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How To Make A Key For A Car If You’ve Lost The Original

The biggest nightmare when you travel is losing the car keys at an unknown place. If something of this sort has happened to you, your fears just got real!

It doesn’t sound good, but you need to take steps to avoid such a situation. It is frustrating and annoying, especially when you are tired and want to go home at all costs. Booking a cab is the most sought approach, but the car needs to be repaired.

So, what’s the best way to open the car when the original ones are lost?

Here are some ways to make keys for your car when you have misplaced the original one:

Reaching Out To A Local Dealer

Whenever you seek a replacement for your original car key, you should reach out to the dealer from which you purchased your car. It is ideal, but the expenses can be high in such circumstances. It is because car dealers are premium service providers. They seek a good amount of money in exchange for such services.

In some cases, they can contact the local locksmith. However, such details may or may not be known to you. The prices will be high, so there shall be no or very few savings on your end. They are available at different locations, so you can easily track them down.

Reaching Out To A Locksmith Yourself

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If your local dealer is reaching out to the locksmith, you can too. They work like your next friend in such cases and support you in the toughest time. A car key locksmith is experienced and can handle situations where your original one is lost in the best possible way. Also, it will prove to be cost-effective once you get a chance to explore such an option. However, before making the final call, you must have some information about the same.

Locksmiths have been in the business for many years and are equipped to handle situations better than anyone else. So, without having any double thoughts, you should consult them. It would help if you conversed with them and then chose to move forward with this idea when convinced.

Gathering All The Necessary Information

The replacements by any service providers are complete once you provide them with the information that helps them decide their call of action. They need to have some crucial information like the following:

  • The structure of your car and the model.
  • The year in which you bought the car.
  • The registration number and your title.
  • The identification number.
  • Any other specification you need your service provider to know for a better result of the duplicate car openenr.

The locksmith can use all this information to identify the specific requirements for opening the car. If you cannot track the details, you can check them on the car details. For example, the VIN is found on the dashboard, on the driver’s seat, or near the driver’s door.

Gathering the information is important before your locksmith begins the process. It is important to ensure these things for a smooth run and conclusion of the process.

Understanding The Key And Car Requirements

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You should use this information to understand the key and car requirements. It is because the cars are of different models and belong to different brands.

They can be accessed through various keys like the following:

  • The traditional ones are comfortable to use and are the simplest solution. They don’t need a complex mechanism and are easy to go to when the key is lost or unavailable. Your locksmith can make this one quickly and solve the issue within minutes.
  • The next step from a traditional one is the transponder key. It is home to a built-in chip that helps the smooth start of the engine. The experts can help you with such a device for opening the car. They may or may not need to make them as they have extra pairs. You will be lucky if they already have such a key, as it will save time and money.
  • If these options don’t work, consider using them with a fob. Using such a key can help you get inside the car when you lose your original key. It is the perfect alternative, but locksmiths can also come into the picture if you lose this one. Once the situation is under control, you can consider getting a permanent fob. The button accessibility keeps you in a better space; hence, the chances of losing the key are reduced.

Apart from these options, there are other ways of accessing the car. If the keys are unavailable, you can buy an ignition-look cylinder and use an automated device. It is a suggestion for a situation when the car refuses to function from the one that the lock maker has made for you.

Investing In Smart Keys

Gone are the days when locksmiths used to produce copy keys using the traditional method. You will be surprised to know that initially, there were fewer locksmiths with lesser technology, and they used to use things like soaps to get the imprints and make copies of the keys for various purposes.

However, the introduction of cars and developments and technological advancements helped the locksmiths to level up, too. Apart from using the traditional ones or the ones with a fob, locksmiths are now learning technology and using it to make smart keys. They work like the original one and supplement their functioning commendably.

Smart keys have open and lock buttons; if they work well with your car model, the issue is sorted within seconds.

Source: affcu.org


Locksmiths are the best thing that can help you in such a situation when you have lost your original key. It might look like a big blunder at the beginning, but it seems easy when you have a trained and experienced professional to help you. However, it would help if you were cautious of your keys and other important things. You should try to keep them, but if you do, there are professionals with reliable solutions to help you out.