What are the Most Prestigious Medals in Sports

Being an athlete isn’t easy as some people think. Most talented individuals need to sacrifice a lot to reach their goals. Both individual and team sports are full of people that want to become number 1 in their area. Unfortunately, only a really really small percentage of people manage to achieve that.

The modernization of the world has made the sports industry reacher. To be precise, new sports and competitions are regularly appearing. A good example of that is the UEFA Nations League which is slowly becoming equally important to fans and players themselves as World Cup.

In this article, we would like to highlight some of the most valuable trophies in the sports world. Literally, every sport in the world has some sort of medal, trophy, or achievement that players would want to have next to their name. Let’s talk more about them!

Olympic Gold Medal

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The Olympic games are probably the most entertaining event in the sports industry. Individuals from all over the world that participate in different sports categories gather in one place to show whether they are the best ones or not. A gold medal from the Olympics is definitely the biggest achievement for an athlete. New sports and eSports are regularly added to the list of sports categories that “exist” in the Olympics. One of the most popular disciplines at the Olympic games is the marathon. That was one of the original modern Olympic events in 1896. If you are a professional runner or someone who simply likes sports, we believe having one of these achievements is your dream. On the other hand, if you know someone who has a dream like that, then you may manage to surprise him with 5K medals. A present like that will definitely cause a smile on the face of that person.

We do not want to neglect the value of silver and bronze medals at all. You will hardly find a player that would not be satisfied with these two achievements as well. But, a gold medal is something people remember for a long period. You can hear fans talking about the Olympic achievements of their national team even 50 years after the event ended. On the other hand, people do not talk that much about silver and bronze medals.

NBA, World Series, Super Bowl Rings

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Rings may not be too valuable for people outside of North America (especially the United States of America). But, without any doubt, the rings of the three sports that we mentioned in the subheading are one of the most valuable sport’s rewards. It is not a secret that all these sports have fans all over the world. That especially counts when we talk about NBA.

Let’s use NBA players from the past that managed to achieve the goal of all current and future NBA players. People mostly talk about Michael Jordan. He definitely is one of the best players of all time. He has 6 rings. But, the Boston Celtics generation that played during the 60s is actually the most successful one. That’s why players like Bill Russel (11 rings), Sam Jones (10 rings), and others have more. Can you imagine having 11 NBA rings? That’s a dream that all basketball players have!

MVP Awards in NBA, Baseball, and NFL

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Some amazing players that performed very well during one season did not have the chance to win the ring. Keep in mind that baseball, basketball, and football are team sports. One player can’t win the title himself. Because of that, the MVP award is a consolation prize.

Yet, we actually believe most players do not consider it that way. Being an MVP actually means that sports analytics and experts have recognized your talent and hard work during one season. A good example of that is Nikola Jokic that won 2 consecutive MVP awards. Denver was far away from the ring, but this guy got the reward he deserved!

Soccer World Cup Trophy/Gold Medal

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We do not want to neglect other sports in any way. However, there is a reason why people regularly say that soccer (or football if you live outside of the US) is the second most important thing in life. It is not a secret that soccer has the most wins of all sports that exist in the modern world. Because of that, we give ourselves the right to claim the World Cup gold medal and trophy are one of the most valuable achievements.

We are probably inspired by the fact that World Cup is starting next week. All the sports fans are talking about that event and making their own predictions. The hype and euphory present in mainstream media in different countries only confirm how valuable this achievement is.

Gentlemen’S Single Trophy on Wimbledon and US Open

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Grand slams in the tennis world are the top of tennis. However, we will give ourselves the right to say that Wimbledon and US open are the most respected tournaments in the world. According to our research, these two tournaments have the most TV viewers of all.

Some people do not manage to become champions here ever. On the other hand, there are some super talents like Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal that have managed to become champions in these tournaments a couple of times. Even if you envy them because of that, you must respect them!

Stanley Cup Trophy

Hokey may not be too popular in all parts of the world. However, we can’t neglect it has a serious base of fans in the USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, and some other countries. Winning the Stanley Cup trophy certainly is the biggest achievement of all for hockey players.

WNBA Championship Trophy

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We already mentioned gentlemen. Because of that, we can’t end this article without mentioning the trophy that ladies appreciate the most. WNBA is, without any doubt, the strongest basketball league in the world. Because of that, the WNBA championship trophy is one of the most valuable in the world. You won’t find a female basketball player that does not have a dream of winning it.


All the trophies and achievements that we mentioned in this article are extremely valuable for a particular part of the sports world. On the other hand, we do believe that sports fans respect each medal, ring, or trophy equally.

If you are a professional athlete or someone who simply likes sports, we believe having one of these achievements is your dream. On the other hand, if you know someone who has a dream like that, then you may manage to surprise him with 5K medals. A present like that will definitely cause a smile on the face of that person.