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Best Wireless GameCube Controller

If you own a Nintendo Switch, we are pretty sure that you love it. Why? Because it is a popular gaming console that allows you to play your favorite classic video games and more. With that being said if you are looking for a good wireless GameCube controller for Switch, read this guide now!

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PowerA Wireless GameCubeWireless freedom using Bluetooth 5.0
Includes player indicator and low battery warning LED

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Exlene Wireless GameCubeTurbon Button
Precise D-pad, crisp and responsive

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Falcon Wireless Controller2.4ghz Wireless controller
Requires 2 AA batteries

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HORI Wireless Battle PadBluetooth wireless controller with 32-foot range
Anti-snapback analog sticks and fast-action

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Retro Fighters DuelistGreat in the hands and allows for easy access
Latest Bluetooth wireless technology

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Best Wireless GameCube Controller for Switch

GameCube Wireless controllers are most preferred in gaming nowadays and it provides excellent gaming performance on consoles like Nintendo Switch. The small body and diminutive size make it easy to transport or store. You’ll be surprised at how much joy this tiny device can bring to your tabletop gaming experience.

There are plenty of options when it comes to GameCube gaming controllers that support the Switch. The problem is that finding the right one can be complicated—though we’ve narrowed it down for you so that you can enjoy your Nintendo Switch games. Here are some of the best wireless GameCube controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch.

1. PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller

PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller is basically a wireless version of the original GameCube controller with a few modern updates, like improved haptic feedback and a rechargeable battery.

There are similar controllers available, but you may prefer this one because of its redesign, which replicates the look and feel of the original GameCube controller with a more ergonomic form factor.

The PowerA Controller features 2 AA rechargeable batteries to extend playtime up to 30 hours, so you can go all night long without having to worry about charging. It is designed with precision control in mind, making it easy to aim your shots as you battle friends online or on local multiplayer mode, while also having more sticky buttons than ever before.

For comfort, the controller’s grip padding is textured for a secure hold in even the most intense battles, while its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold all day long without fatigue or discomfort. This controller includes a low battery warning LED that flashes red when battery power is low so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice on the battlefield. It has a standalone Bluetooth 5.0 and an included USB charging cable, which means you can take it anywhere for gaming on the go.

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2. Exlene Wireless GameCube Controller

Whether you’re into retro gaming or not, there’s no denying the appeal of playing with a controller that feels just like the ones that ruled consoles in old days. For those that grew up on the old Nintendo and PlayStation, this controller is a masterful recreation of your favorite controllers from those days.

While modern controllers are fantastic for their specific purposes, it can be difficult to find one that feels as good as an original controller. The controller — a small, light, wireless version of the iconic GameCube controller — is designed to work with most Switch games, and it’s an absolute blast to use.

It uses the latest Bluetooth technology to works with most pcs and game consoles, including Switch and Switch Lite. It’s also compatible with PC, and MAC as well as Apple iOS and Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

Its C-stick is added to give more accurate control of the camera, and the triggers are analog, meaning they let you quick-fire in an arcade shooter. The d-pad has been improved, the turbo button has received a slight adjustment, and there’s a new battery. The built-in rechargeable battery will get your going for up to 20 hours of playtime on a single charge. And since this is wireless, you can take it with you wherever you go — even to bed!

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3. Falcon Wireless Controller

Falcon Wireless controller is one of the most popular controllers, which has everything you need to play a wide variety of games on your Nintendo GameCube, as well as on your Wii U and Nintendo Switch consoles.

This controller is compatible with most major systems, but it does require two AA batteries which are up to 8 hours of backup without the need to be recharged. It also has two analogs (right and left sticks) and one D-pad, and it does come with two shoulder buttons and four action buttons to compensate. And because this is a 2.4ghz Wireless controller, you don’t need to worry about charging it or holding it in place.

All you need to do is connect it wirelessly and start playing games on your console or computer. It allows quick switching between devices without needing to attach anything or remove anything from its current location.

The Falcon controller looks a lot like a traditional gamepad, but it’s designed to be thinner and lighter, with fewer buttons — a more modern take on an old design. It offers you the ultimate gaming experience! With ergonomically formed for an improved grip, this controller is built to redefine your gaming experience.

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4. HORI Wireless Battle Pad

HORI Wireless Battle Pad is a Bluetooth controller that combines the feel of a traditional gamepad with the convenience of wireless play. It will bring Nintendo’s portable and wireless game system to your next gaming moment. It is designed to work with games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee to high-definition life, thanks to the Bluetooth wireless controller you get with the system.

The rechargeable battery gives you up to 15 hours of playtime per charge – enough time to knock out several rounds of your favorite games. With a 32-foot range, this is compatible with most TVs and will easily connect to any Nintendo device.

The anti-snapback analog sticks and fast-action L/R & ZL/ZR Buttons all add an incredible amount of intuitive speed to this controller. On top of that, the battery life boasts up to 15 hours of playtime per charge. With its detachable gamepad holder and adjustable support arm, this is an excellent accessory for Switch owners who want to take advantage of the console’s features with precision controls.

HORI’s products offer a clean look and are built to last, giving players every reason to enjoy their gaming experience. In addition to many other features, the controller includes an officially licensed Mario Bros Design like Zelda and Mario.

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5. Retro Fighters Duelist

When you’re a new or casual gamer, you want to find a controller that’s easy to use and that doesn’t impede your ability to play. The Retro Fighters Duelist Wireless Gamepad is designed for this purpose. There are also four shoulder buttons (two on each side) that are also accessible when gripping the controller.

Duelist includes new features like the latest Bluetooth iteration with a range of 30′, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with any USB-C cable, LED Indicator to enhance the unique playing experience available in the Switch edition for playing Super Smash Bros.

The controller itself is very similar to the original GameCube controller except for a few notable changes. The “A” button has been enlarged, and there are two extra action buttons on the back of the controller — Z and C — that allow you to perform Smash attacks and short hop jumps. But what makes it our favorite is its innovative “S” button that can be used instead of your thumb when you want to do special attacks like short hops or short hop attacks.

The controller is comfortable and lightweight, making it easy to hold for long periods of time. As with previous versions, it features an on/off switch that allows you to enjoy your gaming from anywhere in your house. It also includes an integrated kickstand that lets you prop up your game system while you play.

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What Every Player Needs To Know Before Buying A Nintendo Switch Controller

The Nintendo Switch GameCube controller is one of the best controllers ever. Nintendo has created a list of great controllers to follow in their footsteps. However, not all controllers are the same. Here is some more information on what to look for on a controller before buying one yourself

Choose A Controller Depending On Your Games

Crop person using game console

If you’re interested in a GameCube controller for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, GameCube work very well. They’re also much more comfortable to use than the joy-cons, which can sometimes be a bit too sensitive.

However, if you’re playing Super Mario Odyssey, for example, dive jumping is not possible using a GameCube controller. So, before you buy one, be sure that your favorite games work with it or not.

Wired Or Wireless Controller 

In the Nintendo Switch, you can use a wired or wireless controller. If you’re using a wired controller, it plugs into the console via USB.

If you choose a wireless Nintendo Switch GameCube controller, you need to plug in your battery separately if it does not come with any battery pack pre-installed in the controller. Depending on how long your batteries last, you might want to purchase extra batteries or consistently keep charging. Also, consider what type of batteries you want.

It’s best to get both wireless connectivity and wired options for your ultimate gaming experience as well as for accessibility should anything happen to your power source.

GameCube or Pro Controller

black game controller and black game controller

GameCube controller is a great option for new players who want to get into their first multiplayer games. It’s also popular with longtime fans of the GameCube design.

Many professional players also prefer GameCube controllers. The simple and close-to-original design is excellent for playing retro games and maintaining that old-school feel.

The usage of a Nintendo Switch Pro controller is smaller than a GameCube controller. Pro options are a little more expensive than most GameCube-style controllers. However, some prefer the pro controller due to its extra functionalities.

Additional Features

No matter how good the Nintendo Switch’s design is, the original GameCube controller still lacks some features when playing video games with a modern system.  The modern controllers have several improvements over the originals. Some controllers have gyroscopic motion controls, and they can charge wirelessly.

Modern HD Rumble functionality allows for more authentic gameplay effects like haptic feedback when shooting in 3D action games or driving in racing games. Some of the standout options include a microphone for voice chat, turbo mode for games. Wireless controllers allow you to play without the need for a lengthy cable.

The modern controllers are smaller, have a more streamlined design, and have extra buttons. CM>NVXd;jMany people have switched to using the modern controller thanks to its improved comfort and additional functionality beyond what they get with the original GameCube controller.


The GameCube controller works well for playing a variety of classic games from Nintendo’s library. But not all controllers are designed to hold up to rough handling. 

Not all controllers will last for long periods of use. Some have already reported problems, such as draftiness and joystick issues upon long-time usage. However, it is still a great accessory for those looking to play games on the Nintendo Switch.

Can You Use an Old GameCube Controller?

The Nintendo Switch is a great device. It’s got strong games, the best portable console controllers on the market, and it’s not too heavy or pricey to carry around. But one thing that might disappoint gamers is that you can’t directly plug in your old GameCube controller with it.

However, you can use a Nintendo Switch with an old GameCube controller, just as long as you have an adapter that’ll let you plug it in. If you want to use one controller with multiple consoles and computers, an adapter also is a great way to do it. Moreover, it even lets you connect wirelessly or wired multiple controllers to any of your favorite Nintendo consoles and computers.  

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In the end, the best choice for your circumstances will depend on you, and what you’re looking for from the best GameCube controllers. Keep in mind that there are numerous factors that come into play when choosing a wireless GameCube controller for the Switch. Aesthetics, ease of use, comfort, connection performance and reliability, and price all need to be considered before you make a choice. However, whichever one you end up choosing, we hope you’re able to find one that meets your needs and expectations.