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What to Do and How to Spend Time in The World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The WoW project from Blizzard has a wide range of opportunities for the development of the hero and many options for activities and other useful activities available to the player to choose from.

You can level up, look for PVP opponents, exterminate monsters and big bosses, learn various crafts, or do a simple grind to relax after work.

Getting Levels

World of Azeroth

From the very first minutes, the project will begin to immerse you in the world of Azeroth and gradually train you, reducing everything to one main idea – in order to progress and strengthen your hero, you need to increase the overall level of the character. This is important for getting new features and character development before gaining access to high-level content.

You can download it like this:

  • Using the quest system
  • Completing side missions
  • Grinding
  • Passing raids
  • Turning to the Findcarry service

Using the Quest System

In projects like World of Warcraft, quests play a fundamental role, allowing developers to slowly and systematically explain to the players all the intricacies of the gameplay and prepare them for a more complex game format with ever more complex gameplay when the player is ready for it.

The whole quest process is carefully hidden by the overall history of the world of Azeroth and the need to follow the path suggested by the developers in order to clearly understand the reasons and consequences of your sending to the Dragon Isles, as part of the overall story and new content.

You just need to follow the main quests, which will constantly move from one to another, and when you reach level 60, you will be able to sail to new locations that were previously hidden from the eyes of the players.

Completing Side Missions

Completing Side Missions

Secondary quests can be just as rewarding if you use them correctly. The fact is that optional quests by themselves do not bring special experience and gold, and from time to time they can generally give out a random reward, or a reward depending on the total number of monsters that you will exterminate.

But there is an important nuance – such assignments can often be completed at the same locations as the main story quests, which you will complete anyway. If you combine the efforts of all tasks, you can get a noticeable increase in experience and gold through combination of tasks and squeeze out a maximum % in one hour of game time.


Go to the game zones that suit your level and just destroy the monsters.

Grind is a hunt for gold, experience and, if you’re lucky, valuable items. Many players get genuine interest in the process itself and come to World of Warcraft more for killing monsters than for other social aspects.

It is important to find a suitable location – these must be monsters that exceed your level, otherwise, there will be a penalty for experience and loot and the whole process will not be of any use and value.

To grind well, you need to have a hero with good AoE potential with weapons or skills. Or there may be a character with a single type of attack, but with a fast monster killing rate and high mobility. For the rest of the characters, including supports with a slow rate of destruction of enemies, it is better to concentrate on quests, where the experience, although it depends on the speed, but the reward is fixed, which means that the progress will be more noticeable.

Passing Raids

Raids are difficult dungeons that contain enhanced versions of normal monsters, often referred to as bosses. These are mobs with enhanced attacks and a wide range of skills to destroy large groups of players, often having a retinue that can heal their leader, or prevent players from killing the boss.

Raids go for experience and rare rewards. Often, when killing bosses, players will receive an enhanced version of equipment, or weapons that often cannot be obtained in another way. Raids among themselves are divided into difficulties and require a certain threshold of equipment for admission to the dungeon.

The most difficult type of dungeon is the mythical raid, and this is what players should strive for in order to level up and get unique equipment of legendary quality. For such a campaign, you need to gather a lot of allies.

Fishing and Hunting

All lovers of calm gameplay can buy a fishing rod and go fishing to the nearest body of water. Just fish, enjoy the views, and in the future upgrade your cooking with your catch to increase your stats with food, or offer it to other gamers. Sometimes you will come across a special fish – sell it to alchemists, or grind it yourself for reagents that are valuable for various crafting.

Hunting in its gameplay is similar to the classic grind, but with the exception of targets for attacks. Often these are animals from which you can get meat and skins. Meat is useful in cooking and can act as an alternative to fish in terms of pumping as the main resource, and artisans need skins to make leather armor for the dodger class. Enforcers should pay attention to blacksmithing, and mages to tailoring.

Ride the Dragon

Ride the Dragon

After sending to the Dragon Islands, you will begin a new stage of mastering the content from the Dragonflight universe for World of Warcraft.

First, you will explore four new islands inhabited by various dragons and gradually help the locals to establish the truth and reason for the return of the dragons and their enmity with the giants and centaurs. Gradually, you will explore all the lands and find yourself in the capital of the Dragon Islands – Valldraken. There you will receive a flight quest and will gradually be able to tame one of the four types of dragons that you have seen as you progress through the quest line.

The dragon can perform aerobatics, but it needs to be trained, just like you need to be taught to stay in the saddle. The learning process will take time, but it will give you the opportunity to fly anywhere in the world of Azeroth instead of moving through the script offered by the developers at Blizzard for too long. The pet is mono-customizable and gives an almost unique appearance.