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5 Best Soccer Shin Guards – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Soccer is a game that is loved across the world by all. Even in places that soccer was not their favorite sports before now have found ways to join the group of soccer lovers across the world. Places like the Asian countries and the middle belts have joined the Europeans, Africans, and Americans to see the game and enjoy the beauty of the sport.

This has encouraged more people, especially the young ones to embrace the sport and want to participate in the game. Their participation, however, needs to be guided in order to ensure that they use the right gear in training.

One of the things needed is the safety gears that they will use to protect their legs while playing with one of the best soccer shin guards. This is very important because, despite the high number of people involved in the sport and how interesting it can be, it also has the highest number of injuries that can end a player’s career.

This is why extra precaution has to be taken and one of such precaution is the use of shin guard. The shin guard is so useful that they help protect the shin from potential light and mild injuries which is very important for a soccer player as the legs are the parts which are most involved.

Due to this reason, it is necessary to know the best suitable shin guard for one’s leg and the best money can buy in the market. Below are the best shin guards money can buy.

Venum Predator Shin Guards


In the market of shin guards, Venum is a top player if not the best in the market. Their products are always top notch and are of quality.

They provide a wide array of products. Their products are seen as the safest and toughest in the market. The high standard they have set for themselves, known for quality and always delivering premium services, Venum’s predator shin guard is one that dominates in the market space.

They are manufactured using a multi-density foam which fits in nicely inside the product.

This provides the user with comfort and safety as they are sturdy yet comfortable. It also incorporates a Skintex leather blend with the product to provide optimum protection.


Venum predator shin guards like earlier stated are the best in the market not just for the name but for the premium quality they provide which bring satisfactory safety for the users. The use of skintex leather help improve the user’s comfort and safety.


The only noticeable problem with the shin guard is it’s uncomfortably around the ankle which is experienced by some users.


Zone 14 Carbon Guard 33


In every industry, there are always newbies coming to disrupt the status quo. Zone 14 seems to be that player in the shin guard industry. They are not taking anything for granted and are willing to go miles to get their products to users to have a wonderful experience.

The quality of their products matches with what most old players in the industry have for display. One of their best product is Carbon Guard 33. This has been carefully engineered and manufactured using 33% carbon fiber and 67% fiberglass, thus its name, carbon guard 33.

This carbon and fiber combination ratio make this the strongest shin guard in the market, thus a reason it’s one of the best shin guards. The adoption of EVA foam padding is to provide maximum comfort to the user.


Being a new player in the industry, Zone 14 added some extras to put them ahead. One of such thing is the Lycra sleeves. The reinforced beam construction also help adds an extra layer of protection to the center.


Some users however complains that the sleeve does not fit the shin guard at times.


Storelli Sports BodyShield 2.0


Being long in the game give you the edge of knowing with time what it takes to make it in the industry or to know market demands. This is one of the advantages that Storelli Sports have in its favor. They have been at the forefront of sport safety gears for years and this can’t be taken for granted.

This is why when their product, Body shield 2.0 was launched, it has a very high level of acceptability. Sport body-shield 2.0 has a high-performance polyurethane material fit into it as padding. This provides the user with maximum impact absorption.

The level of engineering design put into it during its manufacturing was at an optimal level that it provides great protection to key areas of the leg. They are as strong and comfortable as they can be.


One key thing about this gear is its availability for all age grades. As it is available for adult, so is its availability for kids. The protection it gives the chin is observed when there is an impact against the chin and it’s not felt due to absorb all the impact.


The padding on the shin guard is one users complain might get weak and torn easily and this might affect the life span of the shin guard.


G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards


In the business of making the best soccer shin guards, G-Form is one of the best names out there anyone could stand for. They have a wide range of performing equipment in the market and one of them is the Pro=S shin guards.

There is a uniqueness about this product that stands it out amongst its pairs and that is the absence of a hard shell covering the product, so it is soft and provides comfort. This makes it lighter in weight which invariably means that there is more room for air, thereby becoming less heat and sweat accommodating.


Shin guards are sometimes not machine friendly when washing it but G-Form Pro-S shin is not one of them. This shin guard can be washed in any washing machine after use. It also meets all the standard required of a shin guard.


It is soft and can’t absorb enough impact from oncoming obstacles or people.


DashSport Soccer Shin Guards


DashSport is also another top company that provides one of the best shin guard money can buy. They have a different product that suits each demand by each player. Their products are one of the safest and most comfortable you could find around. This is why their shin guards are no exception for their other products.

They are prepared using dense multi-layered foams which provide ample amount of protection to the shins and ankles. Their ability to absorb impact from the toughest of materials is one masterpiece that they add to their unique selling point.


They also provide shin guards that are for all sizes and genders. The ankle support present in it help improve users’ experience.


The Velcro does not last long and tends to tear off quickly.


Soccer shin guards buyer’s guide

Now that we have highlighted the best soccer shin guards money can buy in the market, there is still some uncertainty buyers might have especially for new and young buyers. It is important to make an informed decision.

This is why a buyers’ guide is needed to complement the knowledge of the best soccer shin guards. The first thing that has to be considered in this guide is the type of shin guard one is buying.


In soccer, there are two majorly available types of shin guard in the market, each with its own uniqueness. The first is the slip on shin guard. They are not always thick and hard in the front part but with compression sleeve to ease fitting while trying to wear the socks.

With this kind of shin guards, it is necessary to put on tape or some sleeve to avoid any sort of movement. The other type of shin guard is called the “strap on” shin guards. This type comes with ankle support fitted into them which sometimes make them preferable to the slip on the kind. The presence of Velcro straps requires that they are properly positioned. So it takes more time to put these on.


Like everything in life, every buyer has to be careful about the sizes they pick. As with shin guards, picking the right is as important as buying the shin guard itself. Good evidence of this is when a buyer picks the wrong shin guard and becomes uncomfortable while using it from the first day.

It is almost as if money was wasted. Two things to watch out for while picking a size is the length and its roundness. The good thing is that most vendors have a chart that allows buyers to look through which is the most appropriate before making the right call.

Ankle protection

Because this is a gear that will be used in a sport like a soccer, where contact is always happening, the ankle will have to be considered while buying. For a young player, it is almost impossible to play the game at a professional level and not be required to wear a shin guard with ankle protection. Some older players do without it but it is important to know who you are and make informed decisions.

Determine the kind of player

Every player body system is made differently and this is also a factor in choosing shin guards. There can be two players of the same age and came home but with different types and sizes of shin guards. This might also be because of the position each plays.

A goalkeeper or defender uses a different type of shin guard compared to a striker that only make contact in the final third.

There are other things that still might be unclear to buyers which may want to go deep in researching before making a purchase.

The relationship between the size and sleeve of shin guards is one someone with a deep understanding of the gear will want to find out. Most times, the sizes are not a factor in the sleeves they have but with the help of the chart, most vendors have, choosing the right one should be less daunting.

It is also important to note that no sleeve can be worn to fit all shin guards. The reasons are simple. There are different manufacturers and they make the sleeves to the specification of their shin guards. However, this doesn’t mean that a sleeve can never be worn on another shin guard, it will just not be unfordable and will be unfitting most times.

While discussing the best types of soccer shin guards, one unique factor stood out, it was how they will be washed. All manufacturers always state on the body of the shin guard how each should be washed. It is important to obey this in order to preserve the lifespan.

The size of a shin guard cannot be overemphasized. This is because the player’s comfort is very important on the performance on the field of play. Different playing position requires different size and type of shin guard, so this has to be looked out for.

Wearing a shin guard that is approved by the right authority is important but not absolutely necessary. The approved shin guard by authorities like NOSCAE help guaranty the authenticity of the shin guard. But in situations where the young professional starting in an area could not afford this type, it is not against the game to get one that is not approved as long as it fits all the requirements stated above.

In conclusion, whichever shin guard one purchase, the ultimate decision of buying lies in one’s hand. The information in this piece will just help the best-informed decision.