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5 Best VGA To HDMI Cables

HDMI has become a standard for transmitting video and audio content to TVs and projectors. Gaming consoles, laptops, smart TV boxes, and many other devices feature an HDMI interface.

The technology behind these connectors allows higher quality content to be transmitted. 

While HDMI is widely used, there are still some devices using older connector options. VGA was a standard option at one point, which is why many laptops and computers are still fitted with this interface.

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Product Type/FeaturesRating
FOINNEX VGA to HDMI AdapterSupports Video and Audio Synchronously
Long cable length

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BENFEI VGA to HDMI Adapter IC chipconverts VGA analog signal to HDMI digital signal
VGA to HDMI adapter connects a computer, desktop & laptop

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ONTEN VGA to HDMIPlug and play: No driver needed
Compatible with old-styled notebooks

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Wonlyus VGA to HDMI CableVGA to HDMI with Audio
High Resolution Support

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eSynic VGA to HDMI ConverterGold-Plated Connectors 
Mirror and Support Extended View

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The best VGA to HDMI cables allows you to connect these devices to modern TVs, often without causing a loss in quality.

We introduce you to some of the best cables you can buy and answer some frequently asked questions to help you determine if a VGA to HDMI cable is the right solution for you. 

Can I Convert a VGA To HDMI?

It is possible to convert signals from VGA to HDMI, but this can only be done with a special converter. The convert has built-in technology that allows the signal to be converted into a format that the output device can understand. 

Different types of VGA to HDMI cables exist. Some of these have a built-in audio transmitter as well, but this is not always the case.

When an audio transmitter is not included, only video content will be sent through the VGA to HDMI connection. Thus, it is important to consider whether audio is required. If so, then an adapter with audio functionality should be considered. 

The Best VGA To HDMI Cables

There is quite a large selection of VGA to HDMI converts on the market. While it’s always useful to have diversity, allowing you to select a product that matches your needs, the choice can also feel a bit overwhelming.

We’ve done the research so you can convert your VGA to HDMI without spending time selecting the right converter. 

1. FOINNEX VGA to HDMI Adapter

At the top of our list is the FOINNEX VGA to HDMI Adapter. The long cable length in this adapter is one of the most impressive features, ensuring the distance between the TV and your laptop won’t be a restriction.

A male-to-male cable design is used with this adapter. This means you won’t need to get an extra VGA or HDMI cable to use the adapter. 

The VGA to HDMI converter uses USB to power up the internal chip. This ensures there is sufficient power for the chip to effectively convert between analog and digital signals. 

Various size options are available. The default option comes with a six-foot cable, but there are a few options with extra length, ranging up to 50 feet.

Just take note that a longer cable might improve the range but could suffer a decline in transmission quality. 

The adapter supports output in full HD resolution at 60Hz. Compatibility with 24-bit transmission further enhances the overall quality. A 3.5mm jack is also built into the cable.

This jack allows you to transmit both video and audio through one cable. An additional RCA stereo plug is also included. This is a one-directional converter, which means it only transmits VGA to HDMI and not the other way around.

This means it won’t work with your Roku Player but will be an ideal solution for your laptop. 


  • Supports output resolution of 1920×1080
  • Two audio transmission options 
  • Long cable 


  • No bi-directional conversion functions
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2. BENFEI VGA to HDMI Adapter with Audio Support

The portable design of this converter takes up less space. This allows you to use the adapter in areas where space is limited. You can easily add this adapter to your backpack when traveling too.

The adapter also has a lightweight design, ensuring it won’t cause damage to your devices due to excessive weight added to your ports.

The converter features a male-to-female design, which gives you an opportunity to use your preferred HDMI cable with the adapter.

The device was designed to provide maximum stability in the conversion and transmission of signals. An IC chip is used to assist in the conversion of signals. 

Compatibility is not an issue with the BENFEI VGA to HDMI adapter, as it features a USB-powered system. This ensures you can use it on devices with low-powered connectors.

Audio support is provided through the built-in USB cable. This means extra audio cables are not required to ensure sound is transmitted along with your video content.

There is an 18-month warranty that accompanies the purchase of this converter. This warranty gives you peace of mind, ensuring a fix or replacement is provided if factory faults are noted in the adapter. 


  • Compact structure
  • Offers enhanced stability when converting signals
  • Universal compatibility 


  • Requires an additional HDMI cable 
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A cable that allows you to convert analog signals to a digital format in full high definition resolution.

The built-in chip found in the converter provides fast and efficient conversion, which means there is no need to be concerned about buggy video or choppy sound.

The cable has a male VGA port and a female HDMI port. The HDMI port can be connected with a cable of your choosing – which makes it easier to get the perfect reach between your laptop and the TV. 

The output of the cable supports different resolutions. Apart from HD 1080p, you can also transmit content in 720p and 1080i.

The cable can be used with a monitor, TV, or a projector. The plug-and-play design means you don’t need additional drivers on your laptop before you can use the adapter.

The manufacturer of the cable provides after-sale support. The customer service department ensures all queries are dealt with in a 24-hour period, ensuring there are no long waiting times before you can obtain assistance. 


  • Can be used with any HDMI cable
  • 1080p resolution supported
  • USB and audio cables included 


  • Separate cables for power and sound
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4. Wonlyus VGA to HDMI Cable

The male-to-male design of this adapter provides a faster solution with no extra HDMI cables needed. The adapter comes with its own AUX and USB cables.

Both of these are built into the converter, ensuring they are always together and eliminating the risk of lost cables.

There are three sizes that you can choose from. These include four, six, and 10 feet. The size variations allow you to choose an option that provides adequate reach between your devices.

Once connected, you can easily watch photos and videos captured with your camera on a larger screen. 

The USB cable on this adapter has a five-volt power rating. This means it will not consume much power from your laptop, but just enough to power up the converter chip inside.

You can use this cable with any laptop – regardless of the operating system. You do not need to download and install drivers before use, as it uses a plug-and-play design.

The cable features one-way conversion, which means you will not be able to use it for the conversion of HDMI to VGA.  


  • Available in three sizes
  • Built-in HDMI cable
  • Uses standard chip for conversion


  • No gold plating on the connectors
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5. eSynic VGA to HDMI Converter

A set of gold-plated connectors on this device helps to enhance the overall quality of content you transmit to your TV or projector.

The converter gives you support for a resolution up to 1920 x 1080, which is sufficient for a majority of purposes – including gaming and watching videos.

The cables were made with durable materials, which helps to reduce the risk of tearing and breakage over time. 

The USB included in this converter has a two-in-one design. By connecting the USB to your laptop, it will provide the converter module with power.

The USB also has integrated audio functions. This allows you to transmit audio toward your TV with no extra cables attached to the device.

The low power design of the USB connector ensures your laptop’s battery will not drain faster.

Due to the driverless design of the converter, you can use it with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. There is no additional software required to use the converter – simply plug it into your laptop and TV to get started. 


  • Uses USB for both power and audio
  • LED indicator
  • Gold plated connectors and port


  • HDMI cable not included
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Do VGA to HDMI Adapters Work?

Converting HDMI to VGA or VGA to HDMI is possible. A VGA to HDMI converter can be used for this particular purpose.

These cables are readily available today, thanks to advancing technology. While VGA to HDMI converters does work, there are some limitations that should be considered. 

VGA uses analog signals, while HDMI relies on digital signals instead. Thus, special technology is needed to convert between these two signal types.

This is why it is important to seek out the best VGA to HDMI converter. Cheaper ones might be appealing due to a low price point but may not be reliable when converting between signal types. 

Is VGA to HDMI Good Quality?

Quality is often a concern when converting between different signals while connecting a device to a projector or TV. In terms of connecting VGA to HDMI, a few factors need to be considered when trying to determine the possible output quality. 

The quality of the actual adapter is the first factor that comes into play. Buying a better converter will help to preserve the quality of video signals transmitted between the input and output device.

The length of the cable also matters. If you use a long cable when converting between VGA and HDMI, you might find that video content loses some quality.

The HDMI cable can be a bit longer, however – as long as it is a good quality option. Buying a gold-plated HDMI cable also helps to reduce the risk of losing quality during the conversion process. 

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How To Connect Laptop To TV Using VGA To HDMI Cable

Some laptops come with HDMI ports, which allow you to connect them to television without extra converters. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

There are many laptops that do not have an HDMI port but rather a VGA connector on the side. When connecting your laptop to an external display, you will usually have a TV or projector that uses HDMI as an interface – which means a normal VGA cable won’t work. 

Fortunately, connecting VGA to HDMI with an appropriate converter is quick and easy. Different types of these devices exist. Some feature a direct VGA to HDMI, while others have a female HDMI that requires an additional cable for the connection. 

The converter has two ends. One end has a VGA connector, while the other end contains an HDMI interface. The VGA end is connected directly to your laptop. The other end connects to the TV. If the HDMI side has a female connector, you need to get an additional HDMI cable. 

Where Can I Buy A VGA To HDMI Cable?

VGA to HDMI cables are no longer hard to find. In fact, there are both online and local sources where you can buy these converters. Start by considering whether you want to buy from a shop in town or if you would rather prefer ordering an adapter on the internet.

By taking your search to online stores, you will be presented with a wider selection of options to choose from. 

Amazon is an ideal starting point when looking to buy a VGA to HDMI cable. There is a massive selection of these cables on Amazon – so you should be cautious about which one you buy.

Always look at reviews and ratings – and make sure to read the good and the bad ones. You want to know about complaints and find a converter that is easy to use while also giving you great quality when transmitting video or other content. 

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When a laptop does not have an HDMI cable, options for connecting the device to a TV, projector, or another output system may seem limited. The use of a VGA to HDMI adapter allows you to convert between digital and analog signals.

This makes it easier to stream content from a laptop to a modern TV. Always ensure proper research is done before buying one of these converters, however, as quality plays a big role.

We shared some of the best ones you can buy – these are all high-quality options that can transmit VGA to HDMI without losing quality