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What Kind of Coffee Do Most Restaurants Use – 2024 Guide

Our morning rituals cannot be imagined without a cup of coffee. This magic beverage works instantly and in 15 to 30 minutes brings the body into a state of not only alertness but also complete readiness for mental and physical efforts. And it works at any time of the day when we enter it, not just in the morning! With it, we regain our concentration, and regulate our pressure when it “drops to zero”, it is an indispensable part of a break in almost every job and has been an inspiration for centuries.

Drinking coffee is a “good” habit. In addition to caffeine, it is a great source of antioxidants, many times better than tea. In any case, coffee is not a drink that you will drink in a hurry, but it is there to drink with pleasure, to conquer you with its smell and taste, wherever you are. In order to feel complete pleasure, it is important, of course, that it is made from a mixture of quality beans.

However, in addition to coffee that you can prepare at home, by yourself, the one that comes from various cafes and cafeterias always somehow tastes better and provides you with enjoyment, which you are happy to afford, even if its price is a little higher. Coffee that comes from a restaurant, prepared for you by an experienced barista, can often have a better aroma, appearance, smell, taste. When it comes to coffee, Nashville restaurants host various coffee-related events throughout the year, such as coffee tastings, brewing workshops, latte art competitions, and coffee festivals. These events provide opportunities to explore different coffee flavors, learn about brewing methods, and connect with the local coffee community.

It gives you a completely different experience than the one you prepare yourself for. People who prepare their own every morning know the pleasure when someone else makes it for them, somehow it tastes better. However, what we are all interested in is how to recognize good coffee and which one is the most represented in the restaurant. Maybe it’s time to find out more about this magical drink and treat yourself best coffee subscription.

The most famous kinds

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The coffee plant is most widespread in the equatorial regions of South America, South Asia, India, and Africa. It is grown in more than 70 countries and is one of the most important export products of those countries. Two types are most in demand: arabica and robusta. We usually say that arabica is a soft and not very bitter type, while robusta is much stronger and less sophisticated.

For a perfect taste, it is necessary to mix at least two types of it. There are several types of Arabica coffee that define the aroma and taste, so the Bourbon grown in El Salvador is not the same as the Bourbon grown in Brazil, because the soil, the atmosphere, the number of sunny days, as well as the rainfall, are not the same. The Robusta tree is much more disease resistant than Arabica, making it cheaper and easier to grow. It can also withstand warmer climates, allowing it to grow at lower altitudes.

Compared to Arabica, Robusta has 50-60% more caffeine and a much more recognizable taste. Of course, there are other types of coffee that can cost up to 1000 dollars per kilogram, and believe it or not, those beans come directly from the digestive tract of some animals.

Method of preparation

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Maybe you think that it is enough to put the coffee in the machine and press the button and you will have the perfect drink to enjoy on a beautiful afternoon? The fact that having quality espresso in the facility is one of the prerequisites for good business is nothing new in the hospitality industry. Yes, the coffee machine is of great importance, but we must not neglect the grinding of the coffee, which is a very important step in obtaining a quality espresso, because the wrong grinding can heat the coffee to the point of turning the first-class mixture into burnt powder, which, of course, has a negative effect to taste. Water temperature is also an important factor, and it is considered to be ideal up to 92OC.

What a good espresso looks like

A good espresso must have a nice foam, beige in color and 2 millimeters thick, uniform in tone, without dark rims. A dark rim on the espresso coffee foam is an indication that the espresso is poorly prepared, and that the coffee has been brewed for longer than it should. The smell must be of freshly brewed coffee. If there is no smell, you have received a poorly brewed espresso.

Types of espresso

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It probably happens to you that in almost every slightly better coffee shop, when ordering coffee, the friendly staff asks what kind of coffee you want. We are sure that each of us knows what kind of taste he likes, but do we know what types of coffee exist? If you are looking for an espresso, you will get a ristretto, a coffee with milk is a macchiato, while a latte macchiato is a milk with coffee. There are also cappuccinos, which combine an equal amount of heated and foamed milk with espresso coffee. Irish coffee brings real joy because it is combined with alcohol, and so on. Of course, there is also Nescafe, which is considered one of the strongest even if it contains a lot of milk.

Final thoughts

Coffee is without a doubt one of the most favorite beverages of people all over the world, and there are very solid reasons for that. If you drink coffee, it is important not only how strong the coffee is, but also how you prepared it. You should always keep in mind that coffee additives such as milk, sugar, cream, and artificial flavors significantly increase the total calorie and fat intake.

Coffee beans, in addition to caffeine, also contain oils that can significantly increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood. In this sense, filter coffee is safer than coffee prepared in the traditional, homemade way, so it is not recommended to consume large amounts of unfiltered coffee for people with elevated blood cholesterol levels.