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Who Is WWE Champion: List of All Current Champions in WWE

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ultimate showdown of wrestling royalty! In this corner, we have the reigning WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, who has been dominating the ring with his brute strength and cunning tactics. And in the other corner, we have a challenger who’s been causing a stir on social media – Kofi Kingston! But wait, are there other champions in WWE currently? 

The WWE Universe has always been buzzing with excitement and anticipation whenever championship titles are on the line. With the countless superstars vying for glory, it can be tough to keep track of who holds which title belt. But fear not, wrestling fans! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all current champions that will help you answer the burning question: Who is the real current WWE Champion? 

At WWE Night of Champions 2024 in Saudi Arabia, Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles

The great 20-minute opener, earned him the new WWE world heavyweight champion title. This title was reintroduced by Triple H the previous month. Despite its impressive appearance, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has been a difficult sell, especially since Roman Reigns already holds two world titles.

Pro wrestling is starting to imitate boxing in a negative way. WWE seems to be just one world title away from having a Ring Magazine World Championship. Triple H’s introduction speech added to this feeling as it seemed like WWE had rushed to create a new championship belt out of desperation. On the April 24 episode of Raw, Triple H explained that the belt was being created because Roman Reigns asked for a lighter work schedule.

After Cody Rhodes Lost in The Opening Match of The WWE World Heavyweight Title

The tournament, attention turned to his ongoing feud with Lesnar. This highlights the importance of their rivalry compared to the tournament, which is seen as less prestigious.

Throughout the Rhodes-Rollins Feud, There Were Barriers that Prevented Them from Facing Each Other

Rhodes-Rollins Feud

Some obstacles were not under WWE’s control, such as Seth Rollins starring in Captain America: New World Order. Meanwhile, other barriers were self-inflicted, notably WWE’s insistence on having a draft. Rollins’s presence on Raw, where the new world title will be, suggests that he will come out as the victor.

Although there was a rough start, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has its benefits. Seth Rollins and AJ Styles were the ideal wrestlers to have a match that was deserving of crowning the first world champion. They had an excellent match at SummerSlam 2019 that was underrated, and they followed up with a match at Night of Champions that was nearly as good. WWE is heavily focused on long-term booking (although there have been some obstacles along the way), and they are already building the story of Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns. During Rollins’ sit-down interviews on the most recent episode of Raw, he sent cautionary messages to Reigns.

List of All Current Champions in WWE

Currently, there are 16 championships in WWE, which are divided among the three brands: RAW, SmackDown, and NXT. WWE is an American Professional Wrestling Promotion and is the world’s largest wrestling promotion.

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Here Is a List of Wwe championships and their current champions:

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins, won on May 27, 2024, held for 2 days.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley, won on April 1, 2024, held for 47 days.
  • Intercontinental Championship: Gunther, won on June 10, 2022, held for 342 days.
  • Raw Tag Team Championship: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, won on April 1, 2024, held for 47 days.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The champion is currently vacant.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan, won on April 10, 2024, held for 38 days. They have won the championship once but defended it twice.
  • The World Heavyweight Championship is a major title in the RAW wrestling brand. Currently, Seth Rollins holds this championship after winning it from AJ Styles at the Night of Champions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on May 27th.

Rhea Ripley is the current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, and it is the only primary championship for women on the RAW Brand. The championship was brought over to the RAW brand after the 2024 Draft. Rhea won her first reign as champion by defeating Charlotte Flair on WrestleMania 39, Night 1.

Gunther Is the Current Intercontinental Champion on The RAW Brand, Which Is the Only Secondary Championship

Gunther Is the Current Intercontinental Champion on The RAW Brand

He won the championship from Ricochet on a SmackDown episode in June 2022 and has held it for more than 340 days, making it the longest Intercontinental Championship reign in the 21st century. This championship became part of RAW in the 2024 Superstar Shakeup.

The RAW Tag Team Championship Is Currently Held by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

They acquired the championship, along with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, after defeating The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) during WrestleMania 39, Night 1.

The current champions of SmackDown Tag Team Championship are Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. They secured this title along with the RAW Tag Team Championship by defeating The Usos during WrestleMania 39, Night 1.

They Are Currently the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Holding Both the RAW and SmackDown

Tag Team Championship titles at the same time. Although Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were drafted to the RAW brand in the 2024 draft, the championship is still open to both brands’ superstars for defense.

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan Are the Current Holders of The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan Are the Current Holders of The WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

They won the championship title from Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus on the RAW episode that aired on April 10, 2024. The Women’s Tag Team Championship is currently associated with RAW as both Liv and Raquel were drafted into the brand. However, the title can be defended on both brands.


Here are the current champions and their respective championship reigns:

  • WWE Championship: Roman Reigns, 4th reign, since April 3, 2024, for a total of 410 days.
  • Universal Championship: Current champion’s name is not provided, but they have held the title since August 30, 2022, for a total of 1000 days.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka, 1st reign, since May 29, 2024, for a total of 2 days.
  • United States Championship: Austin Theory, 2nd reign, since November 26, 2022, for a total of 173 days.
  • NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship: Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn, 1st reign, since April 1, 2024, for a total of 47 days.

The Universal Championship is a major title in SmackDown, and it is currently held by Roman Reigns on his second reign. He won the championship by defeating “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman at Payback on August 30, 2020. Roman Reigns has been reigning as a champion for almost 1000 days, making him one of the longest-reigning champions in WWE history.

WWE Championship – Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

Here are the top 10 longest-reigning WWE Champions of all time. Also, it’s worth noting that Roman Reigns currently holds both the WWE and Universal titles.

The WWE Championship is one of the primary championships in the SmackDown brand. Roman Reigns is currently the WWE Champion and this is his fourth reign. He won the RAW WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38, Night 2 and has held the WWE Championship for over 408 days.

Roman Reigns merged his championship titles into one, creating the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. This new title is exclusively for SmackDown as part of the 2024 WWE Draft.

United States Championship – Austin Theory

Austin Theory

Austin States Championship for more than 171 days. He brought the championship with him to SmackDown as a part of the 2024 WWE Draft and is currently on his second reign.

He won the title by defeating Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat Match on the November 26, 2022 episode of RAW. The United States Championship is the secondary championship on the SmackDown brand.

RAW Women’s Championship – Asuka


The RAW Women’s Championship is the top singles championship for female wrestlers in the SmackDown brand of WWE.

As of now, Asuka holds the title and won it for the first time by defeating Bianca Belair at Night of Champions 2024.

NXT Women’s Championship – Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

The NXT Women’s Championship is now part of the SmackDown brand, as the current champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn brought their titles over during the 2024 WWE Draft.

They earned the championship titles by defeating Fallon Hentley and Kiana James at NXT Stand & Deliver, which took place on April 1, 2024. Shortly after their win, they were called up to make their debut on the SmackDown main roster.

NXT 2.0

Here is the current list of NXT championship holders:

  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes, since April 1, 2024, for 47 days
  • NXT Women’s Championship: currently vacant
  • NXT North American Championship: Wes Lee, since October 22, 2022, for 208 days
  • NXT Heritage Cup: Noam Dar, since July 7, 2022, for 310 days
  • NXT Tag Team Championship: Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang), since February 4, 2024, for 103 days

Here are the latest champions and how long they have held their titles. The NXT Championship is the main championship of NXT 2.0. Currently, Carmelo Hayes is the NXT Champion and this is his first reign. He won the championship on April 1, 2024 by defeating Bron Breakker at NXT Stand & Deliver.

NXT North American Championship – Wes Lee

Wes Lee

Wes Lee currently holds the NXT North American Championship, which is the only secondary championship in NXT.

He won the title in his very first reign by winning a five-man ladder match at Halloween Havoc when the championship was vacant. He has held the title for over 206 days, making him the second-longest reigning NXT North American Champion.

NXT Women’s Championship

The NXT Women’s Championship is without a current champion because Indi Hartwell, the previous titleholder, gave it up due to injury and was later drafted to RAW.

Nonetheless, a champion will be determined through a tournament at NXT Battleground.

NXT Tag Team Championship – Gallus

The NXT roster currently has only one Tag Team Championship, which is the NXT Tag Team Championship. The team named “Gallus” consisting of Mark Coffey & Wolfgang are the current champions and this is their first reign.

They won the championship by competing in a fatal four-way tag team match at Vengeance Day.

NXT Heritage Cup Championship – Naom Dar

Naom Dar

The NXT Heritage Cup is a championship in the men’s division of the NXT brand that follows a unique set of rules. It features six three-minute rounds and is contested under British Round Rules in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Naom Dar is the current champion, and he won the title from Mark Coffey while competing in NXT UK. Dar has since been brought to NXT 2.0 and is currently in his second reign as champion.

The wrestling landscape has changed drastically in the past few years. With so many championships and titles up for grabs, it can be hard to keep track of who holds what title and how long they have held them. Thankfully, this article provided an overview of all the current WWE Champions across both RAW and SmackDown brands as well as NXT 2.0’s roster of champions.


We’ve seen some amazing talent step into those championship roles over the last year or two, with Roman Reigns being one of the most dominant forces in recent memory by holding both WWE Championships simultaneously; Austin Theory continuing his reign on top of the United States Championship;

Asuka won her first ever Raw Women’s Championship at Night Of Champions 2024; Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn became new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions during stand & deliver 2024; Carmelo Hayes claimed victory at Stand & Deliver for a 47-day run as champion; Wes Lee earning his spot atop North American division after Halloween Havoc 2024;

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang joined Gallus ranks when they won their respective tag team titles back in February 2024; And finally Naom Dar took home the Heritage Cup title from the UK branch way back in July 2024. All these champs are making history and inspiring the next generation of wrestling’s greatest. Here’s to another year of record-breaking championship wins!