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Nfl Super Bowl 2024: Who Are The Top Contenders & Favorites To Win?

It’s only been a short while since the Los Angeles Rams were crowned Super Bowl champions, but already the talk has moved to the upcoming football season. Do you follow football, and do you know who to bet on this season? The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are the early favorites to win Super Bowl LVII.

The chances of the Bills winning are +750, putting them just +650 behind the Chiefs in second place. The current Super Bowl champion Rams are third at +1100, behind the two favorites. If you wish to know more and you want to read some fun facts and statistics, read on!

Who are the Top Contenders & Favorites to Win? Top 8

1. Buffalo Bills

Source: fox5atlanta.com

The Kansas City Chiefs have received a first-round bye, so the Buffalo Bills won’t receive one, but they won’t play any significant road games en route to the Super Bowl either.

The Chiefs and Bills would face off in the AFC Championship Game at a venue where neither team enjoys a home-field advantage. The Bills’ odds, which had earlier in the season dropped as low as +230 at certain sportsbooks, have now risen to +420 as a result of the Chiefs securing the top seed in the AFC. Although the chances differential between +230 and +420 seems negligible, it actually equals 11%.

2. 49ers

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Prior to Jimmy Garoppolo’s season-ending injury, the San Francisco 49ers were in first place thanks to his return to the starting lineup. After losing Jimmy G for the playoffs, Coach Kyle Shanahan must now rely on Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy to help the team win against serious competition.

Since they have the league’s finest defense and a great coaching staff on both sides of the ball, the 49ers have a shot at keeping themselves in the game. But trusting a rookie with their hopes for the Super Bowl is unnerving. There has been little reason to doubt the rookie seventh-round pick can’t continue his regular season success in the playoffs, as he has won ten games in a row.

3. Dolphins

Source: miamidolphins.com

A lot of people love to root for Dolphins, especially Floridians who tend to follow their play throughout the year. We can credit Mike McDaniel for bringing Miami to this location as well as for assisting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in his breakout season.

Tyreek Hill’s speed frequently results in game-changing surprises. Even if Tagovailoa and No. 2 Teddy Bridgewater were healthy following their most recent concussion, their lack of reliable deep-area accuracy would prevent them from playing shootout, which may be required given their weak pass defense. This is something for you to keep an eye out for.

4. Vikings

Kevin O’Connell, whose resiliency has been tested in a number of close games, appears to be in fine hands for the team as a whole. Vikings have a fair shot this year, which is why they’ve made their way onto our list.

They also boast three of the league’s most lethal pure weapons in T.J. Hockenson, Justin Jefferson, and Dalvin Cook. On the other hand, Kirk Cousins’ offensive line has been inconsistent, and the team’s defense has been relatively weak and conservative all season. Watch out for this little fun fact when making bets on them (or against them).

5 .Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Does Tom Brady’s age of 45 pose a problem for him in the NFL’s most competitive conference? This is a big question that can have different answers. The Buccaneers are back in the playoff hunt because the NFC South is so bad. Brady has won seven championships.

He’s an effective leader who gets the most out of his team. Incredible as it may seem, an 8-9 record was good enough to win the NFL’s worst division. However, the playoffs have begun, and Brady and the company will need to play at peak performance three more times to advance to the Super Bowl. A lack of talent on both sides is a real possibility.

6. Jaguars

Source: nfl.com

The fact that Doug Pederson helped turn quarterback Trevor Lawrence into a rising star and that his team played a tough style of football during their five-game winning streak to conclude the season should qualify him for Coach of the Year.

Since their time in Philadelphia, Pederson’s teams have always won with a vengeance. They are true dogs and insane competitors. They are a young squad, though, and recent contests with the Jets, Texans, and Titans may have mitigated some of their defensive flaws.

7. Eagles

Source: philadelphiaeagles.com

Unlike their title-winning counterparts from five years ago, they aren’t exactly approaching the tournament with their heads held high despite having a brief period in which they appeared to be the total package.

The outcome may depend on Jonathan Gannon’s defense, which leads the NFL in sacks but has a reputation for being plagued by “death by a thousand papercuts.”

With wideouts A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith who are routinely lethal, the bye week should only help Hurts’ steely dual-threat catalyst position. Their historically solid defensive lines have helped them win a number of games.

8. Chiefs

Source: chiefs.com

Four seasons in the AFC Championship game, what more could one team ask for? The Chiefs missed the Super Bowl twice with Patrick Mahomes as their starting quarterback. In fact, you won’t find a better emergency option.

They have history and more. Reid released the elusive despite a weak defense. Kadarius Toney, Travis Kelce, and Patrick Mahomes continue to make MVP plays seem easy. Like the Patriots under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, they’re the NFL’s most reliable team and our top pick for 2024.

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