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Having Too Few or Too Many Men Who Want You – What is More Annoying for Women?

Being wanted by someone else is always a flattering feeling. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, there is always a time when you want to feel desired and to receive as much attention as possible. But there are also times when you do not want to become overwhelmed by the attention that you receive. Especially for women, this can be quite annoying.

In order to understand better what women really prefer when it comes to being wanted by men, we have talked to three women who receive a lot of attention. Anne, Michelle, and Laura are professionals who interact with men on a regular basis and they were able to tell us more about what they enjoy and what they find annoying in this interaction. Here are their thoughts!

Escorts in Birmingham confirm: “This is what annoys us the most!”

There are not too many people who don’t dream about being wanted by others. Everyone wants to be loved, desired, and appreciated. And everyone wants to receive attention. People are complicated, though, and there is a very fine line between receiving the wanted appreciation and attention and receiving too much of that.

“In my area of work, I get to interact with a lot of men. Some of them are cold, while others can get very emotional. I do not mean to be cocky, but I understand that as escorts in Birmingham we have a certain power over men. We are attractive women and it can be easy for them to lose their minds a little bit.

It is a nice feeling to hear men tell me nice things, but when it becomes too much I have to set boundaries. I have regular customers who understand that there is a limit to what I want. It is nice to feel wanted by many men. It is also a nice feeling to be wanted by only a few. But it is essential to have clear boundaries”, says Anne.

Another escort in Birmingham, working for AlmaEscorts.co.uk told us what she doesn’t like the most. This is what Michelle said: “To be honest, it feels great to be wanted by many men. It fills me with confidence and self-esteem. Why would anyone not want this? Especially for us, escorts in Birmingham, being wanted by a lot of men means that we are great at our job. But yeah, you need to set boundaries. What annoys me the most is the unrequired attention and affection. There should be limits to it, but men who I interact with understand that very well”.

Last but not least, we have discussed this topic with Laura, a 28 years old woman working as an escort in Birmingham too: “Too few or too many? Well, I think balance is important. But it is always better to feel wanted than to feel ignored or lonely. It can make you feel that you are not good enough. I like being wanted by many men and I like the attention that I receive. What I would add is that it is mandatory for every professional working in this domain to know how to set limits while also keeping it classy”.

Here’s how this problem would look in an ideal world!

In an ideal world, this dilemma (too few or too many men who want you) simply wouldn’t exist because you’ll be wanted by exactly who you want. What do we mean by that? Of course, in a perfect world, anyone would have & find their soulmate, but we’re not only talking about that but especially about limits and respecting them. If we had to point out one of the biggest problems of modern society, it would probably be this, more precisely the repeated crossing over the imposed limits.

On the one hand, women are becoming more and more independent in today’s society and have an increasingly important say in all fields. This also translates into increasingly clear limits that they impose on the men around them, whether we’re talking about partners, family members, friends, or those with whom they interact in professional interests. Of course, they expect that their limits, once imposed, will be respected by everyone around them, as long as they respect the limits of others.

However, on the other hand, in the case of men, perseverance, especially in charming a woman, is considered a virtue, a quality appreciated especially by other men, but also by women (other than the “targeted one”). It’s already well known that some women play “hard to get”, but this only happens if they’re actually interested in a certain man. Otherwise, if they clearly announce that they’re not interested, the “hunt” should be abandoned, no matter how valuable the “prey” is. However, men who don’t do this & continue to insist don’t want to appear cowardly or as if they would give up easily. Or maybe they simply take rejection as “mixed signals”, who knows?

But why does the idea need to be expressed like this: a man who “wants” a woman? Isn’t it possible for two representatives of the opposite sex to be friends? Unfortunately, in our society, the general answer would tend rather toward NO than YES. Of course, sometimes it’s possible when there is no more interest from any of them, but, most of the time, the man will look for more & compromise the friendship, when he is rejected or included in the infamous friendzone. In other words, there will always be an inner desire, that “hunter” instinct that we were talking about above, which will emerge sooner or later.

In conclusion

In an ideal world, a woman shouldn’t have to worry about how many men want her. Instead, she should focus on those she likes and needs to interact with, not worrying about others. But the real world doesn’t work like that and the dynamic between the two sexes is very intense: each of them wants something else and they should meet in the middle, on the “land” of respect.