. They can be silk screened onto with bright colors making them very noticeable when worn by attendees, but they also cost more than other options because of their premium quality construction materials.

Tips for Printing Event Wristbands

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Once you have chosen the type of wristband for your event, there are several tips that can help you achieve a professional and attractive look. High-quality printing is essential to make your wristbands stand out from the crowd. Here are a few useful tips to help you plan the most effective printing process:

Choose the right printer – Make sure you pick a dependable and experienced printer who will provide excellent results. The experience of the printer should encompass various print processes such as inkjet, thermal, and flexography so that they can deliver quality results. Many experienced printers also use special inks for printing on plastics which make them last longer than normal inks.

Plan your colors carefully – They say that colors are an important tool for conveying information to attendees quickly and effectively. Choose colors carefully to ensure maximum visibility of your message or logo, as it’s very important to be easily identifiable at an event. Bright colors tend to stand out from dull colors so choose wisely when deciding on colors for your event wristband printing.

Size matters – You need to decide what size of wristbands will suit best for your particular event or occasion. If it’s a large-scale event like a conference or exposition, then bigger bands with more space may be better as they have more room for adding logos or symbols. Smaller wristbands can work well in less crowded environments where you don’t need lots of space on the band itself. Experiment before committing yourself to one size design by wearing different types of bands on each arm and analysing which is more comfortable and looks better!

Material choice is vital – It’s important to pick materials which will last longer than latex because latex tends to stretch over time leading to more visible marks being made when printed upon them eventually degrading due to pollution, UV Radiation etc. Choose something stronger that would still enable comfort and remain tight such as Tyvek, Plastic etc.

Design decisions should be bold – Add unique designs rather than settling for traditional patterns as this makes your band stand out amongst competitors at an event if everyone else is using standard designs and font sizes! Think about adding bright designs like slots for cards or even add interactive elements like NFC chips, QR Codes etc., all these play an equally important role in customizing your overall experience!


When designing the perfect event wristband, it’s important to consider the material, size, and shape. Comfort should be a priority when picking out a comfortable and practical design. Additionally, pick the color to reflect your brand and consider adding text or other details for more flair.