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Best March Madness Bets To Make

If you are planning to look at March Madness odds when it’s time for the NCAA Tournament, then you are going to find plenty of good betting options out there. There are few sporting events like March Madness, as this brings out millions of wagers every single year.

Part of what makes betting on March Madness so great is that you will have a ton of chances to make some good money. You are also going to experience some disappointment when betting on March Madness, as this tournament is always unpredictable and full of upsets.

If you are going to bet on March Madness, then you need to go into it with some sort of a plan. Trying to figure out the best bets to make is going to need to be a part of that plan, and you will find some great options.

Here are some of the best bets to make when it comes to March Madness odds.

National Championship Bet

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You will actually find March Madness Lines well before the NCAA Tournament is set to begin, as futures betting odds will be available. Making a futures bet is always a good option, but especially when it comes to this event.

You can bet on the eventual national champion at any point of the season, but after the brackets are released might be the best time. This will give you a chance to look at the potential route for each team and then make a prediction as to what will happen.

If you are going to make a bet on the national champion, then you might have to sweat it out, but it can pay off in a big way.

Pick the Regionals

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If picking the eventual national champion is something that you don’t choose to do, then perhaps you can break it down just a bit. Another popular bet when it comes to March Madness is to pick the winner of a specific winner, or this is also known as a “Final Four” wager.

Each region has 16 teams, and that does allow you to narrow your focus just a bit. You can still get a pretty good payout if you are able to correctly pick the winner of a regional, but the odds won’t be as great as trying to pick the national champion.

Player Props

If you are looking to get serious when trying to bet on March Madness then you need to be willing to bet on player props. Player prop betting is usually going to be offered on regular season games as well, but you will find more player prop options during March Madness.

There is just so much focus when it comes to every single game of the NCAA Tournament, and sportsbooks know this as well. Player props will not only be offered for the best players in each game, but you can find options for some of the role players as well.

Single Game Betting

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Even though March Madness is much different than betting on regular season college basketball games, the betting options can be similar at times as well. Most of the bets that you want to make are on each individual game, and you will find some intriguing options to look at.

The best single-game wager to make when it comes to March Madness is to bet against the spread. Every game is going to have a spread line, and you can either bet on the winning team to win by a certain margin, or bet on the underdog to keep the final score close.

Another popular way to bet on every game of March Madness is to bet the over/under. This type of bet takes a look at the total points scored in a game, and allows you to pick the over or under based on what you are seeing.

If you simply want to try to bet on the winners of each game then you should be looking at the moneyline. This type of bet isn’t always a good play during the regular season, but it can be hard simply picking winners in this event.

You do have a ton of options outside of betting on each individual game, but that can still be a great option to explore.

Over/Under Bets

Making Over/Under bets is one popular betting strategy that involves predicting whether the combined score of two competing teams will be higher or lower than a predetermined total set by the sportsbook. When placing an Over/Under bet, you’re wagering on whether the total score for a game will exceed (Over) or fall short (Under) of an established number.

The key to success with Over/Under bets is to be aware of any potential injuries affecting either team as well as particular strengths. For example, if you notice one team has a stronger defense but weaker offense compared to their opponents, it would make sense that you lean towards betting on Under for that game. Similarly, if both teams have strong offensive lines and weak defensive approaches, then taking an Over bet might be more sensible. It is also important to consider how each team responds when away from home – if a side has traditionally fared better at home then they may not perform as well when travelling away and vice versa.

No matter what options you use when placing your March Madness bets this season, remember that thorough research prior to each game can provide valuable insight towards forming successful strategies and successful returns in the long run!


From picking winners in the first round, to selecting the overall champion, there are a variety of lucrative avenues to pursue. Do your research, compare odds from different sportsbooks and make sure you’re familiar with any proposed betting rules before plunging into action. As always, remember to play responsibly, know your limits and never risk more than what you can comfortably afford. Good luck!