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Australian Open 2024: Top Contenders & Favorites To Win

In the world of tennis the victory in the four grand slams matters a lot. The Australian Open also known as the AO that is held each year in Australia in a way kickstarts the grand slam season in the world of tennis. However, the 2024 season of the AO is more special as the games will be held for the very first time in the post Covid era.

A lot has changed in the world of tennis in the past two years but most people are excited to watch and support their favorite player in the new year. If you too want to make money while you enjoy the gripping games you must look for online sites that run Australian Open bet.

This article will give a list of favorites to win this edition of the tournament.

Players Who Have The Highest probability Of Winning The Australian Open

Novak Djokovic

Source: thelines.com

The thirty five year old Serb is the top contender to win the trophy in January. Djokovic is also known as Nole among his fans and he is the ultimate king as far as hard courts are concerned. He is currently one step behind Nadal and has twenty one grand slam titles in his kitty.

However, most of his fans will remind you that the Serb was forced to miss the previous editions of the US Open (UO) and the AO for various reasons. Most of his fans sincerely believe that had the Serb gotten the opportunity to play all the grand slams in the past two years he would have long surpassed his contemporaries like Nadal and Federer.

Nole fans are particularly keen on watching this year’s edition of the AO because of two reasons. Last year the player was allowed entry into the country and the tournament on the basis of an exemption from the government.

The Serb is an ardent champion against vaccination and his strong stance against getting vaccinated for Covid created a lot of problems and he was forced to leave the country despite getting an exemption earlier on. So naturally when it was confirmed that Covid-related vaccination norms will not jeopardize his chances at winning this year’s tournaments his fans were expecting nothing less than a spectacular performance and victory at the final match.

There is another reason why most have high hopes from the Serb in this season of the tournament. The Serb will get a chance to equalize his score with Nadal if he wins this tournament. Fans of Djokovic, Nadal and Federer have locked horns for a long time over the question of who is the ultimate GOAT or greatest of all times among the three. The Swiss retired last year and Noble has been very comfortable with hard courts so his victory in this edition of the tournament will be a step further in cementing his position as the greatest of all time.

The player himself is quite confident and has posted several videos of his practice sessions on social media. His mental strength is impeccable and most tennis fans believe that he can win the match even when he is two sets down in a game of five sets.

The last year has been great for the Serb and he became the first player to record more than thirty singles victories at the ATP masters. Apart from that he won the Wimbledon in August and many now believe that he is the undisputed king of grass and clay courts.

Danil Medvedeev

Source: wimbledon.com

The young Russian is all set to star in a major tournament after a long time because he suffered the brunt of politician opposition to Russian athletes for Russian involvement in war against Ukraine.

However, he is the only player from the young generation who has beaten one of the big three ( Nadal, Djokovic and Federer) at a mega tournament final. Although he has only one major title  in his kitty he is undoubtedly the best player of the next generation and he has been ranked the number one player for quite some time.

He has been in the final of the AO in 2024 and 2024 and he will look forward to finally registering a win this season.

Rafael Nadal

Source: sportal.blic.rs

He is a great athlete and most of his fans want him to win as many titles as he can before he retires. Although he is champion of clay surfaces he is still a favorite in whatever surface he plays on. He currently has the highest number of grand slams in his kitty (twenty two) and he will try his best to defend his top position.

However, injuries have often spoiled a lot for the Spaniyard and he had to withdraw from the semifinals of the Wimbledon after a superb quarter final match because he sustained a tear in his abdominal muscles.

Iga Swiatek

Source: tennis365.com

She is the favorite to win the trophy among the women . The previous year has been great for her. She has won a total of seven tournaments in the year 2024 and this includes two grand slam victories. Thus, it is no surprise that she is the clear favorite for winning the title. She is young and is one of the most promising talents out there. Big names like the Williams sisters have retired and so the world is excited to see new players like Iga.

She currently is ranked at the top position according to the rankings given by the women’s tennis association. However, women’s tennis is much more unpredictable than the men’s tournament and if it’s not Iga it could be anybody’s tournament.


Fans are excited to watch this year’s AO as the Covid restrictions are less rigid. Moreover this might be the last few years where the world will be able to see Nole and Nadal play against each other. Among the men Djokovic is the hot favorite to take the trophy home with Medvedev being a close second. Among the women Iga is the hot favorite and Sabalenka is the second favorite.