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4 Best Motherboard For AMD FX9590 – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Finding it difficult to choose the best motherboard for AMD fx 9590? Here is the good news! It is now not difficult to find the best motherboard for ADM FX9590. This is the place where you find the best motherboard for your AMD fx 9590 with every specification specially described in detail for you.

AMD FX 9590 is itself an efficient microprocessor that needs a high-end motherboard to work extraordinary well and to provide ultra-efficient output. For this, a few of the motherboards are described below with their features so that you may select the best out of them that compliments your AMD FX 9590 the best. Now, if you want to run games or any other heavy systems on your PC, then with the following motherboards combined with your AMD FX 9590, this won’t be an issue anymore.

Best Motherboard for AMD FX 9590

1. ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z – AMD Fx 9590 Compatible Motherboard

Source: amazon.com

If you are looking for a motherboard that fulfills your need and sits perfectly with your AMD FX9590 then ASUS Crosshair v Formula Z is one. It satisfies the needs of intense game players as well. Some of its specs include; memory support AM3+ Sockets motherboard supports DDR3.PCI-Express is 2.0.upto 14 USB 2.0 is present.AMD 990FX / SB950 Chipset.

It supports SATA 16GB/s devices. It has a feature of ROG Connect for real-time OC ( it has two features that is determinism and predictability). In a real-time operating system, RTOS repeated tasks are performed in a time boundary. ROG Connect helps connect other devices to maintain the speed, control, and monitor the product.

It also features a Direct key that allows your system to go to BIOS (PC’s startup program or basic input/output system is responsible for booting up your system) with the click of the button without using del. Option during post. It also possesses memOK button which is used when your BIOS button is not working. It boosts up your system and helps BIOS to refresh and set to default settings.

On-board start and reset buttons are also present. BIOS button will help to reset to default to solve certain computer problems. It has an LED Poster on it and a slow mode. Slow mode helps to maintain the stability of the processor by maintaining temperature. LN2 mode is also present. It uses liquid nitrogen for CPU cooling.


  • It is high rated
  • The direct key is present
  • LED poster


  • Voltage and temperature controllers besides the motherboard power connector

This is overall a good motherboard and has a high rating so if this is available in your premisses just grab the one.

2. ASUS Sabertooth – Best Motherboard For Fx-9590

Source: amazon.com

It is a mid-range Motherboard for FX 9590 that ASUS has produced. They tried to engineer something quite different as compared to the various types of motherboards present in the market today. Sabertooth is different mainly due to its heat standing capability because of the military-units components used in it. It is best for gamers and anyone who knows about its military components and wants to use it for the best performance.

Let us talk about its specifications now. It has TUF capacitors Chokes and MOSFETS certified by military units for ultimate durability. TUF provides a comprehensive set of cooling options which is important for gamers and provides upgraded power solutions for the best results. TUF Thermal Radar -Real comes with the feature of monitoring onboard sensors adjusting voltages overclocking, controlling fans, and EPU for power-saving adjustments.

ASUS Sabertooth is a good-looking motherboard. It has a standard ATX form factor 12.0” into 9.6” board which is camouflaged. Heat sinks are really small and you may get confused about them but don’t worry, they work professionally and non-obtrusive. Heat sinks use ceraMIX coverings. Ceramix is a good heat conductor and helps in electric insulation. Aerospace-grade technology is used it.


  • Uses military units.
  • Good looking
  • CeraMIX coverings


  • Older technology is used in certain units

This is a great motherboard at this price. The best part about this is it will be easy to overclock it. Inspiring technology is also used in it with a good-looking feature.

3. GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard – AMD Fx 9590 Motherboard Combo

Source: amazon.com

If you are looking for a motherboard with specifications and a cheap price then this is the option for you. There are better motherboards out there but they won’t come at this price. It is a cheaper alternative for some of you. Talking about its specifications we get Storage Interference of 6 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors, Support for SATA RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 and JBOD, 2 x eSATA 6Gb/s Support for RAID 0 and RAID 1.

An expansion slot on a motherboard has a slot in it to insert expansion cards to provide you with additional features. It has expansion slots 2 x PCI Express x16 slot running at x16,1x PCI Express x4 slots, 2 x PCI Express x1 slot, 1x PCI slots. The memory of 4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supports up to 32 GB of system memory. The motherboard holds the storage memory of your computer and it should be greater to efficiently work.

The motherboard has audio chips which have limited capabilities and can be improved with more engineered sound cards. This Gigabyte provides the audio ability of Realtek ALC889 codec, High Definition Audio, Dolby Home Theater, 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel, LAN: 10/100/1000 Mbit. Some new technologies are introduced in it for better functionality of it with the upto two graphic cards. It has a good overclocking system present in it.


  • Cheaper than many
  • Some improved features
  • Good overclocking system


  • Some outdated technology present

Talking about this GIGABYTE product, it is overall a good product with some outdated technologies but still a cheaper alternative for many gamers.

4. ASRock AMD 990FX Extreme9 AMD 3-Way CrossFireX – Best Motherboard For Fx9590

Source: amazon.com

This model has the best features. It has an extra overclocking potential moreover if you want to enhance this feature you can add up some expansions of your choice. It supports Dual-Stack MOSFET (DSM), Digi Power, 12 + 2 power phase design really well. ASRock also successfully supports AM3+ Processor, 8-Core CPU, and Dual Channel DDR3 2450(OC). ASRock is an excellent motherboard for both AMD and Intel CPUs. ASRock’s board has a 12+2 power phase configuration which supplies smooth energy to the system for a remarkable output. This also supports 3-way CROSSFIRE technology and 3 way SLI technology. The installation process is also easy, it will take a maximum of 8-10 minutes.

ASRock picks high-quality parts, especially for the overclock. You can overclock without having second thoughts and the system will remain ultra-stable. You will be able to reach 5GHz CPU speed without the cooling system being damaged. ASRock’s UEFI (unified extensible firmware interference) is user-friendly. It provides faster boot time and has discrete driver support. It has a BIO’s feature as well. You will never run out of the expansion feature it provides because an inbuilt upgrade system is available. There are 8 USB ports present.


  • Black and gold attractive color
  • High-quality parts
  • UEFI is available


  • Bios settings are limited

This is a reasonable motherboard as compared to the motherboards present around with these specifications. There are minor flaws but this will not matter if you keep on updating this motherboard with the passage of time.

Buyer’s Concerns

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ADM or Intel?

There are many types of motherboards available in the market but only two are present in terms of socket support. Intel and AMD use different chips for their processors, which are not compatible with each other. Thus, when a buyer wants to buy a motherboard he must check whether it’s for Intel or AMD.

Form Factor

Form refers to the motherboard’s size, power supply type, ports, and features. This matters a lot because you have to check whether the motherboard fits into your PC or not.


Motherboards are made of intricate designs to make sure it works properly in the system. Make sure it is not weak or made up of low-quality material. Check the PCB Layout. PCB Layout is the placement of components at the right places for tight routing and providing low EMI.

Expansion slots

Count the number of expansion slots. The more the slots, the more graphic cards and sound cards can be connected. Sometimes to avoid surges, some ports will be disabled. This information is given in the instructions by manufacturers. Slots of RAM should also be present and make sure how much capacity it can handle.

Things are getting easier day by day thus motherboards now come with Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) ports as well. Most of the components are connected here so this one is the executive important slot. They are of four sizes, make sure which one you need to use. Make sure your motherboard has enough slots for your usage and on certain spaces so that you can attach your components easily.

Power consumption

Source: pcworld.com

Check out how much power does your motherboard consume. For power, motherboards work from 50 to 150 watts depending on the model.

GPU Support

The output information that a PC provides is utilized by us. This means that the display on the monitor for our usage is supported by Graphic Card or GPU. Make sure that your motherboard supports the GPU that you intend to use.

Some of the intel Core CPUs come with integrated GPUs while AMD has its own kind of a GPU called Accelerated Processing unit that combines CPU with GPU. If you want to run a game or want to run video editing kind of programs, then check what kind of GPU your motherboard supports.


While buying a motherboard you need to consider the SATA ports you will need. Each SATA port will help you connect the storage drive and optical drive.


  • Does it matter what motherboard I buy?

Yes, it does matter. For certain types of CPUs, there are certain types of motherboards. For high-end CPUs, you need a high-quality motherboard so they work efficiently together.

  • What are the best motherboards to rely upon?

The three best motherboards are ASUS, GIGABYTE, and ASROCK. Their specifications are different from one another but work super efficiently in their domain. If these are connected with accurate systems, they provide great output.

How do I know what processor my motherboard supports?

Source: howtogeek.com

Check your motherboard and processor’s specifications if they match they are for each other. Go to the CPU manufacturers site, it will be written there what motherboard your CPU will support.

Final View

When looking at a motherboard you find an intense collection of circuits, slots, heat sinks, and other complicated routings which are built together to pull the system efficiently. After all the probing and keen research, here are top three Best motherboard for AMD FX 9590.

  • ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z is a very high-rated motherboard because of its features and price. Slow mode helps maintain stability. The direct key is available.
  • ASUS Sabertooth uses military units and is good-looking. Heat sinks are works greatly because of ceraMIX coverings.
  • GIGABYTE GA-990FXA has improved features and its price is cheaper as compared to the alternatives. Although some outed technology is present nut can be upgraded and it has a good overclocking system.

ASRock has UEFI present in its parts. It has high-quality construction and provides a faster boot feature. It provides you with an inbuilt upgrade system.