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4 Best Motherboards For i7 4770K

Four best motherboards for i7 4770K featuring beautiful designs, innovative features, and 100% compatibility for solid performance.

Buying a perfect motherboard for your processor is an energy and time-taxing task for any gamer or user. Your PC performance largely depends on the compatibility of your motherboard and CPU. Core i7 4770k is an outdated yet highly functional CPU that can still outperform many new CPUs in terms of gaming performance.

However, as a layperson, it is hard to decide which motherboard works best with i7 4770K. If you wonder what the best motherboard for i7 4770K is, give a read to their article. After testing multiple compatible motherboards, we have lined up the four best that stood out best in terms of design, performance, and quality.

4 Best Motherboards For i7 4770K

1. MSI Z87-G45 GAMING Motherboard – Best Motherboards For I7 4770k

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MSI Z87-G45 with Multiple GPU, 5th Gen Intel, Fan Supervision system, and high fan power is on top of the list of best motherboards for i7 4770K. This high-performing motherboard combines powerful performance with high-end gaming features, making it an excellent option for i7 4770K. The most exciting and impressive part of this gaming motherboard is its memory. It comes with DDR3 with a frequency of 3000 MHz.

It features multiple storage and memory slots that ensure fast data transfer and boosts your PC’s performance. GPU is another standout part of this gaming motherboard. It boasts various graphics of multiple frequencies like PCI Expresses 3.0 Slot, AMD crossfire Format, and NVIDIA and SLI. Additionally, it has an impressive VGA boost system.

This system combines with PCI Express slot and MSI gaming system to make a robust design. VGA Boost adds extra power to the system, boosts up the performance, and enhances the gaming power with a graphic card. Your gaming experience is simply incomplete without extraordinary audio. This motherboard comes with Golden Audio Jack and EMI Audio Codec shield giving you an unmatched audio quality for high-end gaming.

Additionally, you would get 600 headphones amplifiers and high capacity audio for a loud and quality audio output. Finally, we really loved this motherboard’s comprehensive and highly efficient cooling system. It has an advanced high-performance fan cooling system allowing the fans to work in equilibrium to save the internal components like processors.

Also, it features MASI Dragon Structure for improved thermal performance and better heat transfer. The significant flaws noticed with this gaming motherboard are high power consumption and relatively low automatic overclocking. Since it is packed with plenty of high-performance features, high power consumption is not a big issue considering its competitive price tag.


  • Plenty of useful port
  • High audio capacitors
  • Multiple graphic slots
  • Impressive cooling and thermal management
  • Competitive price
  • Solid performance


  • High power consumption
  • Low automatic overclocking

MSI Z87-G45 comes with plenty of powerful and supportive features making it one of the best motherboards for i7 4770K. It has a high-performance VGA boost system coupled with a comprehensive set of valuable ports. Plus, this system promises solid gaming performance and impressive stability of the internal components.

2. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK (Black Edition) Motherboard – I7 4770k Compatible Motherboards

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Next on our list is another moderately priced motherboard that comes packed with plenty of high-performance features like a Multi-graphics card, 4xDDR4 memory, luxurious capacitors, and a 5 Gen Intel core. This is a powerful option for i7 4770K since it supports 168-hour vitality and comes with a 2x copper design for unmatched performance boost and overclocking. The design is one of its most impressive parts, and it features 5th Gen Intel Core processors and cFoS speed 2x Copper design.

cFos speed is an advanced traffic management application that improves latency and reduces lag times for improved and superior performances in a crowded LAN network. Additionally, this muti-graphic high-performance motherboard by gigabyte features the industry’s best memory features.  It offers one of the most potent memory and storage systems comprising SATA Revision 3, SATA, PCI Expresses held by SATA Express, and 10 Gb/s.

The most standout feature of this motherboard is its M.2 slot. It is capable of running PCIe M.2 drives upto SATA 10 GB/s. However, with these features, you will have to lose two of its six SATA 6 Gb/s. Like all other Gigabyte motherboards, it also comes with quality components to make it an ultra-durable motherboard.

If we talk about its audio performance, this motherboard has a lot to offer. With HD audio capacitor, High Audio Codec, ALC 1150 of various audio channels, it provides a clear and noise-free audio output for an enhanced gaming experience. Its 2X copper PCB design makes it one of the most reliable and rugged motherboards for i7 4770k.  In addition to the solid structure and impressive performance, it guarantees CPU and processor protection.

The motherboard has a dedicated heat sink layout for outstanding thermal performance and the safety of the processor and internal components. In addition to heat sink layout, it has an advanced PWM PCH cooling system consisting of Fan Power Control, OPT fan, and CPU Pin Fan Headers that ensures excellent cooling for the long term and reliable performance. Although it has a 168-hour vitality time, the fans sometimes stop working earlier, leading to minor thermal issues in the processor.


  • 2X Copper HD Design
  • PWM PCH cooling management
  • Superior Audio performance
  • Ultra-durable with quality components


  • Fans often fail to perform

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK holds 168 hours testing period and certification, giving you the best value for money. This motherboard works best with Intel 4th and 5th generation processors and helps you form the best Intel CPU and motherboard combo for a superior and low-lag performance of i7 4770k.

3. ASUS Z97-DELUXE 1150 Motherboards Z97-DELUXE – Best Gaming Motherboard For I7 4770k

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ASUS Z97-DELUXE with LGA 1150 processor socket and plenty of SATA connectors is our next choice for best motherboards for i7 4770K. It boasts an M.2 slot with the support of both SATA and PCI, allowing you to add plenty of expansion cards. Additionally, we loved its impressive network connectivity with various options like WiFi 802. 11ac, Dual LAN, and Bluetooth V4.

With such a powerful connectivity structure, this motherboard fits well in contemporary environments. The motherboard comes with a UEFI BIOS menu and is fully compatible with i7 4770k and i7 4790k. Impressive memory and storage are other great features of this motherboard. It comes with 4 DIMM DDR3 memory slots for maximum storage of upto 32 GB. Additionally, it has a wide range of PCIe slots, enhancing its versatility and functionality. You will get 6 PCIe slots and 6 SATA 6Gb/s connectors.

These figures reveal that the motherboard is capable enough to fulfill your everyday gaming and office work needs. If you are a gaming enthusiast, ASUS Z97-DELUXE comes equipped with Crystal Sound Technology to ensure the provision of noise and interruption-free audio output. Plus, its 5-way optimization by a Dual channel processor enhances the overclocking and minimizes the lag for enhanced performance.


  • Stable power consumption
  • Impressive network connectivity options
  • Dual LAN support
  • 5-way optimization by Dual Channel Processors


  • Very expensive

ASUS Z97-DELUXE combines innovative features with a beautiful design to make it an excellent option for i7 4770 K. Although it is an expensive option, its impressive network connectivity and 5-way optimization with dual-channel processors justifies its price tag.

4. ASRock H97 PRO4 Motherboard – Motherboard For I7 4770k

ASRock H97 PRO4 LGA1150

ASROCK H97 PRO4 motherboard comes packed with multiple features like Heavy Capacitors, 7.1 HD Sound, threefold monitor, DDR3 memory support, and socket 1150. With such an impressive set of trademarks and features, this motherboard by ASRock is undoubtedly one of the best options for i7 4770K. The features that we found most impressive were its memory and storage.

The motherboard supports DDR4 and DDR3L memory with high-power memory slots. Plus, it offers storage of around 32 Gb coupled with XMP. Additionally, it comes with dual-channel 4 DIMM slots for faster data transfer and improved performance. Since it comes with Socket 1150, this motherboard is compatible with Intel 5th generation Core i3, i4, i7, Pentium, and Celeron processors.

Additionally, it offers improved performance under load and enhances automatic overclocking. The motherboard is also packed with multiple power connectors like PCI power connectors, USB 2.0 connectors, and Coup Fan connectors. In addition to its impressive structure, it comes with a powerful GPU. The GPU in this motherboard boasts 3D Intel Clear Video HD technology and HD graphic cards for an impressive video and audio output.

Plus, you would enjoy an outstanding video and audio output with HD graphics 4400 and pixel shader 5.0. Moreover, a 7.1 Channel HD audio delivers noise and irritation-free soothing audio output for all gaming and non-gaming performance. The motherboard is updated with the newest Blu-Ray technology, ALC892 Audio Codec, and ELNA Audio caps, making it an ultimate gaming motherboard for your i7 4770K.


  • Packed with internal power connectors
  • It comes with DD3L memory
  • Blu-Ray Audio with 7.2 HD Channel
  • Powerful gaming performance


  • A bit overpriced

If you look for the best motherboard for i7 4770K for improved gaming performance, ASRock H97 PRO4 is the ultimate choice. It is a beautifully constructed motherboard with a highly supportive platform that offers complete compatibility with i7 4770K taking your performance to a whole new level.

Buying Guide

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Choosing the best motherboard for your CPU is a tricky process, and you should be highly investigative to ensure you invest in the right option. In this buying guide, we have discussed some of the key features you must consider while buying a new motherboard for your computer.

SATA Ports/ Connectors

If you have multiple motherboard options that are compatible with i7 4770k, it is essential to see the number of SATA connectors. The quality and number of connections you can make on your motherboard depend on the number of STA ports it has. A more number of SATA ports means higher versatility and functionality of the motherboard.  It is advised to choose a motherboard having all those Drive and SSD connectors that you have installed on your processor. If you are interested in gaming, it is better to form a motherboard with a higher number of SATA connectors.

Form Factor

The form factor is one of the key factors you should consider while buying any motherboard. In the form factor, you look for the features like layout, shape, mounting structure, power supply, and basic design of the motherboard. For a CPU like i7 4770K and ATX form factor motherboard is the best option. An ATX form factor is a suitable option since you get Multiple GPU systems and various PCIe lanes for fast data transfer.

PCIe Slots

The number of PCI slots on your motherboard decides how many expansion cards you can install on your motherboard. Before buying a motherboard, you must calculate your need and invest in a product that meets all your expansion card needs. A more number of PCI slots will enhance your performance in gaming and allow you to avail maximum opportunities.

Processor Socket

The LGA socket is the best choice for Intel’s processors like i7 4770K. It is one of the most critical factors since most of the compatibility issues arise due to the Processor socket. RAM slots or Random Access Memory Slots directly impact your PC’s performance. For stable performance in the modern environment and crowded LAN networks, finding dual-channel memory slots for RAM is advised. DUAL channel memory slots allow you to install 16 GB or more RAM and boost up your gaming performance.

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Is i7 4770 good for gaming?

Yes, the i7 4770 is an ideal option for gaming if paired with a fully compatible high-performance motherboard. You can buy an ASROCK H97 PRO4 motherboard for the best gaming performance with i7 4770K.

What should I upgrade from i7 4770?

I7 4770K comes with 4 cores and 8 threads and is an overall decent option for gaming performance and everyday office work. However, if you want to upgrade from i7 4770K, Ryzen 300 with 6 cores and 8 threads is a suitable option.

Final Verdict

So we have shared some of the best motherboards for i7 4770K you can buy today. Although you can find dozens of compatible options for these processors, they might not deliver unmatched performance. All the four options on our list offer 100% compatibility and superior performance for gaming and energy computation tasks.

Our most favorite on the list is:

  • Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK (Black Edition) Motherboard for its 2x copper design, PWM PCH cooling mechanisms, superior audio performance, and ultra-durable build quality with quality internals.

Finally, it is advised to carefully determine the number of SATA connectors and Random Access money ports before buying a new motherboard for your PC. It is advised to calculate your needs and then look for a motherboard that satisfies your expansion slot and RAM needs for a stable performance.