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The Helmet Showdown: Motocross Vs. Full Face

In the 21st century, many things which were thought as least important have started becoming crucial in everyday life. Research studies have taken the prime spot in educating people and exploring new things and concepts.

Through research, people have started getting a better and more standardized lifestyle. Many research studies, especially in psychology, have helped people in understanding evolving human nature. One such trait in humans is self-protection.

In the past few years, research studies have shown that human nature is egoistic and they will try their level best to protect themselves from different life challenges. Against physical challenges, inventions have been in the news many times. One such invention which is used extensively nowadays is helmets.

With the increase in vehicles, especially bikes, people have started taking the importance of wearing helmets very seriously. But with this increasing importance, the types of helmets have also increased in the market. Helmets like motocross helmets, full face, etc., are very common when someone talks about helmets.

But with extensive options, it becomes a difficult task for the riders to select one. However, decent research and knowledge about these helmets can give a clear picture as to which helmet type is best for different categories of riders. The following section gives a detailed overview of two of the most common helmet types – motocross and full face helmets.

Motocross Helmets

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A person riding a dirtbike would know every single detail about motocross helmets. Worn mostly on the motocross tracks, these are lightweight protective helmets that can reduce the fatigue of dirt bike riders. These helmets are more attractive due to their build and shape. These are pointed more outwards from the chin to give extra protection to the chins of the rider. On the face, these are more open in order to give clear vision to the bike rider.

Features Of Motocross Helmets

As Light As It Could Be

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One of the most excellent highlights of these helmets is that they are extremely light. When a person rides a dirt bike, he uses great force and energy while riding the bike. Therefore, any extra or unnecessary weight could be more tiring for the rider. This is the reason why these helmets are so light in weight. As a result, it gives relief from extreme fatigue, neck pain, and long stoppages.

Clear Vision

The design of the dirt bike gives excellent room for clear vision. The wide inside and external angles of the helmet provide greater sight of even the most challenging locations. This feature also benefits the rider as dirt bikes do not have mirrors in them.

Enhanced Ventilation

These helmets are built with great scope for cross-ventilation. With large vents and lower pointed chin support, the rider gets more space for breathing facilitating decent airflow. This is also a reason for lower fatigue and less sweating during the ride.

Excellent Sun Protection

Riders often get exhausted due to direct harmful Ultraviolet sun rays. These helmets are great for protecting against harsh rays. Adding to it, the helmet does not give a foggy view to the riders after continuous riding. Apart from this benefit, these helmets are easy to clean and wipe. There are no hard edges which makes it less dust-prone.

Full Face Helmets

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Full face helmets are common helmets that can be seen on a daily bike rider. As the name suggests, the shield of this helmet is built in a way that the face is covered with a transparent hard plastic cover providing protection to the entire face. These are known to give the best protection while riding. Since these are in high demand, people have started adding modern specs like Bluetooth connectivity, sensor detection, etc.

Features Of Full Face Helmet

Ultimate Protection Provider

Full face helmets are designed in such a way that even newbies or beginners can ride on the busiest roads without any worries. The helmets are the most protective ones among all the helmet categories. When someone hits the ground wearing this helmet, the detachment rate is much lower than in other helmet classes. Therefore, it serves the purpose greatly.

Safeguards Rider Against Many Things

Apart from protecting against physical injuries, it is a magnificent option for protecting against certain conditions. Full face helmets protect the rider against neck injuries, dust, dirt, small stones, insects, etc. Furthermore, it creates a warm layer giving a protective layer in Winter.

Motocross Helmets Or Full Face Helmets: Which Ones Are Best

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Helmets have the ultimate aim of protecting the rider against unforeseen challenges and accidents. Both the classes – motocross and full face serve this purpose extremely well. However, the way of protection is different in terms of the build, material, etc.

On comparing these two types and commenting on the best ones, it is crucial to know which bike the person is riding. Moreover, the longevity of the ride also determines which type of helmet is ideal for a rider.

The motocross category is the most suitable type for people who love to ride dirt bikes. On the other hand, any ordinary bike or two-wheeler rider should have full face helmets as their ideal solution.

Since full face helmets have a full visor, they offer 100% protection to the head and face. On the other hand, motocross helmets have a peak at the start of the helmet which not only gives decent protection against physical accidents, but also provides sun and dust protection.

Key Takeaway

With new invention techniques and technological advancement, categories of helmets have increased over time to offer greater convenience to the end customers. Be it Bluetooth connectivity or spongy layers in the helmet, the increasing significance of helmets is never-ending.

Motocross and full face helmets are live examples of how competition between two supreme quality helmets take center stage. People should research the various pros and cons of such helmets before selecting the best one for their daily riding purpose.