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Shipping To Greece From The Uk? 6 Things You Should Know

If you’re looking to ship goods to Greece from the UK, there are a few things you should know. In this blog post, we will outline some of the key considerations you’ll need to make when shipping to Greece. From customs procedures to transport options, read on to get tips on shipping to Greece from the UK.

What is the process of shipping to Greece from the UK?

If you’re thinking of shipping something to Greece, there are a few things you should know first. Here’s a guide on how to send a package:

  1. Choose your shipping method

There are three main ways to ship items to Greece – through the postal service, courier service or through a freight forwarder. The postal service is cheaper, but it can take up to six weeks for your package to reach its destination. If you opt for a freight forwarder, your package will likely arrive much faster, but you’ll have to pay fees upfront. Courier service are the fastest option, but they can be more expensive.

  1. Calculate the cost of shipping

Before you start packing your box, you’ll need to figure out the cost of shipping it. To do this, use a shipping calculator to estimate the weight and size of your package, as well as the shipping fee.

  1. Make sure your package is packaged securely

To ensure that your package makes it safely to its destination in Greece, be sure to pack it securely using strong boxes or wrap it in sturdy paper packaging. Also make sure all information about your shipment (the recipient’s name and address) is included in the packaging.

  1. Get your package ready to ship

Now that you know the cost of shipping, you need to prepare your package for shipment. This means filling out a shipping label and packing your materials carefully. Make sure you include any necessary paperwork (such as proof of purchase), and make sure the package is properly marked for its destination. Finally, make sure to get a tracking number so you can follow your package’s progress.

  1. Ship your package

Once everything is ready, it’s time to ship your package! To do this, you’ll need to fill out a shipping form and mail it either via the postal service or courier service. Keep in mind that both of these services can take up to six weeks to deliver your package to its destination in Greece.

What are the fees associated with shipping to Greece from the UK?

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It is a member of the European Union, so UK goods sent to it aren’t subject to UK VAT. Instead, they will be charged with import VAT and import duties at the relevant EU country’s rate. These taxes are up to the recipient to pay themselves.

What are the restrictions associated with shipping to Greece from the UK?

There are a few restrictions that apply when shipping parcels to Greece from the UK. Firstly, meat and milk from non-EU countries are not permitted into Greece. This includes both domestic and imported products. Secondly, protected species and associated products, including tortoiseshell and ivory, are also not allowed into the country. This means that you will not be able to bring these items into Greece with your cargo. Finally, medication not for personal use is also prohibited in it.

What are some of the things you should consider before shipping to Greece from the UK?

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Greece is a popular tourist destination and as such, the country is constantly receiving shipments of goods from all over the world. However, because of the new customs and duty fees that came into effect on 1st January 2024, it is important to be aware of some things before shipping to Greece from the UK. Importantly, whenever any goods are shipped between the EU countries and UK mainland or Northern Ireland on commercial account, they have to clear customs and require a commercial invoice and other export documentation.

This means that if you are sending items that are classified as luxury goods or precious metals, it is best to contact your exporting country about whether or not these products will be subject to customs duties and VAT when reaching Greece. Additionally, please note that any food items sent to Greece must be accompanied by a food safety certificate from the relevant authority in your home country.

How long does it normally take for a package to reach its destination in Greece?

It takes around 7 to 12 business days for parcels to reach their destination in Greece through most shipping services. However, it can take up to 21 business days during peak season. Make sure to factor in transit time and customs delays when estimating how long your package will take to reach its final destination in Greece.

Are there any extras that I need to pay for when shipping to Greece?

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When you ship items to Greece, there are a few things to keep in mind: Customs and duties, fees and taxes.

Customs and duties: When your goods arrive at the border, the applicable customs duties, fees or taxes will be assessed and must be paid before your goods can be delivered. Depending on the quantity or value of what you are shipping, and where you are shipping to, there may be no costs at all.

Fees and taxes: There may also be fees charged by the shipping company for processing your order, as well as any applicable customs or tax fees. Check with your carrier for more information about these charges.


Shipping to Greece from the UK can be a daunting task, but by following these tips you’ll be on your way to success. Keep in mind that there are a few restrictions that apply when shipping to Greece, as well as fees and taxes that you’ll need to pay. Be sure to read the documentation that comes with your shipment, and be aware of the customs and duty fees that will apply. Finally, don’t forget to factor in transit time and any potential delays at the border when estimating how long it will take your package to reach its final destination in Greece.