There have been concerns about the similarities between indoor soccer cleats and other types of cleats. Many could not distinguish them and has caused a great deal in how much is spent in getting them. For instance, in college games, the house masters inspect all the cleats to be used for the game. This is to ensure that the right cleats are worn.

There have been several pieces talking about the various soccer cleats, their sizes, designs, uniqueness and how to identify them. Only a few have made a clear distinction between the indoor soccer cleats and others. Little attention has been paid to what indoor soccer users buy in a world where there are several types of cleats available. Check out our list of best soccer cleats for wide feet.

The idea is that what they get can be used anywhere as long as it doesn’t hurt others. The bad news is that other soccer cleats hurt more than indoor soccer cleats as the latter is specifically designed in such a way that injury is minimal. This is because other soccer cleats are low-cut and light.


They are designed to help players dig into the ground so they can make cuts and turns with ease. The cleats are shorter than you’ll find in other sports as well because of the need for agility within a soccer match. They are also always made from rubber, not metal, because of the tackling that occurs over the course of a game.

When shopping for soccer cleats, there are labeling that help knows one from the others. They have been assigned an initial. FG is common for soccer cleats, but you’ll also find AG, SG, HG, and IN in product descriptions. These are abbreviations for the type of ground that the soccer cleat works best on.

FG = Firm Ground. These cleats work best on firm, natural surfaces. These cleats are never to be worn in an indoor sports game. It can damage the leg of a player when marched upon. It is advisable never to go for it when making a purchase. It is only good on grass.

SG = Soft Ground. When young lads start to learn how to play, they start from natural ground. They play in the rain and in the sun. The kind of cleats needed for this is the soft ground cleats labeled SG. Sometimes, people wear it in indoor sports games when there are no other options.

HG = Hard Ground. When these cleats are designed for playing on natural surfaces that have worn-down grass. They are also useful for surfaces where some composite materials are used to create a field. This is the kind of cleats worn at camps by military men or other places that heavy effect has taken place. They can never be used in indoor sports games.

AG = Artificial Ground. The demand for artificial ground cleats has increased drastically in recent years. The increase is a result of a high number of artificial turfs we have across the world. These cleats provide better traction for the rubberized materials that make up the beds of most artificial fields. The fact that they have to be used on firm grounds rule them out for indoor usage.

IN = Indoor. These boots are more like a shoe and designed for court soccer. These are perfectly made shoes for indoor games. They are very lightweight and can ease running. In this game, the amount of time the player use in running makes a large chunk of it which makes it a reason for them to be comfortable if they are to last in the sport.

From this, it can be seen that it is very important to wear the right footwear for the right cause. Apart from the comfort it brings, the damage that is prevented is immeasurable. The quality of a good indoor soccer cleat is appreciated more when the user achieves more with it.

The right pair of soccer cleats can help you get the traction needed while out on the pitch during practice or in the middle of a game. Find the best soccer cleats today for your style of play and they will give you one more tool to help you improve your game.

In finding the right soccer cleat, the right sport has to be known for each person first. A player on the artificial turf should not be wasting time practicing on an indoor sports complex and vice versa.

The need to get the right cleat will continue to be emphasized as it is the rock of the game. Without soccer cleats, there are no soccer and many more sports. Injuries would have ended the careers of many and they will be nowhere today. Future superstars will rot away on the surgical bed due to the lack of good soccer cleats.

We are here today because of the effort that others have put into manufacturing great shoes for us to use in a sport that entertains us across the globe. It is now very important to ensure that the work they have put into these discoveries is well utilized by wearing the right footwear for the right sport.

By also identifying the right footwear for the right sport we are a step closer to the desires of the manufacturers. There have been enough things to distinguish them but in case of more doubts, it is best to work with an experienced sports person when making purchases.

It is also worthy to note that all that has been said here are not to compel anyone to buy a particular shoe but to ensure that informed decisions are made when buying. This is simply to get the best out of what everyone is buying.