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Why is Roberto Firmino’s Teeth So Cute?

Liverpool striker, Roberto Firmino is one of the most prolific strikers in the Premier League. He has mastered the art of scoring goals in the league and in all competitions, not just for Liverpool but also for the country.

The striker, however, has a tag attached to him by many fans. He is seen as another Brazilian that has teeth that seem unique to him.

Something in the line of what Ronaldinho had then. To understand the concept of Roberto Firmino’s teeth, his background has to be checked.

The 28-year-old who started his career at Figueirense as far back as a decade ago has worked his way up to be here today at Liverpool as one of the most important names for the club.

Starting up as an attacking midfielder at the Brazilian club, Roberto Firmino’s teeth were one of the first things teammates noticed when he goes out to play. This has not hindered his education in the game as he ensured that he continues to train and develop to be who he is.

After spending a season at the club academy, Roberto Firmino was promoted to the first team and that was when the world noticed his talent and the kind of player he could become.

Two years with the first team at Figueirense gave him time to also develop his game and overcome any negativity that may be directed at him when he makes a move because it was becoming clear that the big offers will come from Europe elite clubs.

Offers were coming more from Bundesliga outfit and Hoffenheim became the lucky winner in the race for his signature.

He became a Hoffenheim player officially on the 1st of January 2011 and will stay there for at least four seasons before moving. While he was at Hoffenheim, he made a great impact in the squad and established himself as a first-team striker when he made the move.

One person that played a very big role in his life is his dentist, Robbie Hughes. This was the man that discovered Ruiz and he was the one that helps him gain confidence and also help have Roberto firmino’s teeth.

The period at Hoffenheim was more challenging than at Figueirense as the stakes are higher and demand can’t be compared to what he had back home. He coped well by playing 140 times for the German club and scoring 38 times.

This was not a perfect number but for a supporting striker and someone who get to play everywhere across the attack, it was a decent output.

He has the talent to do more which is why many feel he has the needed experience to do the job wherever he goes to next.  The competitiveness in the Bundesliga was also another discussion in his career.

Playing for Figueirense and Hoffenheim comes with manageable expectations as Hoffenheim’s hope is to the best finish in a European place as at then and players like Firmino tasks were clear early enough. What became fuzzy was how things always come out after a good outing that he gets linked with several clubs.

In the wake of Liverpool crisis, buying players that their fees are moderate compared to market started inflated figures was the way to go about things.

Firmino fits perfectly into this. He has a profile that is known by few in the Premier League then and Firmino teeth issue was not a dominant topic on social media then.

Paying £29 million for a player in 2015 June was a decent fee. So Liverpool got a bargain. This was when many people started noticing Firmino teeth configuration and the whitening of his teeth.

Outside of Firmino teeth, there are hardly any positive things that involve Liverpool that Firmino is not involved in.

Joining the club at a point when losing Suarez and Sterling for big money to clubs showing ambition was still fresh, Firmino has come in as a fresh start for the Red fans.

Looking back at the five seasons he has been at Liverpool, it will always come as a very good bargain that Liverpool got from Hoffenheim. His career at Liverpool has been one that has been organic and one many should emulate. He is a complete forward.

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A 21st century kind of player that coaches seek now. His ability to play anywhere up front is a factor that makes him thrive at Liverpool.

Combining well with both Mohammed Sallah and Sadio Mane is another key element of his game. Selflessness, teamwork, technical ability and much more are what is used to describe Liverpool number 9. As the season progress, that’s exactly how  RobertFirmino’s performance keep improving. This is laudable on his part.

A big appreciation goes to the dentist that discovered him and has instilled some self-belief in him that still works till today.

Liverpool quest for the Champions League two seasons ago which they lost to Real Madrid was a low point in his career as he was their best player in the group stage that season. His performance waned in the latter stages of the tournament.

This had a toll on Liverpool in the final that they eventually lost. Looking at last season when he was fully involved in how they play and what happens, he was a better player and an added boost for Liverpool as he was instrumental in the Reds winning the Champions League for the sixth time and their first since 2005.

This level of importance that he has at the club plays a major in helping him get a starting shirt in the Brazilian national team. At this rate, Firmino will become one of the most important players for the Seleccao of Brazil.

His figures for Liverpool last season were crazy and he has started on a very good note again this season. He contributed 12 goals last season in their quest for the League title for the first time in 29 years.

If Liverpool is to win the league, a good number of their goals will come from Firmino which means he needs to score more. This will bring a smile to his face and Firmino teeth will be seen shining as always.