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How To Loop Videos On Iphone

Do you have any experience with video editing? Until you master all the concepts, strategies, and effects required to create a flawless video, it could take some time. Video looping is one such talent.

The act of altering audio and video for infinite playback is known as video looping. A GIF, which makes still pictures appear to be moving, is an excellent illustration of a video loop.

It’s easy to create a looping story right on your iPhone! And there are some approaches you may use. A series of movies may be repeated using the Pictures applications’ Slideshow function. Instead, produce and publish a looping film using any flip videos online.


Nowadays, video loops are very common on the internet. There are GIFS for reposts when you navigate through social platforms. You might be also interested in the use of video loops by developers.

The following are some advantages of video looping:

To Reduce Longer Videos

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Lengthy videos take a while to load and upload.

This is because long videos sometimes take up a large amount of space due to their size.

Long videos from minutes to hours are divided into smaller, shorter pieces by a loop.

It is possible to shorten the loading time of a long movie by cutting across it and aligning time frames.

You may easily submit your modified videos with this method.

Attract Interests

Length videos typically bore viewers and are quickly forgotten.

With loop videos, it’s much simpler to convey the content of the video by focusing on the most essential details and including extra attention-grabbing elements.

Social media sites frequently feature examples of this to advertise a movie, a musical, or anything else a publisher wishes to get more involvement for.

For instance, loop videos that are accompanied by a popular song can receive more hits.

Create Space In Memory

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You must be wise about which video clips you preserve and which ones you delete because both laptops and desktops have limited memory space.

Using video loops, you may produce a brief film that only needs a little amount of memory space.

You’ve created the perfect video by trimming and mixing lengthy pieces.

Advertise Your Business

Every time you enter a shop or business, television will be playing a looping film promoting their goods, events, and other information.

Playing a looping film is more practical and efficient than posting it on a noticeboard or printing materials about it.

Impress Viewers

Loop videos captivate attendees at parties and other gatherings by flashing important photographs to the attendees.

If it is a birthday celebration, for example, you might make a film using videos and images snippets of the celebrant and her friends.

The audience may enjoy and remember their earlier days with the celebrant by watching the film on a large screen.

If a picture or video is missed, viewers can wait for the film to repeat so they can see it again.

Step-By-Step on How to Loop Videos

Method 1: Using Your Photo Library On Your iPhone

Step 1:

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To make a video loop, tap it.

Tap the video you want to loop in the Pictures app after opening them. It will start playing in full-screen mode.

This technique loops a movie using the built-in Slideshow function.

If all you need to do in the Pictures app is loop the video, Slideshow is fantastic.

If you want to have more views, learn how to produce a great video for a more complete how-to.

Step 2:

Click the More button. The upper right corner of the video’s three horizontal dots represents it.

Choose Duplicate. A duplicate of the video will then be added at the end of the Photo Library.

Step 3:

Continue to duplicate the video. The video must now be duplicated twice in your Photo Library. For the Slideshows to loop, you require duplicate copies of the video.

Step 4:

Hit copy button. The next-to-last film in the Photo Library is this one. Click the More button. Then, choose Slideshow and click options. The Slideshow’s bottom right corner contains it.

Step 5:

Turn on the Repeat option. When you watch the Slideshow, this will continuously play the first and second copies of the video.

Method 2: Using the Notes App In Your iPhone

Step 1:

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Open the Notes App and start a new test page. A film that has been inserted into a Notes page will loop using this technique. Take these actions:

  • Get your iPhone’s Notes app open.
  • To make a brand-new project, use the + icon.
  • To begin a new page, click Start Writing.

Step 2:

Press the + sign. This may be found on the document editor’s upper menu bar. Choose either a picture or any video clip.

Step 3:

To loop a video, tap it. Your document should show that it is chosen by having a blue line around it.

Just press the paintbrush icon.

Choose Movie and on the media menu, it is a button.

Step 4:

Choose Loop. It is a selection in the Repeat area.

Your clip is now looping inside the document. To exit the media selection, use the X button.

To watch the video repeatedly, tap the play button.

Method 3: Using Your Camera App

Step 1:

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Assure Live Images are stored on your Camera Roll before attempting to create a looping film with them.

Open the Camera app, then press the “Live Photos” icon in the upper right of the screen to start taking pictures using Live Photos.

Step 2:

You may launch the Pictures app, select Collections, Media, and Live Pictures, and then view every Live Photo that has been stored on your iPhone.

You should see every photo you’ve ever taken using the Live Images feature on the following screen.

Choose a photo from this list to make loops of it.

Step 3:

The photo will now appear on the screen, then you’ll be able to view the word “Live” in the upper left corner.

To check how the picture plays and determine whether it is the correct one for your looping video, press and hold anywhere it appears.

If so, choose another image you prefer or select the “Live” label in the top left corner.

Step 4:

You may explore more choices to make a photo into a continuous loop by tapping the “Live” label inside the image.

Use the “Bounce” selection in the popup menu that appears to make a clip of the Live Pictures that gives it a realistic appearance.

You may also select “Loop,” but it would just arrange the frame sequence in a clockwise direction. So the clip may not appear as smooth as you had hoped.

Hence, although however this option is titled “Loop,”  it is better in choosing “Bounce” to get your Live Image more entertaining to watch.


Your desire to learn video editing doesn’t end with learning the fundamentals of video looping. Although video looping provides several benefits, the editor ultimately determines how the completed product will be seen by the target audience.