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Why Do People Not Like Recruitment Agencies?

It is common for firms to face many recruitment challenges such as filling up positions in specific niches, sourcing talent in a competitive environment, or knowing to select the suitable aspirant for the profile where you do not need a formal education role. All this must be done within a specific time and under a limited budget.

Candidates might often think of recruiters as foes in their job hunt and many people consider recruiters to spam clients with irrelevant CVs as unfortunately many recruiters do the same. Many recruiters have done these things in the past so it’s understandable that people think recruiters don’t offer value.

However, like everything else, there are good, and there are bad recruiters as well. Southwest Houston Staffing Agency ensures that the recruiter and the candidate are a perfect match. With many years of experience in hiring and sourcing people from grassroot positions to top level executives, the top tier agency ensures that firms hire the right executives that are a perfect fit for the job. There are many reasons why hiring companies and candidates have a sour side for staffing companies, and the main ones are stated below.

Reasons Why People Hate Recruitment Firms

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To ensure that the firm has a great talent pool, it is best to know why job seekers do not like recruitment firms in general and what recruitment firms must offer to please recruiters and the candidates as well. Like everything else recruitment agencies have some positives and some negatives making them worth the preference or the ignorance. However, with too many recruitment agencies it becomes difficult nowadays to find the good ones that won’t annoy you with any of the following points.

They Constantly Buzz You While You’re Occupied

Whether looking at it from the company’s or the candidate’s point of view, nothing is worse than inbox and voicemails consisting of “only checking in!” messages from the recruitment firms.

Most recruiters have a habit of constantly pinging and calling when you’re not searching for a job or are satisfactorily working. However, most candidates and agencies can send a return message like “Please only ring me if you have an acceptable candidate or the right job opening.”

Of course, some regular and consistent interactions when considering matching the right firm with the right candidate, but the agency should manage it without harming the working relationship.

They Consider Themselves Industry Experts

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It is interesting that many staffing agencies are hated for acting like they know things. Still, the total internal recruitment stress is a lot – especially when the company doesn’t have an onboarding or an HR team. Does it mean that the agencies must show their knowledge everywhere? It would be a yes if they help you hire the right people in respective positions.

They Are Focused On Quantity Instead Of Quality

There are rare instances when a recruiter sources a pool of candidates, and at least most of them are super talented. In general, hiring firms will send tons of CVS hoping that some will  stick – knowing that at least a few of them generally do not suit the role.

They’re Almost Everywhere

Recruitment agencies can swing invitations to various events across different industries – whether your hosting company is recruiting. Who thought the recruitment firms were the main highlight of the party. While looking for recruitment agencies companies must go through their impressive track record of sourcing candidates in their respective positions. This is a great way to narrow down your selection of great recruitment agencies.

Lack Of Feedback

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The common concern among the candidates and the hiring firm is low feedback from the recruitment agency. Candidates can go through both emotional and physical turmoil while job hunting. Sometimes they might apply for months, waiting for positive replies. It might lead them to believe that something might be wrong.

While you deal with headhunters who keep forwarding them for interviews without giving them a reason not to get the job, they can think of stopping working altogether with headhunters. You can always ensure that you offer feedback after an interview or at the testing stage, and the hiring company must deliver it to the candidate in due course.

They Are In It For The Commission.

Everyone knows that job candidates are the base of the totem pole for recruiters. When the recruiter wishes to get the entire payment (it does not matter whether they are working in a retained or contingency firm), they need to make the firm satisfied. The firm’s hiring manager and the final concern on their list is the job candidate.

Mostly in such a hierarchy, the recruiter acts as a pushy salesperson, thinking of meeting that quota, convincing candidates to apply for the roles below the level they’re not qualified for, in distant towns, etc. While hiring for the job, the recruiter tries assessing their pushy tactics and when things are worthwhile, they lose qualified candidates.

Sometimes They Don’t Understand Company Requirements

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Among the main reasons why candidates prefer to avoid staffing firms is that they often forward job roles to candidates unrelated to their profession. Most recruiters are headhunters, meaning they only use keywords to find candidates and don’t consider reading the whole resume. When you want to get the best person for the role while ensuring the applicants are happy with the entire process, you need to ensure that the recruiter also plays their part.

A great recruiter acts like a link between the company and the candidate and ensures that both complement each other well and requirements from both sides are met.


Recruiters are busy people, and it is generally to cut corners while skipping the vital part that can land them a bad reputation. However, many firms have internal recruitment departments to understand the hiring process. Such a recruitment process ensures that firms are hiring according to their specific requirements, and there is no room for misconceptions. However, as there are too many staffing and recruitment firms in the industry, many need to take things seriously and place suitable candidates in the correct positions.

To have a reliable recruitment firm for long-term requirements, make sure to do your research and go through reviews. The best ones would always go the extra mile to ensure you get what you want.