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6 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Soccer like every other sport has the type of gears that need to be used to get the best out of the players. In soccer, it is necessary to use these gears as it affects performance and also has a great effect on the players due to injury concerned when not used.

This is why one of the most important gear to be used in the sport is the best soccer cleats for wide feet. Soccer cleats provide the right foundation of feet that helps the players become have more control over their game.

The type of feet a player has also contribute to the choice of cleat he will be using. Soccer players are always advised to wear shoes that are comfortable on their feet and as such this has to be put into consideration when making a purchase. Before buying one such pair, you also need to consider whether these cleats are water-resistant or not, and you should know how to wash shoes in washing machine, without damaging the fabric or sole. There are quality waterproof athletic shoes made by “Loom Footwear” that can be easily washed in water and then sun dried before it is ready to wear again.

That’s why we have compiled a list of Top 5 best soccer cleats for wide feet 2024.

Understandably, players with wide feet might be having some challenges picking the right choice of cleat so the need for this guide. There are enough on this piece to make enough make an informed decision. All that needs to be done is to follow through to the end.

Below are the best soccer cleats for wide feet players in the market money can buy:

  1. Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe


The name Adidas will never be taken lightly in the sports industry as they are a front player across all the sports. In making soccer cleats, they are not left behind in making the best shoes. Their Copa Mundial shoes are one that is specially made to suits wide feet players.

They are made of leather material to make them long-lasting and comfortable. It consists of an innersole that is synthetic which allows better durability and more comfort of the pressure points in the feet. What makes it very good for players with wide feet is the EVA die cut as it provides them with enough support.

There is a synthetic liner in the shoe that allows users’ feet to breathe and be well ventilated. This shoe will make it to most reviews the top list for the quality of shoe it is and also for the fact that its Adidas and they don’t disappoint in this field.


The shoe is well suited for natural ground because its outer sole is made toll be firm to the ground. The leather in it also makes it to be durable. Like stated earlier, the die-cut EVA insole makes it a special feat for wide feet.


It however does not have variety in colour as all users are expected to wear exactly same colour. It also lacks midsoles.


  1. Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro Soccer Shoe


Adidas also nick it for the second-best soccer cleats for wide feet players. This time around, it is a product of theirs that has a variety of colors to pick from. The Adidas Performance men’s Gloro shoe is one that is top in the market for wide feet players. Its quality is undeniably top-notch.

It also has a mixture of leather and synthetic materials that allow the shoe to be more durable and be of better size and thus feat into wide feet players.  The presence of the rubber sole is to ensure softness along with the right support on the grim of feet which makes it suitable for people with wide grim only.

It also has a premium K leather that is synthetic which is placed on the heel as it gives room for stability for players during matches. Its synthetic lining put it top among its pairs as it makes it a perfect cleat for wide feet players.


The synthetic lining is a unique feature that makes user prefer it to others. Add this to the leather and synthetic materials which makes it useable in all weather condition, and you will have a cleat perfect for wide feet player.


There is no collar support. They also do not have a mesh covering


  1. PUMA Men’s Evo-power Vigor 1 FG


Puma is also another top player in the sports industry of providing gears for all grades of sportsmen and women regardless of their location. Their cleats are one of the best in the market. Their Evo power is a top brand in the market because of its features.

It provides comfort on the feet and it’s stable. It also tends to give energy to feet which makes it unique and highly effective to the users. There is also the presence of Accu foam makes it the perfect feat for players that need better circulation to polish their skills on the field.

It also various colors that make it attractive and give room for a different choice.


The accu foam allows the better target of pressure points of the feet. The ability of the material to be stretchable for a better fit is a big plus for the cleat. It also one for give balance due to the frame stability allows the frame of the shoe to provide balance


Its lack of collar support is the only minus for this cleat.


  1. NIKE Men’s Magista Obra II FG Cleats


Nike is another top brand up there with great sports gears for all grades and gender. The company is regarded as one of the best sports brands across the world. This can be seen as they have a wide range of athletes as their ambassador.

They were only able to achieve this because of the quality of their work. This is the case with their cleats also. Their Magistra Obra II is one of a kind made of synthetic material. The firm ground design affects the users on the field by helping them remain stable through mildly wet fields.

The top design makes it the right shoe for players with wide and flat feet. The shoe makes the top five across the game because of how user-friendly it is as allow an easy touch of the ball which helps make the game smoother.


The synthetic leather material makes it suitable to wet grounds so no need to request for a different cleat during game when there is downpour. The support provided by the high inbuilt socks makes it the preferred choice of payers with wide feet couple with its great touch with the ball. When it comes to footwear, socks play a crucial role, many companies specialize in custom sports apparel, including socks. They often offer customization options such as adding team logos, names, numbers, and even custom designs. These companies usually have online platforms or design tools where you can order custom soccer socks and place an order.


There are concerns about the ventilation of the shoe as many sees it as not having enough space for air to flow in. it also have concerns with its tight top socks.


  1. ASICS Men’s Ds Light 6 Soccer Shoes


Asics is another company that produces sports gears. They are however not as popular as the like of Adidas or Nike. They have a great shoe that can rival any other brand. That is why their men’s Ds Light 6 soccer shoes made it to the top five list.

This is a shoe that is very light and allows the players to move around easily. The leather material uses to make it is of top quality as it enhances durability. It also has a feature that allows people that don’t want their laces tied to freely wear their cleats since they are slip-on yet they provide great support. These shoes have a reasonable height which allows them to offer more support to the users.


The shaft measures 2.75 inches from the arc for better support on the top of the foot. These shoes come pre-tied. Leather ensures durability


The rubber insole does not target the pressure points. It is also not a shoe good for wet ground or during raining days.

For wide feet players, one key thing that has to aid their purchase is the material the cleat is made of. This is so as it most times determine the durability of the cleat. Below are some of the best materials to choose from.


6. The Nike Men’s Premier Soccer Cleats


Nike is a name to reckon with when it comes to soccer equipment and I personally desire to buy their products as they come with good quality and are cost-effective.

Without missing words, Nike gave its competitors a run for their money with this product. The Nike Men’s Premier Soccer cleats are lightweight and provides comfort for the feet and traction for different pitch conditions.

The upper part is made of Kangaroo leather with goat leather quarter and heel panels. It comes with an anatomical sock liner that provides support and low-profile cushioning.

Nike also scored high with the boot soleplate as it can bend very easily and synchronize with how you move fast.

Also, the studs on the cleats are well located which provides you with the ability to penetrate the ground. Expectedly Nike has the budget of their customer in mind as you can get this for under $100.



Soccer cleats are one of the essential materials you need as a soccer player. Spending 90 minutes running and jumping on the pitch are no child’s play and that is why you need soccer cleats to keep your feet on the ground.

Soccer cleats give you good traction control which prevents you from slipping, helping you to keep momentum and maintaining maximum balance during play.

Mobility is much easier with soccer cleats. You can imagine playing on the wet muddy ground without soccer cleats, your soccer boots will be getting glued to the ground, difficult to pull off the ground and making the movement or running almost impossible.

The utmost importance of your putting on soccer cleats is to provide you with great traction while running and the spaces between the cleats prevent grass and dirt from being trapped between. The cleat gives more grips on the ground and prevents you from being slowed down.


Soccer is a game that requires the right equipment to bring out the best if your talent and soccer cleats remain crucial to your career as a soccer player. Soccer cleats offer varieties of benefits that make the game easier but selecting good soccer cleats a goes long way in defining the experience you have when you step onto the pitch.

There are a lot of different brands of soccer cleats in the market today, making it difficult to decide which one best suits one’s aim and within one’s budget. It is burdensome searching for the necessary information required of you before choosing your soccer cleats.

There are a number of factors that you should put into consideration before purchasing soccer cleats and those important factors are dealt with below;

Your Position: The first factor you must consider is your position on the field. Whether you are a goalkeeper, striker, midfielder or defender, determines to a large extent the kind of soccer cleats you should put on, because each position requires different soccer cleats.

As a goalkeeper, you need cleats that give you quick traction, a striker needs lightweight shoes between 5 and 8 ounces that will enable him more quickly and score goals. A midfielder makes a lot of running, so you should go for cleats that have both insoles and missiles as well as cushioned pads to enable make the quick running. A defender should go for cleats that have out-sole.

Type of Field: The second factor that must be considered is the type of field you will play on. Fields are not the same everywhere so you need to get cleats that will give a good grip on whatever ground you are playing on.

It is important to note that cleats designed for the wet muddy surface cannot be used on both hard ground and artificial turf. Playing on a soft ground requires you to have cleats with strategically placed studs that are few in numbers, on a hard ground you need well-studied cleats while on an artificial turf you should go for cleats that have tiny studs.

Material: you should also put into consideration the material used to make the cleats. Cleats come either in rubber or synthetic materials. Synthetic cleats are stronger than rubber cleats and last longer but the latter offers more shock absorption when used on hard ground.

Comfort: your comfort is non-negotiable here. You should go for cleats that offer the best comfort while taking into consideration the size of your feet since you will be wearing them for long hours.


Though some are not bothered about their position on the field and the soccer cleats they use, it is important to consider the position you play in while choosing your soccer cleats. This is because some positions require more touching, running and dribbling than the others and the type of soccer cleats you choose will affect your play on the field.

Below are different positions on the pitch and what to look out for in each of the cleats for your position.

  1. Striker/Forward: As a striker, your duty is to score goals so you need soccer cleats that are lightweight. The soccer cleats you should go for should be between six and nine ounces in weight, as that enable to shoot the ball well and move with speed
  2. Midfielder: The midfield is the link between the attack and the defence As a midfielder you definitely do more of touching and move around the pitch the more, so you need a soccer cleat that will make you comfortable moving with the ball, make quick turns and run. You should select shoes that have comfortable insoles and midsoles in them.
  3. Defender: Playing in the defence requires you to have soccer cleats and upper leather that will give you maximum traction control as you will need to be tracking back, stopping and changing directions quickly.
  4. Goalkeeper: As a goalkeeper, you need soccer cleats that offer the best traction control to keep you balanced when moving back and forth and from side to side.


Soccer is a game that can be played on different turfs either at the amateur level or professional level. Soft ground is not uncommon while artificial turf is also inevitable at times.

In fact, some football clubs make use of artificial turf and that is why a cleat usable on soft ground with ease may pose problems for the player on artificial turf. So you need to ensure that you have cleats that will give you maximum traction control on any of the surfaces mentioned below.

  1. Soft Ground

You need soft ground cleats if you will be playing on a wet and muddy ground. These types of cleats usually come with conical or blade-shaped six strategically placed studs to penetrate the ground and prevent you from slipping. They cannot be used on a hard surface.

  1. Hard Ground

Hard ground cleats are usually used where the rigid ground beneath the grass is showing. They do not penetrate the ground but offer traction for the player. The studs on hard ground cleats are well spread to cover the entire cleat.

  1. Firm Ground

Firm-ground cleats come with either conical or blade shaped studs that are designed typically for natural surfaces like dirt and grass as well as outdoor soccer fields. The large studs are evenly distributed on the cleats and offer great traction which prevents slipping and assist in making directional changes. Firm-ground cleats are versatile and can be used on any other ground.

  1. Artificial Turf

Artificial ground cleats are designed for use on man-made surfaces, that is where the grass is made of synthetic fibers instead of natural grass. These types of cleats usually have very tiny studs that spread over the entire cleat. They cannot be used on any other turf.

Choice of Material.

  1. Leather: Leather is basically the best choice of material for cleats for soccer players. It is however very expensive to buy. Its advantage is that it provides the best fit and also great support. It is also worthy to note that the softer the leather, the lesser it will be durable, but it will provide a better connection to the ball. The following are the three kinds of leather
  2. Kangaroo: This is a leather type that is quite expensive but has great contact with the ball. It is soft and breaks down that can get the foot adjusted. They are however not very durable.
  3. Full-grain:  This is more durable leather material and one that fit into the wet ground. It is however very tight as it can be stretched.
  4. Synthetic: This material is ideal for almost every field. They are less expensive and easy to maintain. They turn out to be the strongest even in rough terrains which makes them a great choice. It is like the perfect choice for someone who has no peculiar specifications.

One quality almost all sports shoes should have is the firmness to the ground it will be used. This is a feature that should be watched out for. For shoes to have the firmness to the ground, they will have a hard plastic set of grooves on their sole which allows users to get a stable foundation on almost every field.

These groves help the shoes become more versatile in almost every weather condition too, which is an addition to the safety they provide.

There is a reason wide feet players always require different shoes. This is to allow them to have shoes that will take care of their leg shape which seems to be different from how most other shoes are produced. So the main addition is the insole support.

This is always soft and supportive from various angles to provide maximum support to the user. This insole also supports the fact that there should be extra space in their shoes for them to always readjust their legs. This is also done still maintaining the shape of the shoe.

For wide feet players, how comfortable they are when using these cleats is the most important thing to them. It doesn’t matter if it has a great touch of the ball or made of great leather and other reasons. That comfort has to be achieved first before they talk about other things.

In doing this the material of the lining and the innersoles have to be of great importance. Most cleats have a sock lining material or synthetic lining. You will have to choose the one that is most convenient for you. The PE sock lining is most recommended since it remains breathable yet highly cushions the foot overall.

Due to the fact that it will be used by players with wide feet, the sole has to be supportive and have a back sole that is cushioned too. These things become useful in the process of air circulation and comfort. It is after use that the player has finished the daily activities that he feels the effect of a good or bad sole or lining on his cleats.


This guide of the best soccer cleats for wide feet players is to help make an informed decision of what to buy and never an imposition of a particular product. It is, however, to always get a review from previous buyers base on their experience which is what we have helped compile here. We hope you best the best decision while making your purchase.