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What Is A Basket Bet In Roulette? The Five Number Bet Explained

Have you ever wanted to make a bet with your friends that offers a little more excitement than a simple even-money wager? If so, then you should consider trying out the five-number bet, also known as the basket bet, in roulette!

To begin playing roulette, players should locate the designated table for their preferred version of the game. There are two major varieties – American and European; the former has an extra number on its wheel (a double zero) which means that there are 38 possible slots for betting, instead of 37 in its European counterpart. Bets can be placed either inside or outside of specific slots, meaning that some sections overlap each other with more than one payout possible when certain numbers come up.

History of Basket Bet

The basket bet, also known as the first four bets or the five-number bet, is a special type of roulette wager. The term “basket bet” derives from the French word “Bachelier” which means student or schoolchild. It’s believed that students studying in French casinos were allowed to use this wager long before it was adopted by other players in later years.

This is a unique type of combo bet that can be placed on an American single-zero wheel and requires players to place five different bets at once: one on 0, one on 00, and three on outside numbers (1-3-2-6). While this wager does cover more numbers than others, because it places five chips on the table with each spin, it actually pays out at a worse-than-normal rate for outside stakes.

On top of that, due to its wide coverage area, you will usually only win a stake from just one number if your selection hits. The other four bets are typically lost unless you manage to hit on zero or double zero. As such, the basket bet is not generally recommended due to the low overall return rate to players.

Payout Odds

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The payout for this type of bet is significantly higher than all other inside bets in online roulette. For example, if players wager one chip on an inside single number they stand to win 35 chips but if they place the same chip on a basket bet they will receive 42 chips in return plus their original stake when their bet wins. This makes it a more attractive option to those looking for higher payouts with smaller stakes.

It also has to be noted that it is possible for players to create combination bets by combining a basket and other inside bets making the potential payout much greater than 6:1. As with all types of Roulette betting, all combinations have different odds (higher or lower) depending on the type of wager made and the numbers that have been selected by the player’s placement of their chips on the table before spinning the wheel. Before you make any bets at Roulette, always check out what your expected returns could potentially be in order to best manage your money while playing this exciting game!

House Edge

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The house edge of a Basket bet is significantly higher than most other types of bets in roulette, due to the fact that it is an inside bet (placed on 5 numbers). To understand this, you should first recognize that all roulette games, regardless of their game type, have a built-in house edge because the total number of slots on the wheel is 37 or 38 with only one green zero (European and French Roulette).

This means that the house edge for any even-money bets such as red/black or odd/even will always stand at 2.70%. Since a basket bet covers five distinct and individual numbers, it has an increased house edge compared to these other bets. Specifically, the house edge for a basket bet is seven point nine one percent (7.91%). This added risk may also be reflected in lower payouts when betting chips are placed in this area of the roulette wheel.

Tips and Tricks for Winning at Roulette

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First and foremost, when playing roulette it is important to understand the different types of bets that are available. Inside bets refer to wagers placed on specific numbers or combinations of numbers within the numbered grid on the betting layout. Conversely, outside bets involve placing wagers on options such as whether the ball will land on an even number or a specific color pocket (i.e., black or red).

Next, one should also remember that although a streak may be tempting to continue betting on more often than not, it ultimately isn’t a sound strategy in the long run as streaks eventually come to an end regardless. Therefore it’s highly advised to become familiar with statistics, probabilities, and risk versus reward principles; this will help in developing more successful betting strategies for individual roulette sessions as well as over multiple plays.

There are also various strategies recognized by players over time including Martingale strategies which require players to double their bet after every loss until they win back all their losses while reversing direction upon each win in order to prevent hitting the table limit before recovering previous losses; Labouchere Strategy which employs players cut their losses quickly while having larger initial bets with smaller subsequent ones, and finally D’Alembert strategy which utilizes increasing one’s bet on any loss while decreasing after any win by a designated amount – fine-tuning this system requires understanding expected value formula commonly used in statistical modeling and decision analysis scenarios.

Finally imperative for any successful roulette session to practice self-control during both winning and losing streaks – avoid being overwhelmed by emotions such as fear from potentially large losses when starting off hot with wins. Following these tips will undoubtedly improve your chances of winning overall at Roulette!


In conclusion, the basket bet in roulette is an interesting and potentially lucrative betting option – if you get it right. All of the bets included in this type of wager depend on precise conditions that must be met before they can pay out.