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How to Organize Keys – Always Know Where Your Keys Are and What They Are For with Our Guide

Here at Geeqer, we understand that gadgets for organization are a must-have, especially when it comes to keys. We reviewed the best key organizers that provide a less bulky option than a key ring.

However, a key organizer is no good if your key organization is a minefield of office, car, and house keys that aren’t labeled.

Let’s take a quick poll. Do you have all your keys on one key ring? Are your mailbox keys on the same keyring as your house keys or shed keys? Do you have duplicate keys stuffed in a drawer and don’t know what half of those keys open?

You need to organize your keys if you said yes to one of these questions. It’s more than getting a great key organizer. You must evaluate the key situation first, get your keys organized, and work at keeping keys organized. We’ll help you along the way with some helpful tips. Grab that cup of coffee and have a read.

Let the Sorting Begin!

Grab every key you can find. Find them all, from garage keys to random keys found on key hooks around the house to individual keys hanging out in a drawer in the kitchen. Are you already astounded by the many keys you have found?

Once you have found all of the keys, it’s time to sort through them. This process involves figuring out what the keys are used for and grouping them. Put all of your office keys into one pile. Do the same thing with car keys, house keys, your neighbor’s keys, etc. If you have several keys that fit nothing, set them aside. We’ll get the most important keys organized first.

You’re doing awesome. Now that you have sorted all of the keys into their respective piles, it’s time to determine how often the key are used. A filing cabinet containing your entire family’s birth certificates and immunization records isn’t something you need to open daily. Sort through all of your piles and place the keys into piles of daily vs. weekly vs. monthly use. There might even be a pile of never used keys, and that’s ok.

Labeling the Keys

Now that they are sorted, labeling keys is an excellent way to avoid wondering what a key is. While you might not need to do that for car keys, it’s a must for house keys or door locks like sheds that all look similar. Keyrings with labels are an excellent way to organize keys that all go to the same thing. For instance, if you have several file cabinets in your office, label the entire keychain “office file cabinets.”

Since we organized your keys into the order of use, keychains with labels might not always work. The keys might go to several different things like your car or house. Organization hacks like painting all house keys a specific color of nail polish is an inexpensive way to organize your keys. Assign a particular color to each group of keys and get to painting.

Keycaps are another excellent idea for key organization. The cap fits directly on the key and comes in various colors. Just like nail polish, assign a color to each type of key.

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Decide on the Right Key Organizer

Whether keychains are your jam or you prefer key wallets, it’s time to decide how you want to keep your keys safe. While keychains are used most often, they can get bulky or heavy. If you use keychains, separate the keys onto multiple key chains to prevent heaviness or damage to your house or car.

An alternative to the keychain is a key wallet. People with purses or computer bags like this option as it keeps the keys organized, similar to how you keep credit cards and money collected in a wallet. The keys all have their set place in the wallet, making it easier to find the right one.

A Key Holder to the Rescue

Your keychain or key wallet needs a place to rest. Rather than shoving your key organizer into your purse, bag, or pocket, it’s helpful to have a key holder in your house to put your keys when you’re not using them. Anything from key hooks to a magnetic strip to a drawer is beneficial for key storage. This organization skill means you’ll always know where your keys are.

Remember that putting a key holder in plain view right next to the door isn’t the safest option. Consider putting a key hook in a closet or drawer where it’s out of sight from people visiting your house. While it’s essential you know where your keys are, you don’t want everyone seeing them. No matter where you put them, ensure they are easily accessible. If you constantly have to walk up and down the stairs to get your keys, you’ll put them somewhere random and possibly lose them in the process.

Your Key Oasis is Here!

Get rid of the difficult task of searching high and low for keys or having a keychain full of bulky keys you never use. With some sorting, labeling, and a simple keychain or key wallet, you can organize your keys for easy access at all times. Decide a safe place to keep your keys and color code them if your heart desires. Investing time into the keys of your life will make for less stress day-to-day. We promise!