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How to Stream Nintendo Switch

Did you know that Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a built-in streaming service like Xbox or PlayStation?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into how to get started streaming from a Switch so that you can share your gaming experience with friends or fans on Twitch or whatever live video platform you use!

If the idea of being a Nintendo Switch streamer is your thing, read on below!

How to Stream Nintendo Switch Lite On Twitch

The pros of streaming Nintendo Switch on Twitch are that you can broadcast your game while stream it to the Twitch audience. This is a great opportunity for viewers to watch you play and ask questions while allowing others to learn from your live gameplay.

Before starting your stream, make sure you’ve set up your profile by uploading at least one video or creating at least one highlight reel.

1. Log In or Sign Up to Twitch.tv > Go to the Creator Dashboard

The first step is to log in or sign up for your Twitch account, visit the website on Twitch.tv and click Log In or Sign Up accordingly, and then click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen to get access to the Creator Dashboard.

2. Go to Settings > Stream > Primary Stream Key

Next, go to your profile, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your page. Then select Settings from that menu. From Settings, choose Stream and then select the Show option underneath Primary Stream Key.

3. Copy the Stream Key > Open OBS > Go to the OBS Settings

You have already downloaded the Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) software. Now, copy the Primary Stream Key previously obtained, go to OBS, click File, then select Settings, and continue with the next step.

4. Choose Streaming > Select Twitch > Paste Your Stream Key > Apply

Ok, let’s click Streaming. You need to select the Twitch option. You’ll see a box to paste your Stream Key on that page, and then finish the process by pushing the Apply button.

5. Click Start Streaming > Go to Twitch.tv again

Click on the button labeled Start Streaming and then you can jump back to Twitch. In the Stream Manager of the dashboard, you should be able to see a preview.

How to Stream Nintendo Switch Without Capture Card

It’s not so common to do streaming without a capture card, I must say. But there are ways. One of those ways to stream Nintendo Switch games without a capture card is through Xbox One.

This will only work if you set up the Xbox One app on your Nintendo Switch and have an account already. After that, all you need to do is open the menu in-game and start streaming! Let’s break it down into a few steps.

1. The Switch’s dock should be placed in its base position

You can set the Nintendo Switch dock into its base position, making it easier for you to use in handheld mode.

The Switch is great for taking on anywhere because of how portable it feels while still streaming and can even connect with a controller adapter to Nintendo Switch if needed!

2. With the aid of HDMI cables, connect the Switch to Xbox One

You can connect your Switch to the gaming console with an HDMI cable by simply plugging the end of the cable into any HDMI cable port on your computer or TV and then connecting it to one of the ports on the Nintendo Switch.

3. On your Xbox, launch OneGuide, then turn on the Nintendo Switch

Open up OneGuide on your Xbox and turn on the Nintendo Switch. When you are ready, move to the next step.

Additionally, choose which controller adapter to Nintendo Switch works best for your gaming streamings.

4. Start the Xbox app on your PC and select the Xbox One console

When you open up the Xbox app on your computer and click through to choose which console, make sure it’s selected as Xbox One from there.

5. Launch OBS Studio and start streaming on the monitor

There are many different ways to stream your favorite games; however, if you’re looking for something simple with no complicated settings or equipment, then OBS Studio is perfect. Launch it on your computer, where all of these steps will happen so you can get started!

How to Stream Nintendo Switch to PC

You can use the Nintendo Switch app on PC to play your favorite games or stream them to another device. Just follow these steps:

1. Get a capture card device

The Nintendo Switch does not support a streaming service like other game consoles such as Xbox or Play Station.

If you want to capture your computer screen, you’ll need to add a non-native video capture device. The Elgato is one of the best capture cards for Nintendo Switch among streamers (potential blog post idea).

This tool is available in a variety of different versions, allowing you to broadcast at higher resolutions.

2. Connect the capture card device to your Switch dock and PC

Because the capture card needs to connect via its own HDMI-out connector, you can only stream video while your Switch is docked.

Once you have captured footage, another HDMI cable connected to your PC should come into play that will enable you to see what you’re doing during a Switch gameplay.

The connection must be made between the video capture device (Elgato) and a decent computer. This will allow you to monitor your broadcast gameplay, control streaming software on either side – whether it be PC or console gaming – as well as stream lag-free video via HDMI pass-through connection.

If you’re looking for ways to stream your gameplays, look no further than Elgato! This capture card does most of the work, and you just need stable internet connections. Now streaming is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Install and download this software – it’s quick and painless (I promise).

3. Link your streaming platform to the video capture device

Open the Live Streaming section in the software. Now, we’re selecting the Twitch app as the streaming platform we want to use, then log in and give permission to Elgato (or whatever capture card software you prefer) to enter your Twitch account.

The software is pretty much intuitive, so it will help you get started quickly. Elgato is intuitive and fairly straightforward to use, so you should have no trouble getting started.

Bonus: Get a recording software

It would be a shame to stream with just one program, right? So why not use other resources for going the extra mile? You can use free recording software like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) or XSplit.

Both have video capture options for all of those cool edits you might want to make. It’s also possible to decide on your own editing software by downloading whichever one you want!

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All you need is the Nintendo Switch app and a good internet connection. With these two things, you can stream your favorite games on just about anything! Now that we’ve given you some of our tips for using this technology to its full potential, why not give it a try? You don’t have to be an expert in tech or gaming; all it takes is downloading the app and following through with our easy steps, and that’s it.