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How do you cut content out of an essay – 2024 Guide

Essay writing can often be a daunting task for pupils and students. An essay is a type of discussion open to literature or science. It presents the acquired knowledge and analyzes and interprets it. Concepts, phenomena, and ideas in time and space are presented through interpretation. Interpretation is done on the basis of description and discussion. There are several types of essays and once you have determined which one you need to write, you can begin.

If your choice is an interpretive essay, it is about the offered text that needs to be analyzed in detail. You can find more information about that on ibuyessay.

An argumentative essay usually focus on some important happenings and events and requires a detailed analysis supported by claims. You cannot write this type of essay incorrectly because you are actually expressing your opinion, which may not be in line with the majority, but it is not wrong either.

Another type of essay is related to the comparison of two similar essays in which you express your personal attitude by noting the similarities and differences between them.

How to write an essay?

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It doesn’t matter whether the topic was given to you or you chose it yourself, it is necessary that it be clear and precise. It is necessary that you know the area you will write about, so if you choose the topic yourself, take care that it is not outside your sphere of interest. Before you start writing, think about the direction it will lead, it would be good to make an outline to make sure that nothing important is left out or forgotten.


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There are several essay structures, but the basic one must contain three parts – an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The introduction is a very important part of the essay, not only for the person who reads it (and who expects to read what can be expected later in the text right at the beginning) but also for you as the author of the essay. In the introduction, you will introduce the readers to the topic you are writing about, while in the main part you will elaborate the text in detail and refer to research and theories focused on that topic. So, this is the part where the debate takes place.

The conclusion brings closure to the topic and summarizes your overall ideas while providing a final perspective on your topic. The conclusion should be written with 5-6 strong sentences that comprises an essay. Simply review your main points and provide reinforcement for your thesis. The conclusion is the “crown” of the essay. In it, you will repeat the main argument and remind readers of how you came to that conclusion.

Don’t be too broad. Lead it takes into account that the reader of the essay has already received the main point in the summary and in the introduction information, so here you just remind him of the main idea and thus “close.” circle”, i.e. you create a whole. The conclusion expresses what was announced in the introduction. The difference is in that it must be clear in the conclusion that you have achieved this in the essay itself.


All definitions, theses, and arguments taken from other literature must be referenced, that is, you must state the source you used, the name of the author, and the year of publication. References are often placed in quotation marks.

How many words to write?

It is very difficult to say how many words an average essay should have because it also depends on whether you are writing a school or scientific essay, or something completely different. In essence, content is much more important than word count.

Too many words

There are different software that are used for creating essays of the highest quality. These are programs that correct spelling and grammatical errors, check whether a given text is plagiarized, and count how many times a certain word is repeated in the text. According to some unwritten rules, it is considered that in an essay of 1000 words, one word should not be repeated more than 20 times.

What if it is repeated several times?

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If you keep using one and the same word, the essay will lose its quality. Therefore, it is important to use your rich vocabulary in the right way, which is to use synonyms. In this way, the emphasis will still be on the topic you are writing about, but the essay will be of much higher quality. Feel free to use more synonyms.

Technical guidelines

The essay is written in the third person or in the first person plural. All pages are numbered. If you use tables or graphs in your essay, each table/figure must have a title and a number. All attachments are numbered and have titles. A list of sources of downloaded tables or graphs can be found in the attachment. In the text, it is necessary to refer to individual tables. All statements in the text must be supported by evidence: quoting (or paraphrasing) from the literature or other sources.

What if I don’t have good writing skills?

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There are people who just don’t like writing. It has absolutely nothing to do with their knowledge and whether their vocabulary is rich or not, but they simply have a problem with putting their thoughts on paper. Nowadays, the Internet brings us many benefits because we can find guidelines for writing, but also seek help or a writing service if we feel that we will not do it well enough.

Many will agree that the best essays are those that go a step beyond what is already known, and thus contribute to the world of knowledge and ideas, provoking intellectual liveliness in us. Progress can only be achieved by a constant desire to take such a step further, to move forward in communication with what is already known.