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Best Waterproof Smartwatch

Are you in the market for the best waterproof smartwatch? You’re in the right place.

Over the past few years, smartwatch technology has improved significantly. Today, smartwatches track and manage their users’ health, receive notifications, and even act as mobile wallets. But perhaps the most notable improvement is in their ability to withstand water exposure.

You can comfortably wear the best waterproof smartwatch, whether you’re showering or caught in an unexpected downpour. These devices can withstand a wide range of conditions while delivering the best performance.

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In this guide, we will use the terms waterproof and water resistance interchangeably. However, these two have different meanings. Most smartwatches are water-resistant, meaning they can withstand water exposure of up to 50 meters. But beyond that, the water pressure and exposure time will affect their performance. 

That said, below is a comprehensive list of the best waterproof smartwatches in the market today. 

Best Waterproof Smartwatches Review

1. Best Overall Waterproof Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 6 

The first waterproof smart-timepiece on our list is the Apple watch series 6. The smartwatch delivers outstanding performance and has an impressive list of apps. Plus, you will enjoy several unique health and fitness monitoring features. One feature that stands out the most is the SpO2 sensor. It measures the user’s blood oxygen levels, even under-water.

Despite being an expensive smartwatch, the Apple watch series 6 can only withstand water exposure under specific circumstances. The apple watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters (165ft), meaning you can wear it in a swimming pool.

If you’re planning to scuba dive, Apple recommends leaving the watch at home or in your hotel room. Diving past 50m can cause the seals keeping the water out to fail because of the high pressure.

If you’re going swimming in the ocean, activate the Water Lock feature by swiping up the bottom of the screen. From there, tap the water droplet. By doing so, you will shield it from water exposure. But keep in mind, the ability of the device to resist water exposure deteriorates as it ages. 

Apple Watch Series 6 will sit comfortably on your wrist, whether you’re swimming or not. Also, its performance is 20% faster than its predecessor (Apple watch series 5). While the timepiece can last up to 18 hours like the Series 5, it drains less power when tracking health and fitness activities or streaming music.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • Innovative blood oxygen sensor (SpO2)  
  • Brighter enhanced Always on display
  • Countless ways to customize faces
  • Available in multiple colors


PowerUp to 18 hrs
Weight30.5g & 36.5g
FinishesAluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium
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2. Best Value Waterproof Smartwatch 

Ticwatch S2 Waterproof Smartwatch

Ticwatch S2 is the best budget smartwatch for budget-conscious individuals who desire to enjoy the functionalities of a smartwatch. 

Thanks to its lightweight design, it sits comfortably on your hand. You might even not notice that’s there. It comes in two colors: white and black. And if you don’t like the strap, you can swap it with your own design.

Besides that, it’s a great water resistant smartwatch. Like the apple watch series 6, it delivers water resistance up to the depth of 50 meters. So, unless you’re planning to dive past that depth, this device will serve you well. 

Swimmers will be pleased to know that Ticwatch S2 can track metrics like average strokes per length and distance covered. Additionally, its waterproof and rugged design allows it to withstand an array of weather conditions, dust, and high temperature. 

Like traditional watches, the outside of the Ticwatch S2 display is engraved with numbers. You will discover a single button on the side to help you interact with the smart device. This affordable device also has a GPS feature to help users navigate a new area.

It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. And because of the military-grade protection, you can wear it during your camping and hiking trips. Ticwatch also has a long battery life of 48 hours. 

What Makes it Stand Out? 

  • Military-Grade durability to withstand extreme environments and conditions
  • Build in GPS tracking 
  • Several watch faces
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters 
  • Affordable smartwatch


Display1.39 inches AMOLED
PowerUp to 48 hours
FinishesPolyamide and glass fiber
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3. Best Waterproof Android Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung smartwatches are water resistant but not waterproof. This means they can withstand heavy rain or swim sessions. However, you can’t wear your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and scuba dive or water ski. 

The Samsung galaxy watches active 2 is a stylish 40mm timepiece. You can also find a 44mm version. Both versions stand out because of their unique lightweight design. Because of the 5ATM rating and military-grade durability, these smart devices can withstand what nature throws at them. So, if you go swimming in a pool or open waters, rest assured the watch will survive. 

What’s even better, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is highly customizable, from straps to watch faces. It comes with a set of attractive fitness tracking features. Whether you’re running, walking, swimming, or rowing, it will automatically or manually track your movements. 

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 battery will last for 24 hours or more. On top of that, you can download Google apps to give the device more life. Do you love playing golf? You can get the gold edition and enjoy detailed guides of the game. 

Additionally, it has a built in GPS to allow you to navigate new locations with much ease. If that’s not enough, it’s compatible with Android phones and iOS devices. So, both android users and iPhone users can enjoy the impressive functionality offered by the Samsung galaxy watch active 2. 

What Makes It Stand Out? 

  • Highly durable and customizable 
  • Automatic and manual activity tracker
  • Compatible with Galaxy and non-Galaxy devices
  • Measure blood pressure


Display1.4 inches Super AMOLED
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4. Best Rugged Waterproof Smartwatch

G-Shock GSWH1000-1 

Nothing screams rugged as the G-Shock GSWH1000-1 smartwatch. It’s powered by Wear OS by Google and packed with many useful functions. The G-Shock GSWH1000-1 is the most durable smartwatch in existence. All thanks to its tough case that can withstand shock and water exposure. 

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the watch is, it’s water-resistance ability of up to 200 meters or 660 ft. However, this comes as no surprise, considering G-shock always designs its timepieces with the most innovative technology.

The G-Shock GSWH1000-1 is not different. The titanium case back offers protection against corrosion, and the aluminum honeycomb-patterned start button expresses durability.  This rugged smartwatch has a multi-layered display monochrome LCD with GPS, heart rate monitor, microphone, step counts, compass, and other impressive smartwatch features.

As you can see, it’s a multi-sport gear that’s up to any challenge, whether it’s extreme sports or daily outdoor activities. What’s even interesting, this G-Shock allows the customization of the displayed data by the users. Plus, the color scheme; you can choose between blue, gold, red, or custom each watch faces’ background. 

The G-Shock GSWH1000-1 is the perfect watch for open water swimming, snowboarding, trail running, biking, and other hazardous outdoor activities. Since it’s powered with Wear OS by Google, the watch supports essential Google apps like Google Pay, Google Play Store, Google Assistant, and other Google features. You can receive texts, calls, and social media notifications even when you’re far from your smartphone. 

However, GSWH1000-1 doesn’t come with impressive battery life. It can only last for 1.5 or 2 hours on a full charge.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • 200 meters water resistant 
  • Supports 15 activities and measure 24 indoor workouts
  • Optical sensor to track heart rate
  • Powered by Wear OS by Google


Weight 103g
Power 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Display 1.2 inches monochrome LCD
Finishes Bezel, Stainless Steel 
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5. Best IOS Waterproof Smartwatches

Apple Watch SE

If you’re on a budget but want to rock an Apple smartwatch, check out the Apple Watch SE. It’s one of the most affordable Apple smart devices. The timepiece delivers that perfect balance of smartwatch functionality and affordability. 

It’s available in both 40mm and 44mm, and uses the S5 processor. Basically, the Apple Watch SE is Series 6 minus the SpO2, ECG (electrocardiogram) and always-on screen. Like the Series 6, it comes with a quality bright and colorful display. But when the users aren’t using the watch, the screen turns off. 

This apple watch has an impressive battery life that lasts 49 hrs between charges. However, the overnight sleep monitor and multiple sports trackers tend to track the battery. Once the power runs out, you can place it on a flat magnetic charger, and within 1 hour 52 minutes, it will burst with life. 

Apple Watch SE is powered by the latest WatchOS7, meaning it can receive smartphone notifications. Plus, it supports voice command via Siri and useful third-party apps like Spotify, Google Maps, and Strava.  

You don’t need to be a genius to operate. Within a few minutes, you can set it up and start receiving app notification, answer calls, and stream Apple Music. And since it has a 5 ATM rating, you can go swimming with the watch with no worry of failure due to water resistance. Other key features worth noting include GPS and GLONASS, as well as health monitoring features, 

What Makes It Stand Out? 

  • Hand washing feature and health-monitoring sensors
  • Impeccable design
  • Works with iPhones
  • Improved battery life 


Weight 36.4g
PowerUp to 18 hours
Display 1.5 inches or 1.73 inches
Finishes Aluminum
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Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

Although most Garmin watches are water resistant, not all smartwatches can handle water exposure, past 50 meters like the Garmin 6 Fenix 6 sapphire.

It’s a stylish, rugged Garmin Watch that provides the user all the functionality of a standard Garmin Fenix 6, plus upgraded connectivity, training features, mapping, and others. Besides that, it rocks a scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens. As a result, it’s super durable. On top of that, you have several color options to choose from.

Thanks to the interchangeable strap holding the watch face, you can change the look of the timepiece anytime you wish. The straps feature a small slider that allows users to unlock the watch with ease using their thumbs. 

The Fenix 6 sophisticated design makes it perfect for athletes. They can customize the timepiece to see the data you want, whether it’s a date, number of steps, real-time heart rates, and more. It also has advanced training features like VO2 trackers, PacePro, and training status estimates.  

Besides running, the smart device can track casual swimming, cycling, gym workouts, outdoor recreations, and golf courses. To withstand water exposure, the company made Fenix 6 sapphire fully waterproof. It is one of the few dive watches that can handle water pressure up to the depth of 100 meters. While its ideal for swim tracking, avoid scuba and free diving with the watch.  

The Fenix 6 Sapphire delivers everything you can expect from a smartwatch, from continuous GPS to monitor sleep quality via Plus OX. 

What Makes It Stand Out? 

  • Rugged, stylish, and durable design
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multi sports tracking ability 
  • 10 ATM water resistance rating


Weight 2.8 ounces or 79.37g
Power 10 hours
Display 1.3 inches
Finishes Titanium
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6. Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

For the best waterproof fitness trackers, we have the Fitbit Versa 3. It’s a well-built and stylish smartwatch great for tracking gym workouts, swimming, and outdoor activities. Meet your fitness goals anywhere with the Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch with the help of integrated GPS and Active Zone Minutes.

Whether you have an android device or device using an iOS operating system, you can completely take advantage of this great waterproof smartwatch. Using it, you can gain an in-depth understanding of your sleep quality. The sleep tracker details your sleep score and provides you with detailed sleep guides, plus mindfulness sessions. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! You can use the tracker to monitor your heart rate in real-time and even collect swim data. Its battery can last for 5 days, and once it’s out of juice, you can recharge it within 12 minutes.

The Fitbit Versa 3 Health Metric dashboard allows you to track your breathing rate, blood oxygen, and more. Like most smartwatches we’ve mentioned, you can dive with it in a swimming pool and open water up to the depth 50 meters.

What Make It Stand Out? 

  • Works with Android and iOS operating systems
  • A dedicated Fitbit App
  • 20 Exercise modes
  • Functional in extreme temperatures
  • Impressive GPS feature


Weight 40 g
Power Up to 6 days +
Display 1.58 inches AMOLED Touchscreen
Finishes Aluminum
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iTouch Air 3

Last but not least, we have the iTouch Air 3. This is perhaps the most affordable health and fitness tracker on our list. It’s not completely waterproof, but it has an IP68 rating which allows you to swim with it. 

At first glance, it’s quite easy to confuse the iTouch Air 3 with an Apple Watch. In fact, if it had the crown button on the side, it would have looked exactly like an Apple smartwatch. 

Despite the affordable price tag of this wear OS smartwatch, it’s loaded with useful features. For example, it has four multi-sports smartwatch mode (basketball, soccer, baseball, and football) and four workout modes (running, cycling, hiking, and elliptical). 

In addition, it can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleeping patterns. It also has a hydration reminder to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. 

You can connect your Android device or iOS device with the tracker to receive notifications. You can also download third-party apps, play music, and even use it to control your smartphone camera. 

The iTouch Air 3 provides you with three color options to choose from: Silver, Black, Rose gold. Thanks to its water resistance ability, seamless design, and durable glass screen, it can withstand whatever nature throws at it. 

What Makes It Stand Out? 

  • Works with both Android and iOS operating systems
  • Premium design and sturdy construction
  • Four workout and multi-sport modes 
  • Durable glass screen resistant to scratches, water, and dust


Weight 221.13 grams
Power 30 days on standby
Display 1.3 inches 
Finishes Zinc Alloy
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Factors To Consider When Buying a Waterproof Smartwatch 

Before purchasing waterproof watches, their several things that you must take into consideration. They include: 

  1. Price

Price is a deal-breaker for most individuals. Smartwatches usually cost a fortune because of their impressive, innovative functionalities and capabilities. Unlike traditional watches, they can receive calls, messages, and notifications. They can also monitor your health and track your fitness. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find quality affordable waterproof smartwatches. 

But before buying a cheap smartwatch, check its construction, features, and battery life. Also, check if the provider offers a warranty. 

  1. Battery Life

A smartwatch with a longer battery life will allow you to receive calls, app notifications, and messages, even when you’re not close to a power source. When hiking or camping, the GPS will continue to track your location and help you navigate foreign terrains. 

Before making a purchase, make sure the product can hold power for extended periods and charge fast. This way, you won’t have to deal with sudden shutdowns, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Protection From Water

As we said earlier, most smartwatches are water-resistant, though most companies claim their products are waterproof. Water-resistance here means the smartwatch can withstand water exposure to a certain level.  

When looking for the best waterproof smart device, you’ll notice their specs include a water resistance rating. IP67 and IP68 are perhaps the common ratings. 

The IP67 water-resistance rating means the water can withstand water immersion for 30 minutes at 1 meter. IP68 means the smartwatch is waterproof up to 3 meters. You can comfortably use it underwater when pool swimming. 

Other smart timepieces indicate water resistance in terms of meters they can withstand. 5 ATM means you can use the watch up to 50 meters, past that it will fail. When the specs indicate 10 ATM, then the watch will withstand water exposure to 100 meters.

  1. Construction

If you love outdoor adventures like hiking and mountain climbing, you need rugged water resistant smartwatches. These watches come with military-grade durability, meaning they can withstand hazardous environments.  

Even if you don’t like adventures, choose a device designed from durable materials like resin, silicon, titanium, stainless steel, zinc alloy, sapphire crystal lens, tempered glass, and so on. This way, your device can handle accidental shocks, scratches, and wear and tear over time. 

  1. Compatibility 

Look for a device that’s compatible with your device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or any other smart device. But keep in mind, manufacturers often design their timepieces to work with specific operating systems. You might pick Android smartwatch, but it might fail to pair with your Android device because it has the wrong OS model. 

There are several ways you can link your smartwatch and smartphone together. You can pair them using Bluetooth, but you will need to have your phone with you all the time to maintain the link. Alternatively, you can find a device that supports a sim card. This way, you can receive social media notifications, make calls, and text people back. 

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Final Thoughts

We bet you don’t love the hassle of having to remove your watch every time you go swimming or even washing your hands. If that’s the case, you better get yourself a waterproof smartwatch. Besides delivering all the functionality of a smartwatch, a waterproof smart timepiece will withstand water exposure up to the depth of 50 meters. But that’s only true for devices with 5 ATM water resistance ratings. Other devices can have IP68 or 10 ATM water resistance ratings. So, select a device that will meet your needs. 

But before you can make a purchase, check the smartwatch construction, phone compatibility, battery life, price, among other factors. On that note, we have come to the end of our best waterproof smartwatches guide. We hope this information will help you make an informed purchase. 

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Does My Waterproof Smartwatch Need a Heart Rate Monitor? 

Whether or not you’re an athlete, you need a smartwatch that can monitor your heart rate, monitor your blood oxygen levels, and other useful metrics. Such metrics can help you gain a deeper understanding of your overall health. But keep in mind sometimes these devices are not entirely accurate. 

Can I Go Swimming with A Waterproof Smartwatch?

If your device has 5 ATM or 10 ATM ratings, you can comfortably swim with it. Devices with these ratings can withstand water pressure up to 50 or 100 meters. So, you can put them on and track swimming, diving, or water skiing. But if you want to dive past 100 meters, you’ll find more protection in dive watches. But they don’t come cheap. 

How Can I Take Care of My Waterproof Smartwatch? 

If you want your waterproof device to last longer, inspect your smartwatch regularly. Also, clean your smart device regularly, especially after pool swimming. Avoid using chemicals when cleaning the watch – a simple paper towel or tissue can do the trick. In case it gets damaged, avoid fixing it yourself. Find an authorized professional to check it out.