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Brighten Up Your Holidays: Top Tips For Permanent Christmas Lighting Installation

The thought of brightening the holidays by installing permanent lighting continues beyond keeping holiday lights just for Christmas.

Permanent Christmas lighting is not just for Christmas. As they are permanent, they bring positivity to everyone’s mood who looks at it. These lights come in various options like downlighting, ascent, landscape, and holiday lighting. They are also compatible with music.

Not only for Christmas but all year around, installing permanent lighting helps customize the house’s exterior look, making it attractive for any bystander outside.

Permanent Christmas Lighting

Permanent Christmas lighting is also called permanent holiday lighting. Usually, they get enclosed in the casing and securely installed on the house exteriors.

They could get easily controlled from a smartphone, an iPhone, an android, or a Google smartphone. These modulation lights come with millions of colors that can get easily customized.

Permanent Lighting Benefits

One of the main benefits of permanent lighting is that the color and themes could get customized to the user’s fancy. So if it’s Christmas, that concept could get a run, and if it’s a birthday, then that theme and so forth. They can get easily synchronized with music. A few other benefits include,

Boost House Appeal

Permanent lights will boost the look of the house. It will highlight the notable aspect and design of the house, giving it an enhanced, unique look on the entire block.

Sale Value

The house’s selling value will increase, and it may become easy to sell. There could be buyers interested in buying such homes with permanent lighting.

Low Maintenance

With permanent lights installed by professionals, they become easy to maintain without any hassles, and decoration during holiday times will be easy.

Extra Security

Their bright glow will add an extra layer of security to the house premises. The walkways and entry and exit points could also get appropriately lit up with this lighting, reducing crime risks.

Customizable Lights

These lights are suitable for decorating the house, especially during holidays. But since these are customizable, they could get easily customized for celebrating birthdays, game days, anniversaries, or any other favorite occasion as it seems suitable along with the music. In short, these are multi-purpose decorating lights and can quickly help customize the property’s look, especially at night.

Decorating With Safety

Due to unfavorable weather and roofs turning slippy, decorating with lights only on holidays is not advisable. Permanent lighting will ensure no need to climb the ladder yearly to put up those decorations during the winter and Christmas holidays.

Tips For Choosing Christmas Permanent Lighting

Especially during winter, as the days get colder and it snows heavily, many household families get excited during Christmas as the countdown begins, mainly when the lighting arrangements get discussed.

A few years back, outdoor lighting for the house had its limitations. Whatever type of lights gets chosen will involve a person scaling a ladder and manually stringing them all over the house exteriors.

Those were traditional arrangements; after that revolution came – LED technology, which changed everything. A few of the tips for permanent Christmas lighting include,

Do Homework

Do thorough and proper homework on different types of Christmas lights. Adequate research should get done before purchasing them for the house exterior.

Lighting the house’s exterior has become more diverse and puzzling for house owners. The choice will come down to selecting innovative LED technology or going with the traditional yesteryear string of lights for outdoor display during Christmas or other occasions.

Selecting criteria should be based, depending upon the budget, maintenance cost, color preferences, flexibility of the lights, and their shape. Therefore it is essential to do homework regarding LED and other options and decide which system will suit the family and the budget.

Save Time

The house owner should always look to save time and lessen the effort and risk of installing lights. If the house owner is a do-it-yourself type of person, then every year during the icy cold months, a ladder will get used to string these Christmas lights manually, and after a month, someone will have to climb up the ladder to take down these strung-up lights.

The time, effort, and risk of accessing the icy roof area can all get avoided if permanent intelligent LED lights get strung up by professionals. Instead of withstanding the cold and the slippy roof during Christmas times, permanent lighting will allow the homeowner to sit back and relax on a sofa in the house.

At the same time, the homeowner could easily access the cloud-based app that could easily control the colors displayed along with the relevant patterns and themes right from the comfort of any room in the house. The LED permanent lighting system is a godsend opportunity, as it does not involve much effort and avoids dangers concerning hanging them manually every year.

During Christmas time, these LED lights can quickly get permanently fixed by professionals, and the house owner only has to choose the relevant Christmas theme that gets changed without any hassles.

Flexible Christmas Lighting

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Always select a flexible color of Christmas lights to catch that joyous mood. Christmas’s festivities are all about glitter and colors like greens, red, gold, and white.

The soft white Christmas light will look classic during the winter months. They could eventually be up and running for more than a month when this white color displayed on the lights appears to bore the mood, then other colors like green or red could get added as per fancy.

These intelligent app-controlled Christmas lighting systems are flexible and allow homeowners to change their colors. Hundreds of color theme patterns are preset, and any pattern can get chosen, or the user can create a new design.

Let The Lights Dance

Those Christmas lights that dance looks attractive. By just selecting those chasing prefixed pattern options, the permanent exterior lighting looks like they are dancing.

The app through which they get controlled can get customized as per fancy. Limitless options are available to display flashing, wild, rotating, and enthralling lights. Anyone passing the house will notice this light displayed when they enter the street.


When researching for permanent installation of Christmas lights, many homeowners will get frustrated seeing the installation charges and other running costs. The initial investment in installing a permanent system is slightly higher when compared with a traditional lighting system, where the homeowners will take a ladder and start hanging up the lights themselves. But since they are permanent, they save energy and money in the long run.

They can easily withstand weather changes, whether rain, sun, or snow, and get invented considering a home’s interior and exterior conditions. These lighting systems can easily withstand subtropical storms and also withstand heavy snowfall. They also come with a waterproof warranty. Always make sure to take professional help for installing a permanent lighting system during Christmas times.