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How Big Should a Foam Roller Be for Athletes

A foam roller is a compressed foam used to increase flexibility and reduce the muscle soreness often faced by many athletes. It is a self-myofascial release method that is claimed to help treat skeletal muscle with stiffness and torment by relieving tension in contracted muscles and improving blood and lymphatic circulation near the face, which further helps stimulate the reflex in muscles.

Research has shown that froth rollers are exceptionally compelling in diminishing agony and improving muscle movements. So in the event that you are going through issues, for example, muscle tension, here froth rollers can help. You can check rollga, a company providing fitness equipment online and different varieties of foam rollers targeting different body muscles like calves, glutes, hands, knees, quadriceps, and much more at a genuinely sensible cost.

Benefits Of Foam Roller

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Foam rollers are advantageous in warmups and cool-downs in gym routine schedules that upgrade muscle well-being by eliminating every metabolic waste accumulated in the muscles. A portion of the essential advantages of rollers are as follows

1. Relaxation To The Muscles

Foam rollers help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps loosen up contracted muscles to an elongated state. Accordingly, working on the general versatility of the body.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

Blood conveys every effective supplement, oxygen, and glucose, and the foam roller supports blood circulation in the body, giving the muscles and aggregate tissue energy to function appropriately and escalate the healing procedure. It likewise helps in flushing toxins from the muscles and providing fresh nutrients.

3. Useful In Pre-Workout

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Adding foam roller in pre-exercise has shown to be viable in lessening the risk of severe injuries during the intense workout as the roller aids in warming up the muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues.

4. Useful In Post-Workout

Foam rollers are utilized in post-workout sessions to decline the delayed onset muscle soreness, which is a condition causing a sore, throbbing, difficult inclination in the muscles after extreme workouts. Here rollers can assist in furnishing a fair sum of oxygen to the forces.

5. Relieving Torment

Research has shown that roller helps in diminishing ongoing joint and muscle torments. It helps loosen up the muscles and ligaments and further develops blood flow.

How To Select the Right Foam Roller As an Athlete?


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1. Breadth

Most rollers have a breadth of 10 to 15 centimeters, a decent size range for cautiously sliding and rolling your body. For a more effective result, certain people lean toward rollers with a 3-or 4-inch breadth.

2. Length

Long rollers around 36 inches are versatile and a decent decision if you are new to roller. Since they are sufficiently long to traverse your full back when situated opposite your spine, they are decisive for your back and private full support. While dealing with your quads, hamstrings, etc., they add more steadiness to your workout.

The small-sized roller with a length of 24 inches(approx). These are used for regions like the calves and arms. Its significant advantages are conveying ability and obliging floor space during workouts.

Types Of Foam Rollers

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  • Light-density foam rollers are the lightest weight rollers, assuming an individual is confronting sore muscles because of an intense workout. They are commonly intended to deal with trigger points of the body to give instant relief.
  • Firm foam rollers- These are made of the densest material, which is hard compared to low-density rollers. It helps in a myofascial release as well as speedy recovery from sore muscles.
  • Short foam roller-These are utilized to focus on muscles close to the armpits and quadriceps. They are more limited up to a few inches and come in firm, light textures.
  • Rough foam roller-These rollers are wavy with a lopsided surface determined for dive into the trigger point of the body.
  • Vibrational Foam Roller- As per studies, a vibrating foam roller gets over two times more effective than a standard roller. Contrasted with ordinary rollers, vibrating ones can increase flexibility, blood circulation, and scope of movement by up to 40%.
  • Foam rollers with a vibration system are great for your calves and arms. People suffering from joint pains and excessive muscle tension can use a vibration roller for exercise. They are convenient and easy to use as their minuscule size is excellent.

Build Material

Not every foam is built with identical material. Subsequently, the material is likewise one of the game changers while utilizing a froth roller. Most rollers are available in two types, EPP and EVA foam, that are accessible and give the toughness you expect from a foam roller.

EPP Foam

  • EPP foam is utilized to make superior-grade yet still sensibly valued rollers.
  • They are versatile and reasonable in price for all clients.
  • They are magnificent for people who have recently started working out and are valuable for the experienced client because of their proper equilibrium between cost and strength.
  • Even though EPP rollers are not as sturdy as EVA foam, they are made to tolerate more force than open-cell rollers.

EVA Foam

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  • EVA foam rollers offer toughness.
  • These are proficient quality foam rollers that are made to resist the weighty, repetitive utilization that is often seen in exercise camps, gyms, or Pilates studios, where they are utilized by various people the whole day.
  • The sturdiness of these rollers is additionally profitable to the client who utilizes them at home since they can be confident that they will endure longer than some other foam.

Bottom Line

Foam rollers are reasonable in price  and can assist you with boosting your mobility and recovering from injuries in muscles.

Therefore, if you are an athlete and after every intense workout session you want to ease the inconvenience of torment, and relax tight muscles a foam roller is your pal. You could work more effectively and with a better arrangement. Counsel a doctor, physiotherapist, or osteopath before using any foam roller as they might recommend a specific sort of foam  roller and can help you figure out which muscles and exercises you should focus on.