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Best GameCube Controller Adapter

If you are a Nintendo gamer, you know that the correct controller is essential when you are engaged in an epic battle in Super Smash Bros. 

When it comes to GameCube controller adapters, some are better than others to ensure that your gaming experience doesn’t slack because of a controller with poor performance. 

If you have a controller you love, why not try to use it on every platform.  We are talking about the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and PCs. 

Use a controller adapter that will work for them all.  We researched several of the best adapters and thought we would share what we found.  Take a look.

Nintendo AdapterOfficial Nintendo product
No compatibility issues or driver issues
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Mayflash AdapterExtremely affordable
Works well for all platforms
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8bitdo Gbros. AdapterWorks well with multiple controllers
Has a wireless connection to the Switch
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1. Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter

Since Nintendo makes this one, you know that it will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch and the Wii.  Also, since Nintendo makes it, it’s one of the best adapters for GameCube controllers. 

With the ability to connect to up to four controllers and made with Super Smash Bros in mind, this GameCube controller adapter can be used with any game that you play on your Nintendo platform. 

This adapter must be used only when your console is in TV mode, and it requires two double-A batteries.  Buy the GameCube controller adapter for $69.98 on Amazon.  We love some Amazon Prime.


  • Works great with the Nintendo Switch and Wii
  • Official Nintendo product
  • No compatibility issues or driver issues
  • The adapter works with a range of games


  • USB cords are short
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2. Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter

If the Nintendo GameCube Adapter is number one, the Mayflash GameCube controller adapter is a close second.  The only reason it is second is that it’s hard to compete with the Nintendo name.  It also drives stiff competition for the Nintendo GameCube controller adapter as it’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and PC. 

Use it with multiple Windows software and macOS.  It’s easy to switch it from Wii U to PC mode with a simple switch on the side.  Connect up to four controllers to this adapter and let the trash talk begin.  The Mayflash adapter also supports the built-in vibration feedback.  At only $28.99 for this GameCube controller adapter, it’s affordable and works well.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Works well for all platforms
  • Compatible and doesn’t have delays
  • The adapter works with a wide variety of games


  • Game functions that need motion control on the Nintendo Switch won’t work
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3. 8bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch

We are giving this GameCube controller third place.  It is wireless, which is a big win with the gaming community, especially if you play many games solo.  The 8bitdo Gbros is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and connects to just one controller. 

There is a built-in toggle switch that allows you to change it from the Switch to the PC.  With two double AA batteries, it allows you to play for 30 hours.  While this GameCube controller adapter lacks some of the features of its fellow competitors, it makes up for it by being wireless. 

Add to the fact that it is only $16.99 on Amazon, and you have yourself an adapter that will work great for your gaming experience.  


  • Works well with multiple controllers
  • Has a wireless connection to the Switch
  • No input lag
  • Supports controller rumble


  • Only can be used with one controller
  • Wavebird controller is not compatible with it
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Super Smash Bros Just Got More Fun

If you thought Super Smash Bros couldn’t be any more fun, you haven’t used a GameCube controller that works well.  Grab that original GameCube controller that the pros use when playing Super Smash Bros, or go for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition GameCube controller. 

It’s an excellent alternative to the original controller, although it is made with cheaper materials.  Whatever game you decide to play on your Nintendo Switch, it’s all about your controller.  Studies have shown that the original controllers have the best performance since they were initially mapped to the console. 

Make sure you grab a GameCube adapter that allows you to use the original controller for your Nintendo Switch.  Trust us.  You’ll thank us later.

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