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Giovani Dos Santos Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Early Life, Career

Growing up as a young football player, Giovani Dos Santos’s name was almost on everyone’s lips during his spell at Barcelona because of his elegant way of playing, reading games and always find joy in punishing his opponents. He is a very special player, his left football is in the class of his own, Very special and intelligent.

All these qualities in him paved way for him among footballers. There has been no time that his qualities and commitments is been doubted but, how well do all his qualities transform to wealth and what is Giovani Dos Santos’ net worth in total after he has earned so much in football up until now?

The question, generally on the lips of footballs worldwide and we will be spilling the beans on how much he is worth.

According to reports, the Mexican is worth over $10 million. Naturally, he should be among the top-earning footballers in the game if he had have a foot hold in the Barcelona’s team move he fancy a move to Tottenham in the window of 2010-11 season.

Or even if he had gotten some decent endorsements just like Neymar Junior. But having estimated $10 million net worth for player that was tagged as Ronaldinho’s heir and also to rival Lionel Messi at Barcelona for supremacy in the team, sound a little bit low and should be worth more than his reported net worth

His lucrative sign-on deal with LA Galaxy, the MLS side was worth over $7 million in 2015 and excluding his image right that will still follow or that was inserted in the contract.

For a player that brought to much joy to the face of the fans on MLS, a growing league can never be hated in the world’s biggest economy.

Giovanni was born into the family of Zizinho, an ex Brazilian international who also played for various football teams in Mexican football such as Leon and Club America.

After joining Barcelona’s famous academy, La Masia at the tender of age of 13, he finally made his senior debut for the Catalan giant in 2006 and finally sign his first professional contract a year after he made his debut.

So many early signs and a contract worth over €2 million annually for the young Mexican with a buyout clause of €150 million, which was in a good way to start building huge net worth that will change his financial life forever.

While struggling for first-team regular football in Barcelona, because he was vying for the same position, with now the club icon, Lionel Messi.

He immediately moved to the North London side, Tottenham hotspurs and signed a five years contract for a fee of £4.7 million that could eventually rise to £9 million subjected to various appearances and bonuses.

Barcelona retains 20% of the financial right of his any possible transfer sales. His $10 million net worth started back in his fat check with the Spurs and was reported he was earning £60 thousand pounds every other week and also control 80% of his image right sales. Every of these business all contributed to Giovani Dos Santos’ net worth.

It was destined that Gio would go on to enjoy so much success on the pitch. But his transfer to the North London team was not really successful on the field because of his inability to speak English cost him so much and had to settle for a place on the bench and latter go out on loan to clubs like Ipswich and Racing Santander.

His football might be struggling on the field, but he was gradually built wealth for himself, with corporate bodies lining up to get business done with the Mexican. All these deals were coming in for Gio to be their face for ads was really expected.

Despite not having the same talent as Messi, Neymar and Hazard but his beautifying look can never be rule out. He is 1.75 meters tall with a long curly hairstyle with warrant mostly fashion companies to deal with him.

Truth be told, he did not deliver to great promises he shown in Barcelona, but he has been a successful financial without no single trace of bankruptcy.

His transfer to LA Galaxy was reported by Yahoo that was more important than English legend, David Beckham in some aspect. LA Galaxy has been struggling to break into the Mexican market to attract a lot more fans from there.

But the arrival Giovanni’s in 2015 was more meaningful than adding another great player to the LA Galaxy line up, which is already among the league’s very best. It is a far bigger deal than just merely bringing another European based start on the level and promises of fat salary and exposure to the richest endorsement market on the world.

Though, it was said in local media that MLS essentially rewrote its rulebook just to accommodate the signing of the former LA Masia product, the same way it once had for David Beckham.

In early 2007, with Beckham signing from Real Madrid, the league devised the designated player rule. Every team would be allowed to keep one star’s wage of the salary book for the most part.

DOS Santos wasn’t nearly as famous Beckham during his time at LA Galaxy or even as influential both and off the pitch, but he represented a coming age for the league because he is of the best players in North America.

And for the league to be able to snag him squarely in his prime made it very easy for him to build and increase his net worth, with a net salary of $5.2 million annually only behind legend Steven Gerrard.

After his lucrative contract with Los Angeles, club Gio paved way for the league to real inroads in the Hispanic-America market, where it has struggled over the years since the inception of the league.

Many natively Spanish immigrants and Latinos who might some someday help make up a majority, really cling to their home town teams from their home countries.

Dos Santos really took advantage of the market too, as a superstar to improve his image right in the region to massively boost his Net Worth.

Leaving La Galaxy this summer, in another financial deal that with allow the 30-year-old to pocket $3.5 million annually, ahead of Liga MX’s highest-paid footballer, Gignac. The new found love for Gio would mean Giovani Dos Santos’ net worth will eventually grow from current $10 million to an estimated $15 million at the end of his current contract with Club America in 2024.

Only time will tell if Giovanni can really deliver on the pitch for Club America, with him just sustain career-threatening injury he suffered in September. But one thing is very sure with Giovanni Dos Santos, is that his financial life will keep improving and his net worth will keep growing significantly the way it has been over the years