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Elle Brooke Net Worth 2024 – Famous British Social Media Influencer

Behind this ever-rising craze for social media platforms are the enticing content created by the influencers. From eye-catching pictures with captivating captions to mesmerizing videos, or better say ‘reels,’ that are so pleasing to watch, kudos to all social media influencers who make these platforms a happy place to get entertained and learn a lot of things.

Every country has a separate list of popular social media influencers who have millions of followers on their official accounts. And talking about British social media influencers, there are a lot of them that you know by name. Among this popular list is the 24-year-old influencer Elle Brooke who never fails to entice her fans with her modeling shoots and impressive videos.

Who Is Elle Brooke? What Is She Famous For?


Hailing from Yorkshire, England, Elle Brooke is a 24-year-old TikTok Star, a social media influencer, and a fashion enthusiast. Mostly famous for being a part of the AV (audio visual) industry, Elle took her first steps towards glamor and success in 2020 when she started her YouTube channel. Elle Brooke is also very popular in the Adult Film industry.

Elle is very active on her social media accounts; she uses her YouTube account to upload various kinds of entertaining videos that include vlogs, collaborations, funny challenges, sex education, and so much more. At present, she has around 25.6K subscribers on her YouTube account. If you wish to explore Elle’s Instagram from her perspective, you should try Picuki.

She goes by the name of ‘thedumbledong’ in her official Instagram account, which is verified. At present, she has around 551K followers. Elle Brooke is also very popular on TikTok, her TikTok videos get thousands of views, and her account has more than 2 million followers.

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Elle Brooke is also active on OnlyFans, where she interacts with her subscribers only and keeps them entertained. With a variety of social profiles that need to be managed you should consult OnlyFans agents how to build a brand, be consistent and keep a schedule and get amazing engagement on other social media profiles.

Elle Brooke Personal Life- Childhood And Relationships

Elle Brooke was born in 1998 on January 12th to British parents. She was born in Yorkshire and perhaps has spent all her childhood there. Although she holds British nationality, her ethnicity is mixed; her parents are believed to be Mexican and Caucasian and may have migrated to England for settlement. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and her religion is Christianity.


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Elle has not revealed much information about her childhood or her relationship with her parents and siblings; however, it can be assumed that they raised her to be independent and confident. She may have attended a local private school and college for her education, but she chooses not to disclose her educational background.

All celebrities love to keep their relationships, and love lives secret by staying out of the limelight. Even though Elle has not shared any information about her past and present relationships, she loves to keep her love life private. However, some sources assume that she is recently dating a fellow social media influencer and model named Liam Wilson. In contrast, other sources love to stick to their point that she is single or secretly dating some famous personality.

Her Net Worth As Of 2024

The monthly income of social media influencers varies because a lot depends on the reach of their posts and views on their videos. Elle Brooke has already gained so much fame at just 24 years of age; hence, her total net worth is around $2 million.

All of her income is extracted from her social media accounts, including her OnlyFans account and her participation in the adult film industry and collaborations with famous adult stars.


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Elle Brooke began her career by appearing in the AV industry in 2020. Her first appearance or debut was in the same year featuring a popular adult actor. With years, Elle began gaining more and more popularity and started to appear on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Today, Elle is both an adult film actress and a social media influencer; she keeps her huge fan-following entertained with funny challenges, vlogs, and other fascinating videos. The highest number of views she has ever had was on her YouTube video featuring Johnny Sins, where they played a fun challenge much like the truth or dare. The video goes by the name ‘Say It Or Shot It.’

Elle Brooke is also active in film productions in the AV industry. Currently, she is dedicated to her work and finding ways to expand her career.

Brooke is also known for her aggressive fighting style and her powerful punches. She is an experienced boxer who knows how to use her reach advantage to keep her opponents at bay.

Interesting Facts And Trivia

Elle Brooke

Every famous personality has a lot of interesting facts to share, and even if Elle Brooke loves to keep her private life a secret and away from limelight, here are some interesting facts about her:

  • Elle Brooke is a fashion enthusiast; she loves shopping, trying out fashionable outfits, doing makeup, modeling, and traveling.
  • She does not like public attention, unlike her fellow influencers.
  • Among all her hobbies, staying active on social media for hours is her favorite.
  • She is a TikTok star and is often praised for her perfect selfies.
  • Elle does have some interests in sports; her favorite game is said to be football. Her favorite club is said to be Manchester City.
  • Sources say that her favorite colors are black and pink, but you also see her a lot in red in her Instagram posts.
  • She loves trying out outfits and accessories from luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss, and many others.
  • If you ask Elle what her favorite food is, she might say it is Pizza. Perhaps she chooses Italian cuisine over English.
  • She once declared that she is an animal lover and has an immense love for dogs.
  • Whenever she is free, she loves to spend her time shopping.
  •  She has some experience in boxing. She is also a fitness freak.
  • While shooting, she often uses her favorite gadgets like mobiles, webcams, DSLRs, etc.

Final Thoughts

Talking about the personality of this 24-year-old British influencer is charming, energetic, and always smiling. Elle Brooke is a sweet personality who believes in spreading love and kindness. She never fails to amaze her huge fan-following with her beauty, confidence, and positivity.