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Tips for Maximizing Your Winnings When Playing Slots for Real Money

Today, more and more people visit casinos because they want to win a lot of money there. Winnings of several million euros are definitely impressive. This makes us place more bets on the slots that bring in the most money. However, winning at slots is not that easy. Are there any ways to improve your game and increase your chances of winning?

What should you know about slots?


The slot machines described by us are currently the most popular gambling games in the world. In most casinos, 9 out of 10 games are online slots. These are characteristic games that are over 100 years old. They were created at the end of the 19th century, and since then, they have been successively improved. Depending on the country, they are called One-Armed Bandits, Slot machines, Fruit machines, or Pokies. They usually have a simple structure – from 3 to 5 reels and a selected number of paylines. Various symbols appear on the reels, which can be classic, like fruits, cards, bells, BAR, 777, and also related to the theme and title of the game.

Placing bets on such slots is also simple. We choose the size of the bet by the number of coins, coin value, coin per line, and if possible, the number of paylines to bet. Then we start the reels of the machine and wait for them to stop. If we have at least 3 of the same symbols on the bet line or lines, we win. Such gambling games can also have bonus options – free spins, jackpots, gamble, re-spin, increased multiplier, and collect the bonus. Want to try them for free?

As opposed to card games, we don’t need to know the exact rules here, because there aren’t many of them. We just need to know the symbol combinations on the reels and the stakes. That is why most people prefer to choose online slots. Especially since some games are known for high winnings. Winnings of several hundred thousand euros are an everyday occurrence. The highest jackpot on online slots is €17.8 million on Mega Fortune!

Why are winnings not so easy?

As we mentioned, winning online slots is not that easy. These are machines designed to provide casinos with profits and an advantage over the player. The best games have an RTP of 99%. It means a theoretical return for the player. Even if it was a real value, always out of 100 euros bet on the slot machine, the player will win back 99. So the casino has a profit of 1 euro. However, in reality, players have much fewer winnings, so the real profit of the casino is definitely higher. And quite a few online slots have an RTP below 95%. The main motto of online slots should be “luck”. There are players who have more of it and have a lot of wins. Most, however, lose at casinos. The balance is in the plus for the casino.

Can you increase your chances?


There are no specific strategies or ways that increase your chances of winning at slots. However, there are some methods that will help you play slots better.

  • Practice with free games: Before you start to play slots for real money, you should try free slot machines. These are the same games as for real money, but there are no real bets. The game system gives you virtual funds to simulate. So you can have $999 in your account and bet like real money. It is a good opportunity to get to know the game better. Such a game for fun will show you how the slot works, and what are the symbols, layouts and possible winnings. You can theoretically see how low and high-stakes win rates are. Also, it is worth testing such games through free spins.
  • Choose your slot carefully: we mentioned Return to Player (RTP). It’s the amount of money a player can expect to win from placed bets. If it is 94%, then out of 100 euros wagered, theoretically, the return should be 94. The games are very different in that. There are a few titles that are above 98% and quite few below 93%. It is good to choose an online slot that has the highest RTP.
  • Know the paytables: In each game, you can check the paytable. This shows all winning hands and the amounts that can be won. This shows all winning hands and the amounts that can be won. Moreover, there is presented information about bonus options. If the game has an option like collect or buy bonus or re-spin then you will know whether to risk it or not.
  • Set your budget: When you start your day at the casino, you immediately need to determine what your budget is. You must control yourself not to exceed it. Thanks to this, in case of a bad day, you won’t lose more than you planned. Always you need to gamble responsibly.
  • Check classic slots: this may just be a myth among players, but sometimes there is talk of the game system on classic games like hot spots. According to him, it is a good idea to place small stakes first, and after 10-20 rounds, start betting larger ones. Then you have more chances to win more money.

Which slots should you bet on?


There are a few slot machines where you should definitely try your luck:

Game RTP Why choose this game?
Mega Joker 99,00% The game with the highest RTP – 99%! You can find there progressive mystery jackpot, and Supermeter bonus feature.
Gonzo’s Quest 96,00% The game has interesting mechanics and multiplier of up to x5.
Book of Dead 96,20% Very popular game with a win of up to 250,000 coins! Very often you can claim free spins on it.
Joker Strike 98.11% Another game with high RTP. It has some bonus options for players.

Online slots are simple, addictive gambling that has taken over casinos. Many players are looking for ways to beat them. Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe for increasing your winnings. You have to rely on luck, and you can take advantage of some of our tips.