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The Ultimate Guide On What To Get The Star Wars Fan In Your Life

Are you stumped on what to get the Star Wars fan in your life? Whether it’s their birthday, upcoming holiday, or simply because you care, our ultimate guide is here to help! From clothes and collectables, to themed experiences and activities – we’ve got something for every Jedi out there. So, let’s get started and make the gift-giving process a whole lot easier!

Clothing and Accessories

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T-shirts with humorous, iconic characters and quotes from the films are popular choices for men, women, and children alike. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles perfect for everyday wear or cosplay.

Star Wars apparel can also include hats featuring beloved characters or interpreted logos as well as hoodies and jackets. Pop culture paraphernalia, such as hats or pins depicting members of the Rebel Alliance or Imperial forces can be a subtle addition to any outfit.

For fans who are all about accessories, scarves featuring scenes from galaxies far far away can make any outfit look fashionable while keeping you warm during those long waits in line when you attend the newest movie premiere! And don’t forget the wallets – they come in several sizes featuring designs with characters from all eras of Star Wars films.

No matter their preference or style, there is a vast selection that guarantees everyone will find something for any Star Wars fan in your life!

Star Wars Toys and Collectibles

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Whether looking for an entry level item or the ultimate gift for the collector in your life, these are some of the toys and collectibles to consider.

Action Figures: These classic 3 ¾” figures by Hasbro have been around since 1977 with minor variations over the decades being released to celebrate new releases in films and television.

Role Play: From lightsabers to Rey’s staff, there are many Star Wars role play items available with features such as lights and sound effects. Fans can battle it out just like their favorite characters on screen!

Vehicles: Toys big enough to fit an action figure or two inside them or ride on outside come in all shapes in sizes – jets, landspeeders, podracers – there’s something for every fan!

Lightsabers: Not only is this an iconic weapon from one of the most popular franchises of all time, but it’s also a beautiful and well-crafted piece of hardware. It would make an excellent addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection, and would be sure to bring a smile to their face. Be unique and get a Grogu’s lightsaber instead of a regular one, this will amaze any fan who loves this kind of toy!

Replicas: For die-hard collectors who want their favorite pieces from a galaxy far away we suggest beautifully crafted replicas that look just like those seen on screen from humble blasters all the way up to formidable Sith relics.

Books & Comics: There are so many books & comics featuring stories from classic characters like Luke Skywalker & Han Solo through to modern day heroes Rey & Finn. Whether reading about adventures years ago or exploring brand-new stories set across Star Wars canon – there’s something for any fan of any age!

Books and Comics

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There is a wealth of reading material available to help someone explore the mythos of the franchise. Whether your special someone is looking for stories about their favorite characters or wanting to learn more about the far reaches of this galaxy, there are plenty of books and comics written in both canon and Legends universes to choose from.

From novels like Thrawn by Timothy Zahn that follow Grand Admiral Thrawn’s rise to power, to comics such as Shattered Empire that reveals secret characters post-Return of the Jedi, fans can transport themselves into their own Star Wars adventures. Collections like Star Wars: Legends Epic Collection have up to 20 volumes in one purchase that archive classic stories from past eras or introduce entirely new adventures like Doctor Aphra which follows an evil archaeologist caught between Darth Vader and bounty hunters. With so much to choose from, you are sure to find something for every type of Star Wars fan!

Home Decor and Art

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Star Wars enthusiasts always appreciate items that bring the movies to life in their homes. Fortunately there are plenty of options, from officially licensed art to personalized and handmade pieces. Unique pieces available vary depending on what type of decorations and art you’re looking for.

Home Decor:

– Wall hangings and wall art – Most home decor stores offer various sizes of star wars inspired movie posters perfect for any space within your house. There are also versions available of classic Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia either framed or unframed.

Bedroom Decor – A great gift for any tourist is a comforter or sheets with star wars designs, curtains or window treatments to match the bedding sets are great additions too! Additionally, there is a large selection of pillows available with classic Star Wars themes printed on them.

– Home Accessories – Other small accessories like metal planters, coasters, cushions and figurine replicas have become quite popular as well with star wars themed designs. They’re excellent pieces to include in living rooms and kitchens alike that add just a bit more dimension to otherwise dull interiors.


– Posters – Posters make for wonderful gifts for the person who loves star wars! These fun prints featuring iconic characters from the films can be framed or hung on walls directly without glass. A perfect way to customize your own home theater experience!

– Vinyl figures – Vinyl figures are super detailed representations of characters from the galaxy far far away that can be placed anywhere in one’s house virtually undetected but loved near equally by passers by! They come in various sizes as well ranging from 2 inch up to 12 inch so you’re bound to find something special regardless of budget range!

– Paintings/Photography – For someone looking for something more elegant there are always options in terms of artwork created by others featuring Star Wars related imagery; both photography and paintings will fit perfectly into any person’s existing home decor scheme while still adding wonderfully geeky detail when noticed upon closer inspection.


Selecting something related to their favorite characters or moments in the franchise is often a great way to show your appreciation and make them smile, no matter their age. Keep in mind that no matter what item you select from this list of Star Wars gifts, it will likely be treasured. Whether you are looking for memorabilia or clothing, shopping for your Star Wars fan doesn’t have to be complicated – use this guide when making your decision!