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Tips For Promoting A New Podcast And How To Monetize It

Ever wanted to launch your own podcast and wondered how to get it off the ground? We’ve got you covered! Today we’ll be discussing the best tips and tricks for promoting a new podcast, along with the different ways you can monetize it. So, grab a pen and paper, because you don’t want to miss this!

Benefits of Promoting a Podcast

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Though many people are using podcasts to entertain and inspire listeners, some are also finding ways to monetize their podcasts as a full or part time job or side hustle. A podcast booking agent can be dramatically beneficial in helping you have success in the podcasting world right away.

Promoting it can reap a variety of rewards. Whether you are working to build a large audience, create valuable relationships, or monetize the effort for personal gain, the following are some of the benefits of promoting a podcast:

Grow Your Audience: The more promotion you get, the wider your reach becomes. Working to get it out in front of more people can help gain regular listeners and build an engaged base.

Active Engagement: They offer great opportunities to interact with and engage audiences. Most of them that feature guests offer fans an opportunity to connect and show their support by subscribing, commenting on the show notes, or participating in live streams and other related events.

Valuable Networking Opportunities: Promoting it brings new people into contact with you and helps form valuable networking opportunities. This can lead to collaborating on projects with partners or landing sponsorships for upcoming seasons.

Monetization Potential: For creative entrepreneurs who turn their passion into businesses, promoting a podcast could result in monetization opportunities such as affiliate commissions from sponsorships from advertisers or through subscription services. With enough promotion and successful marketing tactics, they can bring in ongoing income streams when managed effectively.

Strategies for Promoting a Podcast

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Many people think that launching it is the difficult part of entering this industry. However, most podcasters will tell you that it is actually more difficult to build an audience and monetize your episodes. Getting listeners can be quite a challenge since there are thousands of podcasts in every conceivable category.

To successfully promote it, it’s important to create a well-thought-out marketing plan. Here are some strategies to get more listeners:

Spread the Word: Promote your show on social networks and encourage friends and family to help spread the word about your show by sharing it with their social media followers. Additionally, create a website for it with sample episodes or snippets so people can get an idea of what to expect before listening. You can also provide subscription links so fans can subscribe directly from the website.

Create Attention-Grabbing Artwork: Invest in great artwork for both iTunes and Soundcloud – photos or illustrations that reflect the content or theme of your show — so people recognize you easier when scrolling through iTunes or other podcast directories.

Maximize Your Show’s Searchability: Optimize titles, descriptions, keywords and images used on each episode page. Think about what terms people might use when searching for podcasts like yours, then use those same phrases throughout all platforms you post on such as Soundcloud, YouTube (if applicable) and especially iTunes/Apple since this is where most people who search for them will start looking as it has over 1 billion subscribers! Make sure you also regularly update any previous episode titles/descriptions/images with fresh content so they stay at top searches related topic searches.

Utilize Advertising Platforms: Utilize lead generation platforms to promote campaigns targeting publishers who will then share your broadcast with their specific audiences (e.g., programmatic ad buyers). This way visitors from other websites may come across an ad promoting your podcast which can increase visibility and downloads! Leverage promotional activities outside of digital channels too even something as simple as handing out business cards when visiting coffee shops could increase awareness among potential die hard fans!

Monetizing Your Podcast

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Monetizing it can seem daunting, but with the right strategies and dedication, creators can earn a respectable income from their work. One of the most popular methods is by charging listeners for exclusive content or ad-free versions of both old and new ones. This charge can be set up as a subscription or per-episode fee on the platform your podcast is located on. Other ways to make money include sponsorships, donations or branded merchandise sales.

When searching for sponsors, maintain direct contact with them and provide valuable information about your podcast topics that could potentially lead to direct agreements between yourself and the sponsor(s). Also reach out to popular brands in your niche offering market research data that you have collected over time from interacting with listeners. Be sure to reach out when you have high follower counts on social media as well – this will let potential sponsors know how big an audience you have access to.

Patreon is another platform which allows fans to donate directly and support their favorite podcasts through small recurring payments. Consider crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter if you’re looking for one-time lump sums of money to boost and expand on projects related to your broadcast like books or audio equipment investments.

Finally, don’t limit yourself! This isn’t just limited to audio transmissions, print versions of transcripts are helpful for those who prefer written-word versions of podcasts, while other channels such as YouTube could increase exposure greatly here by creating visually stunning related content (with monetization set up). Your investment will dictate how successful your podcast becomes – so strive for excellence in every aspect possible!


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In conclusion, promoting a new podcast is quite an exciting process, but it requires focus, dedication and patience. Whilst these advertising opportunities are still in the early stages of development and monetization rates are still being explored, it’s important to look at your podcast as both an unpaid hobby and a potential business. Understand your unique value proposition for potential advertisers and fans alike before you launch and make sure you invest in quality production values from the outset – to ensure a high-quality podcast journey for everyone involved.