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How to Shop for Fabric Online: 2024 Beginner’s Guide

Fabric is a familiar word for everyone within the cloth-making industry and related professions. They are made of fibers and are used to make various items, including clothing. They are selected depending on their quality and factors, like rough, smooth, heavy, and lightweight.

With the availability of fabrics online, there is a wide selection to choose from and buying them is more accessible these days. However, buying fabrics online can be tricky. The correct type of fabric is essential, and figuring out the right textures and quality can be challenging. But, with the help of a few tricks and tips, online fabric purchases can be made easier than ever.

Fabrics From Online Shops

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With the normalization of online shopping, it is now possible to gain things that might not be available in the local store nearby. The task is convenient, and the prices are affordable, with a range of collections for every product. It is noted from statistics that around 75-80% of people still like to buy fabrics from stores.

This enormous amount is due to the preference of people who can see and analyze the product with their own eyes. At the same time, online stores offer the time and price that can be appropriately utilized at any time and day without any interference.

Various new shops and stores have been established online, now the primary source for people to get the fabrics of their dreams. Getting excellent quality with unique prints is a must while buying fabrics online. For people searching for such fabrics, online fabric store Australia might be the best place to start.

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Fabrics Online

The main question to tackle here is how we buy fabrics without touching them and whether it is possible to get the right one. There is a lot of confusion and dilemmas to wrap up here, so we will discuss some essential points to remember while buying fabrics through online shops.

Check Material Type and Texture

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Of course, it is impossible to understand these factors online, but one thing that can be done is to see if the fabrics are stretchy or stable. If the clothing needs to feel stretchy, go for either woven or knit, depending on preference.

But these are better to be not used by beginners. For beginners, lightweight fabrics and cotton might be advisable for better management. Woven fabrics can be tried after getting some experience with the process. The ideal woven fabrics recommended for beginners are polycotton and polyester.

Details of the Fabric are Important

Every detail and specification available with the fabric is vital to check and verify before buying fabrics online. This is especially important for beginners as it is crucial to notice details like width, weight, and stretch given in the description. Further, these details also include washing instructions and other product-related instructions.

Proper Measurements for the Rescue

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Along with the details given, determining the proper proportions of the fabrics purchased is an excellent win for someone new to it. This factor may not always be accurate when buying online, but knowing the exact dimensions and composition can be a life-changing tip for beginners.

Use of a Width Conversion Chart

The width of the fabric is crucial to accomplish a great sewing project and its outcome. The wrong width can ruin the sewing process, so it is better to get this tiny detail beforehand. Check the sewing pattern to determine if the width is appropriate and can be used without difficulties.

Decide on a Sewing Pattern

The beginner’s guide to buying fabrics online can only be wrapped by mentioning this particular step. Choosing an easy and straight sewing pattern with little to no details is preferable for someone with little experience.

Most sewing patterns can guide users toward buying the correct fabric suitable for the design. Compare all the details, like which materials, threads, and other elements should be used to finish the sewing project successfully.

Selecting the Best Fabrics

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Without a doubt, cotton fabrics are highly recommended and excellent for beginners. They are the most stable and easy to work with. They are affordable, with all the colors anyone can imagine. On top of that, clothes woven from cotton are best suited for all occasions. Cotton comes in various types, each preferable for making different products.

The commonly used ones are quilting cotton, apparel cotton, and linen. While quilting cotton is stiff and better for making quilts, apparel cotton is incredibly stable. Additionally, linen comes under sustainable ones and can be used to make products such as clothing, curtains and tablecloths, and other necessary items for everyday life.

Apart from these, heavy fabrics are best for making totes, outdoor pillows, and covers for outdoor furniture. Polyester is another one that is used in mass-made clothing and is blended with cotton to gain a breathable material. There is also silk, satin, and velvet for smooth and soft textures for lining, clothing, and home decor.


As a beginner, some factors have to be checked while getting fabrics online. Beautiful materials are eye catchy, and we want to get them before they get sold. But in the long run, more than these reasons are needed to get the right product worth every money and time.

Creativity doesn’t have to be limited in today’s world. Anything is possible and available within finger reach. The chances and possibilities are vast, and plenty of stores online exist to help everyone who needs striking fabrics to create the best clothing or any required product. It is time to go the unconventional way and try online stores that provide excellent materials, high-quality items, and the best discounts and deals.

Moreover, it will be great to help small business owners to chase their dreams by accomplishing a successful store. We hope this post was helpful and benefited anyone interested in sewing. It may be the time to pick up a fabric of their choice and do wonders.