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Predictability vs. Uncertainty: Exploring the Hardest Sport to Forecast

People all over the globe simply love sports, and even those who are not active players enjoy watching it and cheering for their favorite teams or players. There are numerous sports, and it is almost impossible to find a person who does not like any of them, as some of them are so popular in the country that even small kids learn to watch them from an early age.

For some people, just watching games is not enough, and they enjoy making predictions about the outcomes, which can eventually bring them some profit if they like betting. Because of that, we will now focus on the hardest sports to predict.

Why forecast is important?

The main reason why people make predictions about various sports and try hard to make accurate ones is betting. Namely, this industry is improving all the time thanks to many people willing to try their luck, check their predictions, and potentially win some money.

While some people even make predictions for a living, others do it for their own needs, to check their prediction abilities, and to make their favorite sports matches even more interesting, and if you are one of them and want to make some money by betting, you need to find a reliable website.

It is more difficult than it sounds, as thanks to the popularity of this type of betting and the improvement that online betting has brought, many fake websites appeared, and people must be extremely careful. The dangers of being scammed are numerous, and because of that, it is necessary to perform detailed research before creating an account and entrusting your money.

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Hardest sports to forecast

Forecasting various sports is pretty challenging, and because of different rules, duration of the season, and many other factors, some of them are more difficult to predict than others. Since it is impossible to single out just one of them, we will describe a couple of them and try to explain why they are so unpredictable.



Most experts agree that baseball is one of the hardest sports to bet on due to complicated rules and many matches in one season. Namely, a baseball season lasts for 162 games, and, literally, anything can happen and change quickly. During that period, players can god injured or simply tired, and since it is an outdoor sport, weather conditions also have an important role in the outcome.

Although it is pretty logical that the strongest team has the biggest chance of winning the title, this rule is not applicable to baseball, as it is not rare that the weakest team starts winning a few matches in a row. All of this makes baseball a sport that only true lovers and connoisseurs choose to bet on, as predicting the outcomes requires a detailed analysis, and even then, no one can be sure what will happen.



In the era of Novak Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer, it might seem pretty easy to bet on tennis, but we need to think about matches when even these three tennis giants have lost against underdogs. Namely, in tennis, we have only one player that faces another on the court (except in doubles when we have two of them), and victory or defeat depends only on them.

Injuries and tiredness are unfortunately common, and the underdog can easily defeat the favorite if they are more motivated and prepared for the game. Besides that, many tennis courts do not have a roof, which means that weather can affect the outcome, and since there are only a few tournaments in a year, it can be difficult to check the player’s forms.



Cricket is, just like baseball popular in certain areas, and kids from an early age know the rules and understand the game, but it can be pretty complicated for beginners. Just like with any other sport, if you want to bet, you need to learn the rules first and watch many matches to be able to predict the winner. It is a group sport, and the outcome depends on each of them, so there are many factors to include in the prediction before placing a wager.

Some of the factors to focus on are the form of each player, weather conditions, whether there are some injured players, and much more, which makes cricket a great choice only for people with a lot of knowledge, and a great ability to analyze various data.



Betting on golf might seem pretty simple, as there are no complicated rules one can learn before placing a wager, but the truth is that only true fans can make a profit from it. There are many tournaments over the year, which means more chances to guess the winner and earn some money, but the fact is that it is necessary to be constant and watch at least a few of them before making any prediction.

Weather can rapidly change, and it affects some players more than others, which can easily result in poor matches. The form is also important, and if the player is not completely ready for the game, it is almost certain that they will not achieve the desired result.

The bottom line

As you can see, forecasting is important for every sport, and although its main purpose is betting, it is also necessary for the improvement of the sports industry. The variety of sports is enormous, and although there are some that we haven’t even heard about, they are extremely popular in certain areas and have many fans.

Some of them are hard to forecast and predict the outcome, but that makes them only more interesting to real fans and people who search for some excitement. Besides that, it also requires a high level of analyzing and certain skills necessary to work with different information, which makes forecasting even more challenging than it seems at first glance.