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Learn All About Bill Gurley’s Net Worth, Career, & More!

If you’re interested in discovering interesting details about Bill Gurley’s career and net worth, we got you covered!

Taking an interest in the lives of famous people, especially the ones who live a luxurious lifestyle and are often in the public eye, is not at all uncommon. People often want to know what their favorite celebrities are up to, how they make their living, and how they got to where they are. Seeing how some wealthy and successful people have gotten to the top can also be very inspirational and give you an idea of how to do it yourself.

One of the most inspirational and best-known investors in the U.S. is Bill Gurley, so it comes as no surprise that people would want to know specifics about his career and the way he has managed to climb to the top.

However, looking for such info on your own can take a lot of time and effort, considering that there is a lot of confusing and incorrect info on the Internet. That is why we decided to do all the research for you and provide you with a summarized guide on Bill Gurley’s net worth and career! Why waste time struggling to find info on your own when you can read our article and have all you need in less than 10 minutes? Let’s dive right in!

Who Is Bill Gurley?

Since you’re interested in finding out details about Bill Gurley’s life, we’ll go step by step and uncover them one by one. Let’s start at the beginning by explaining who Bill Gurley actually is.

Bill Gurley is an American venture capitalist and a general partner at Benchmark, which is a venture capital company located in California. Gurley was born in Texas in 1966. He has a bachelor’s degree in science and has graduated from the University of Florida. In 1993, he also managed to get a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

A fun fact about Bill Gurley is that he is very tall. He’s around 6’9’’, which is highly above average height. Thanks to that, he was also a member of the men’s basketball team while in college. His height has inspired him to come up with a blog named “Above the Crowd,” as well as a book called “eBoys.” Gurley was featured in “The First Inside Account of Venture Capitalist,” which has profiled his Benchmark team and his height. Gurley is also a dedicated husband and a father of 3.

Bill Gurley’s Career

Now that you know a bit about who Bill Gurley is and certain details about his personal life and beginnings, we can move on to discussing his career. Due to his education and love for finance and engineering, Gurley was able to join Advanced Micro Devices and become a part of their technical marketing team. After that, a company named Compaq Computer hired him as a design engineer. He worked for the company’s multi-processor server and a variety of products.

You probably already know that Uber is a ride-share company, as well as a courier delivering freight, food, and scooters. Gurley became an early investor in this company. He invested $12 million into this company in 2011 through Benchmark (his company). He was also on Uber’s board of Directors.

As for Benchmark, Bill Gurley was a general partner at the company. This is one of Silicon Valley’s most influential venture capital firms worldwide. Gurley has spent over 15 years working as a general partner at Benchmark. He contributed to Uber achieving a net worth of over $50 billion, as well as pushing Snapchat net worth to around $16 million by investing $21 million. Another company that Gurley assisted in achieving a net worth of around $10 billion is the company called WeWork. WeWork is an office sharing company that Gurley’s company Benchmark has invested around $12 billion in.

Bill Gurley was also a personnel holder of a cryptocurrency that occupied second place in market capitalization (the first one being Bitcoin). This cryptocurrency is called Ethereum. Once he joined the crypto market, he started investing in equities. Gurley gave a statement saying that owning these cryptocurrencies was his personal choice.

The last thing we’re going to cover is related to Wall Street. Gurley took his analytical skills, as well as his research, to a higher level on Wall Street. He provided analytical research services for a number of clients, including the most popular ones like Compaq, Microsoft, and Dell. He became famous and well-known internationally due to his skills in institutional research.

What Is Bill Gurley’s Net Worth?

What Is Bill Gurley’s Net Worth

When it comes to Bill Gurley’s net worth, it comes as no surprise that it’s as high as it is. He has a net worth of approximately $8 billion.

According to Forbes, Bill Gurley has admitted that the reason why his net worth got up to $8 billion is partly because of the $11 million that he invested in Uber back in 2011, as well as other acquisitions when he was at Benchmark. Gurley made a decision to step back from Benchmark in 2020. The reason for this, according to Wall Street Journal, is that he wasn’t investing in new funds that Benchmark was raising.


Bill Gurley has been working hard for a long time to get to where he is. His hard work paid off, and he is now known for having an extremely high net worth and being one of the most divisive people in the investment world.

Being a multibillionaire is by no means easy, and it takes a lot of dedication, education, and hard work to accomplish that. With that being said, you can take Bill Gurley as a perfect example of how everything is possible if you put in the work and have enough patience. If you’re interested in accomplishing what he did and climbing up the ladder, have faith in yourself and make sure you work hard, then reach for the stars!

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