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5 Benefits Of Qigong For Your Health & Wellbeing

Some 4000 years ago from now, the QiGong treatment started to develop and gain significant momentum. It draws its origin from TCM, which is a traditional Chinese medicine principle. Such principles state that every body part has an amount of energy or qi stored in it.

The treatment is similar to Tai Chi, which ensures natural goodness in the body and helps treat various health conditions. If anyone is suffering from constant health ailments like heart disease, high levels of blood pressure, diabetes, leg and back pain, or others like chronic fatigue or insomnia, this is a trusted treatment. However, your options may be limited if you want research proof for the same.

Over time, the QiGong treatment has witnessed significant demand, adding to its popularity. Hence, you have all the reasons to try it out and see how it works on your body.

You should know that this treatment is of various types; hence, you should know about them to suit your requirements.

  • Active Or Dynamic QiGong is the first kind of treatment that includes functional movement and breathwork that helps in enhancing one’s yang energy.
  • Passive QiGong embraces the yin energy that works through the body’s stillness and helps in the mental cultivation of qi energy.

While learning about what is Medical Qigong, you should know its benefits. That’s how you can decide whether you want this treatment or not. The benefits are listed as follows:

1. Increase In Body Balance

Source: healthline.com

The medical treatment helps focus on controlled and slow body movements that help to improve proprioception. In addition, it means body awareness and well-being in space. All these factors help in increasing the body’s balance. Also, it enhances the body’s muscle strength, followed by better flexibility.

In a study conducted in 2020, many participants underwent this treatment for 12 weeks. The results were related to significant improvement in their body balance and walking scores. The therapy helps in improving body balance in adults, too. Hence, it is not age-specific.

2. Reduction In Anxiety And Body Stress

Source: qigongawareness.com

Medical treatment involves meditation, gentle movements, and controlled breathing. All these steps help reduce the stress and anxiety symptoms in the body.

While undergoing the process, the patient is trained for calm and controlled breathing. It is an indirect way of telling the body that there is no immediate threat and hence, helps activate the body’s nervous system. Also, the process helps prepare the body’s stress response system, which allows the body to relax and bring down stress symptoms.

Studies suggest that people who undergo this treatment have less anxiety and better mood than those who don’t. Also, it has positive effects on people’s cardiovascular and bone health. Thus, if you face issues with body balance, you can consider undergoing this treatment.

3. Reduction In Risks Related To Chronic Diseases

Source: redthreadinstitute.org

The treatment is a form of exercise that helps induce gentleness in the body. Also, it emphasizes calmness and meditative breathing. It is the first step, but the rest of the treatment becomes easy if you excel. All these factors team up to increase the blood flow in the body. When blood circulation increases, the overall fitness of the body improves. The result is that it can lead to a reduction in the risks related to chronic diseases.

Also, studies show that the treatment helps reduce the risks of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The treatment helps in reducing chronic fatigue syndrome. The syndrome is a common disorder that causes a person to feel extremely tired. You can rest, but there is no difference to that feeling of tiredness. If people with such a syndrome undergo the treatment, the condition can be improved with this treatment. However, patients need to be consistent as results will be gradual.

However, there is a need for robust studies for the QiGong treatment to be standardized. Then, patients can safely practice this treatment with other medical treatments. You can take recommendations from your trusted medical practitioner.

4. Enhances The Response Of The Immune System

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

The body’s immune system has the entire job of sending unwanted guests away, which can cause harm to the body. The system ensures no entry of viruses, diseases, and bacteria. It is an essential responsibility as the body gets exposed to numerous things all year long that may cause harm to it. Hence, your immune system will receive extra help performing its designated functions if you undergo the qigong treatment.

Several studies suggest that people undergoing this treatment have had a noticeable impact on the efficient functions performed by the immune system. Also, the therapy helps increase the level of the body’s immune system, which is more prominent in people who are regular with their treatment.

5. Relief From Cancer-Related Side Effects

Source: mylifehouse.org.au

People with cancer already go through so much. The treatment and its side effects are challenging. So they tend to wonder if there is something that can help them feel better about the same.

Qigong treatment is believed to help cancer patients get relief from the side effects of cancer treatment. Also, stress levels are reduced. Also, the treatment is known to provide alternative solutions to medical practices like yoga and massage. Also, if you are trying to go for a plan B from acupuncture, you can consider this treatment.

Evidence proves that this treatment helps cancer patients fight fatigue after the treatment and calms their mood disturbances. However, you should not expect the treatment to show results within a day. It takes time, and you need to master it to help yourself to get access to the ultimate benefits of the treatment.


Consider their expertise and experience when you begin taking Qigong treatment classes from a professional. It will help you know the details and also help you set the right expectations for the treatment. Overall, it is easy and consumes less time. Hence, if you pay attention and focus, you can see your body exposed to all the health benefits of the treatment.