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4 Tips on How To Find A Good Vietnam Hair Factory In Lagos Nigeria – Best Hair Extension

Selling hair extensions is a lucrative business in Africa, especially in Nigeria now. The point is that all hair vendors in Nigeria are resellers. In order to save money on intermediaries, Nigerian resellers need to find a local manufacturer to work with for a stable supply. They may have heard much of the Vietnam hair factory in Lagos. However, is it real, and how to work with such a Vietnamese hair manufacturer? Below are all the answers.

1. Is there a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos?


Before heading to the answer, let’s learn about the overview of hair business in Nigeria first. Then, you will know the reasons why the idea of Vietnamese hair factories is so popular here.

  • Firstly, hair business is amazingly beneficial. We all know that Nigerians do not have natural long healthy hair textures. Therefore, they use extensions as the solutions to getting desired styles. This creates a huge daily demand for extensions, and this business can help people earn a fortune!
  • All hair sellers in Nigeria are resellers. This is the second thing to mention. If you are a newbie and want to start a business in Nigeria, you can choose to be a wholesale reseller, retail reseller, store or salon owner, etc. Meanwhile, you cannot run a factory. There is no domestic raw source or production technique in Nigeria.

For these reasons, hair sellers will need to find a reliable manufacturer for the wholesale supply to run their business. The idea of importation is so common in Nigeria. Popular suppliers are from Asia (China, India and Vietnam, etc). Among them, Vietnam is the favorite country with high-quality hair and affordable wholesale prices. However, sellers in Nigeria are also searching for a domestic factory to save more money compared to importing hair overseas.

Many factories in Vietnam are researching to place their factories in Nigeria to meet the demands of all resellers. However, is there a Vietnam hair factory in Lagos Nigeria now? The newest update is sadly no. However, good news is that importing hair from Vietnam is always a good choice. There are agents that help the importation process much easier. What to consider is just how to find and work with a reliable manufacturer in Vietnam.

2. How to work with a Vietnamese hair factory

Before working with a reliable factory, you need to find one first. Below are the detailed guides on how to find a trustful vendor as well as how to work with it.

How to find a reliable Vietnamese hair factory

To find a good hair manufacturer, you need to know the signs of good ones as well as effective methods of searching.

Signs of a reliable factory:


  • Real entity: A factory cannot be an online one. There needs to be at least a real address where the manufacturer is located. In many situations, the brand has 2 addresses, including one for the factory and one for the head office. Normally, you can visit the office, and then the staff will go to the factory with you.
  • Well-groomed business: The majority of transactions between a Vietnamese hair factory and a Nigerian customer are online ones. Therefore, that the brands prepare well-groomed websites, informative Instagram accounts, active WhatsApp accounts, etc means that they are serious and dedicated to the business.
  • Real products: Undoubtedly, a manufacturer not showing its real product pictures and videos is a fake one. You’d better pay attention to the brand logo or brand signature to see whether they are attached on the product pictures or not.
  • Positive customer feedback: You can check the feedback on websites or comments on social media. A good factory will receive objective but good reviews from customers.
  • Professional customer care: The staff attitude is also what makes the factory reliable or not. You can chat to see whether they are willing to answer your questions or solve your issues or not. That’s a warranty for possible future issues.

Methods to find a trustful Vietnamese hair factory:


  • Searching on Google: Searching for a reliable Vietnamese manufacturer, you can search for the keywords “Vietnamese hair factory”, “best Vietnamese hair factory”, etc to see what the top results are. Top results on Google are worth considering.
  • Searching on social media: You can go to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, etc to search for seller accounts. There, you can easily check their information, real pictures and videos.
  • Consulting recommendations in groups, forums: There are many groups that share experience about business in groups on Facebook, WhatsApp or forums. You can find trustful suggestions and sharings there.
  • Asking people around: If you have acquaintances that also run hair businesses, just ask about their experience. You will get some good recommendations.

After you find some brand names, what’s important is please remember to check the brand carefully to see whether it is reliable or not. You can use 5 signs listed above as the criteria of assessment.

3. Business procedure with a Vietnamese hair factory

You can be assured that any factory will instruct the working process for you carefully. Here is the summary for an overview beforehand:

Step 1: You choose the brand to work with, contact them, ask for consultancy and list the order.

Step 2: You check the invoice and make payment.

Step 3: Factory starts to produce the products for your orders.

Step 4: You check the extensions after they are done and confirm whether you are satisfied or not.

Step 5: The products are delivered to you in case you are satisfied.

4. Best Vietnamese hair factory to work with


To save time of researching, you can consider the manufacturer that is recommended right now, K-Hair Factory. It is the biggest Vietnamese hair factory with over 30 years of experience. It has a lot of knowledge working with African customers. More than 80% of the customers are from Africa. Therefore, you can be assured that you will be provided with smooth satisfactory transactions.