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Best Hybrid Smartwatch – Stay Classy and Informed with Hybrid Watches

Smartwatches are the latest craze, and we all want to jump on the bandwagon. They make it easy to keep in contact without pulling out our phones and keeping us in shape with activity tracking. We’ve discussed the best-rugged smartwatches, but are there more options? Maybe you want all of the features of a smartwatch but you aren’t a fan of the aesthetics and design. Perhaps you like the regular analog watch design, but you wish it could do more.

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We have great news for you. You might enjoy a hybrid smartwatch instead of a standard option. In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on the best hybrid smartwatches and how they work. Let’s get right to it.

What is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

A hybrid smartwatch is a smartwatch that looks like a regular watch but with the smart features of sleep tracking, fitness tracking, and text/phone capabilities. While it doesn’t have a touchscreen like the Apple smartwatch, it provides vibrations that link to your smartphone notifications to alert you of incoming calls or texts.

A hybrid watch is the best of both worlds. It features either a digital display or an analog display with smartwatch capabilities behind the scenes. It’s like Clark Kent before he becomes Superman. Make sense?

Smart Features of Hybrid Smartwatches

Before you run out and purchase a hybrid smartwatch, let’s consider some vital features you need in your watch.

Fitness Tracking

It’s one of the main reasons why smartwatches are so popular right now. Fitness tracking is taking the world by storm, and that’s a great thing. When you track your fitness routine or your step count, it pushes you to do more. Little competitions you can enter with other fellow smartwatch friends up the ante on your performance. Who said a little friendly competition was a bad thing?

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor goes hand-in-hand with a fitness tracker. Look for a hybrid smartwatch that has both capabilities. Monitoring your heart rate during your exercise helps you become more in tune with your body. The more you understand how hard your heart is working, the better your fitness level will be. Not only that, a heart rate monitor can warn you that something might be wrong. It could be something as simple as getting ill or something more serious like a heart condition. Either way, it’s a necessity for your hybrid smartwatch.

Wireless Connection

While this seems obvious, there are hybrid smartwatches that lack Bluetooth capabilities. For your watch to work, you need to be able to link it to your smartphone. Check to ensure the hybrid smartwatch has a built-in Bluetooth capability before you hit that purchase button. That way, you can get your smartphone notifications directly to your watch.

ECG Functioning

A more significant step up from the heart rate monitor in a hybrid smartwatch, an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor enables you to run a simple test to determine an issue with your heart. People who have cardiovascular problems might like this feature. It’s not available in all hybrid watches, so make sure you check this feature is available if this is crucial to you.


Hybrid smartwatches range in price from cheap to expensive. Consider your budget before you decide on a smartwatch. Compare different options and their features to figure out which hybrid smartwatch works best for you. Smart features like battery life, design, durability, fitness tracking and text notifications are all crucial areas of consideration. Look for a hybrid watch with the features you want, but in the price bracket you need.

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The way the watch looks is vital. If you don’t like the style, you won’t wear it. It’s that simple. Hybrid smartwatches range in design and style. Some look like regular watches with smart features in the background, while others look more modern. Consider your style and preferences and choose one that suits you.


A hybrid watch needs to be durable, so you get the correct value for your money. Look for materials that are strong and hold up while also considering comfort. The band needs to fit nicely against your skin for you to wear it for long periods.

Battery Life

Ensure that the hybrid watch you select has decent battery life. There is nothing worse than having to take it off and charge it in the middle of the day. If sleep tracking is important to you, look for a hybrid smartwatch that has a quick charge so you can wear it throughout the day, charge it in the evening, and put it on throughout the night.

Best Hybrid Smartwatch

We made a list of some of the best hybrid smartwatches on the market, ranging in prices and features, so there is something for everyone. Check out the list and make your notes.

1. Fossil HR Hybrid

If you want plenty of different styles and designs, this is the hybrid smartwatch for you. It comes with a variety of other style options, from classic analog to modern and trendy. Pick your flavor and go.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 capability and features a low-energy wireless option that saves your battery life. Connect easily to your Android or iOS device with the official Fossil app to make pairing a breeze.

Featuring a fitness tracker with a challenge mode to keep you motivated, you will never miss your workouts with this hybrid watch. It also has a heart rate monitor to keep you knowledgeable about your most vital muscular organ and how it’s functioning throughout the day. Knowing how your heart operates at rest and during intense exercise is equally crucial to your overall well-being.

Use the Fossil Hybrid smartwatch to receive smartphone notifications like texts, calls, and social media updates. A built-in alarm means you never miss those important meetings or calendar reminders. At $199, get excellent value for your money with this watch.


  • Loads of styles and design options
  • Many smart features included


  • Only a few strap options available
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2. Garmin Vivomove

At $149.99, the Garmin Vivomove is an excellent choice when it comes to budget smartwatches. This smartwatch features a year-long battery life. That’s right! No charging is required with this hybrid smartwatch. Plus, the battery is easy to replace when it comes time to do so.

Choose from six designs for your analog hybrid watch with the Garmin Vivomove. It comes with a step counter that motivates you to move and sleep monitoring to ensure you get good quality sleep.

With Bluetooth capability for Android and iOS smartphones, get the Garmin Connect app to connect quickly and never miss your notifications.


  • Excellent battery life up to one year
  • Great aesthetics


  • Less smart features than some competitors
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3. Withings Steel HR

This watch is all about style. Get the digital reading of your heart rate and steps with an analog watch all at the same time for $179.95. It’s classic meets modern to the delight of everyone.

The Withings Steel HR has sleep tracking, which provides you with a sleep score to understand better how well you are resting at night. It also has a smart wake-up function that lures you awake in a quiet way with the jolt of a standard alarm.

With 25-day battery life, charge it once a month, and you are good to go. Remember, we mentioned that the best hybrid smartwatches featured excellent battery life. This watch meets those requirements.

Never miss your notifications with the Withings Steel HR, as the digital readout alerts you of texts and calls from your smartphone. Track your fitness and monitor your heart rate with the Withings Steel HR too. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS and links with Apple Health. We just heard your cheer! Get more with the Withings Steel HR Sport option that is available for $199.95.


  • Minimalist design
  • Vital information displayed through the digital readout


  • While the watch face of the Withings Steel HR is made of steel, the band is not
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4. Skagen Hybrid HR

Another of the best hybrid smartwatches that feature Bluetooth 5.0 capability with a low energy option, the Skagen Hybrid HR has traditional aesthetics for a timeless smartwatch. Excellent battery life and superior design? We will take it!

Set the watch to different time zones for keeping in touch with friends and family near and far. Hidden smart features like notifications for calls and texts come through this hybrid watch, so you never miss anything. A built-in alarm keeps you from missing any calendar reminder.

Made with durable materials from Denmark with various band options, the Skagen Hybrid HR is one of the best at $195.


  • Timeless, traditional design
  • Multiple strap options


  • Only features three watch designs
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Avoid this Hybrid Smartwatch

The 3Plus Crux Hybrid Smartwatch is not a good choice when it comes to hybrid smartwatches. The low price might be tempting, but the durability of this watch is much less to be desired. Also, the touchscreen and digital display make it more of a typical smartwatch than a hybrid smartwatch. The classic look of a regular watch is not found here. With only limited capabilities when linking to your smartphone, we suggest you look elsewhere when searching for the best hybrid smartwatch.

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We have given you plenty to consider when it comes to the best hybrid smartwatch to buy. Whether you decide to go with the Withings Steel HR or Garmin Vivomove for their excellent battery life or the Fossil smartwatch or Skagen Hybrid HR for their classic designs, you can’t go wrong. These hybrid watches provide sleep tracking, linking to multiple time zones, fitness tracking features, and smartphone notifications without a look and feel of the touchscreen smartwatch. Simple vibrations alert you rather than a digital readout. When you want to stay classy but have smartwatch capabilities, these watches are a natural choice.