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Fixd Review – Make Your Car a Priority

Instead of going to the mechanic to assess your car’s diagnostics, why not try the Fixd OBD II scanner? An OBD II or On-Board Diagnostic tool sends you vital information that you need to ensure your vehicle is running efficiently.

Plug it directly into your car or truck, usually below your steering wheel for any car manufactured after 1996. It works with an app to read diagnostics, trouble codes, and upcoming maintenance. Most car manufacturers are compatible with it like Honda, Nissan, Jeep, Mitsubishi, and more.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? We created this Fixd review to give you the details on how the Fixd device works to help you avoid the repair shop. Never again fear when the check engine light comes on because the Fixd app will tell you why. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

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Fixd me up!

How much is an active car health monitor worth? We would say it’s priceless with the amount of information it reads of your car’s diagnostics to keep things running smoothly. Peace of mind goes a long way. That said, the Fixd sensor is $59, and you get more than just the device. Your $59 includes:

  • Check engine diagnostics – Remember how we said you didn’t have to worry about that check engine light. We weren’t kidding. The sensor checks your engine to ensure it’s running properly so that light doesn’t come on at all.
  • Issue Severity – The Fixd device ranks issues to help you understand how bad it is. For instance, a timing belt overdue for a change might rank higher than low tire pressure.
  • Maintenance Alerts – Get on the Fixd app to determine when you need your oil and other fluids changed. Be prepared before heading to the repair shop with how extensive the work will be for your car.
  • Multi-Vehicle Examining – The best thing about the Fixd OBD device is you can use it on multiple vehicles. Plug it into any of your cars and check the diagnostics in a flash.

Fixd Premium

If you want to delve a little deeper into your car’s diagnostics, check out the Fixd sensor premium option. Get everything that we already mentioned, plus the items listed below.

  • Mechanic Hotline – When the Fixd app shows you the problem, it’s helpful to have a mechanic on the line to decipher what needs to happen. Access to the mechanic hotline means more peace of mind for you. They can assess the situation based on the information the Fixd sensor is providing.
  • Confirmed Fix and Cost – It’s one thing to know the issue your car is having. A bonus is to understand what the repair will be and how much that is going to cost. Car problems range in price, so having a better understanding before heading to the mechanic is an excellent feature of the Fixd device.
  • Issue Forecast and Commonality – Don’t be surprised by an upcoming issue that arises. Let the Fixd app tell you if a problem is in the near future based on the diagnostics it reviews. Also, understand how common a car issue is. If it’s something that seems to happen too often, it might mean there’s another underlying problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Incident History Report – Maintenance reminders and error codes are fantastic to have, but what’s even better is to have those incidents in a report to refer back to in the future. If only a diagnostic device could show you that. Oh, wait! The Fixd sensor does! Get a full incident history report with the premium option to help you remember when the last time the oil was changed or tires were rotated. We have enough going on in our lives. Remembering past car issues shouldn’t be on the list.
  • Emissions Precheck – There’s nothing worse than getting to your emissions check and failing. With the Fixd sensor, you can check before you go to ensure your vehicle will pass with flying colors. Find the issue before the DMV does.

How does the Fixd OBD II scanner work?

It’s simple. If your vehicle was manufactured after 1996, an OBD II port is found under the steering wheel. It’s similar to plugging in a USB device. Mechanics have been using these for years to assess your car’s issues. Plug your Fixd sensor into the OBD II port and start your vehicle.

Open your app on an Android or iOS device, tap Scan, and receive immediate feedback on your car’s health to include error codes, upcoming maintenance, oxygen sensor issues, and more. The app is free with the purchase of the Fixd automotive device, and it’s available on the app stores like Google Play or Apple Play.

Where is the OBD II port?

We mentioned that you could find the OBD II port under the steering wheel, but that might not be the case for every vehicle model. Your car’s instruction manual will give you more information on the OBD II port and its location if you cannot immediately find it under the steering wheel. Because all cars use computers, any vehicle built after 1996 must have an OBD II port to assess the vehicle’s information. Usually, there is a sticker under the hood that states the vehicle is OBD II compliant. Even some cars and trucks built in the latter part of 1995 are OBD II compliant.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is no longer your worst nightmare. The problem with the check engine light is that it can mean various things, and most of them aren’t good. When the oil light comes on, you know it means you need to change your oil, or the oil is low. If the tire pressure light flashes, your tire pressure is low. Those lights are easier to decipher. The check engine light is not that way.

Use the app to find out what the error code means. Sure your check engine light is on, but what does that mean? Is it a spark plug issue? Is your timing belt failing? Is it some other computer malfunction? Is it simply the gas cap isn’t on securely? Yes, that could cause the light to come on.

There are a wide variety of reasons for this light. It’s dangerous to drive when your check engine light is lit, but it’s better to know the issue by using an OBD II active car health monitor. It could mean the difference between calling a tow truck, being able to drive it to the nearest repair shop, or fixing the issue yourself. In short, the Fixd app can save you money in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

Use the Fixd car OBD II scanner and breathe a little easier. Fixd knows you will love it because they offer your money-back guarantee within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the product. A one-year warranty on the Fixd OBD II scanner ensures any issues will be addressed.

It’s time to start thinking like a mechanic to increase the longevity of your vehicle. With Fixd, get to know your car and understand how it works. It takes the stress out of your life. We all need that, right folks?