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Slingo Spectacular: Unveiling the 4 Absolute Must-Play Games Right Now!

Slingo has risen to become one of the more popular internet games of the 21st century. It has not actually been around that long in gaming terms though, as it only dates back to the mid-1990s.

It was developed between 1993 and 1997 and, like many other popular online games, it started as one that was played in physical form. The first physical cards for this cross between bingo and slots were produced in 2001, before it started to move primarily to the internet in the following decade.

That move was not surprising; gaming online now dominates the games market as a whole, so most of the really big games of 2024 are available in digital form.

Slingo is so big that there are new versions of it appearing all the time. They are certainly not all of equal quality though; which is why we have chosen to detail the ones that are the best to try.

What Is Slingo?

What Is Slingo?

Slingo is an innovative and increasingly popular game that merges the excitement of two classic casino favorites: online bingo and slot games. At its core, Slingo features the familiar five-reel grid found in slot machines.

However, unlike traditional slots, the reels in Slingo are adorned with numbers rather than the typical icons or symbols. This unique twist adds a new dimension to the game, blending the chance-based mechanics of slots with the number-matching thrill of bingo.

Adjacent to the slot grid, players will notice a bonus ladder. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and opportunity to the game. As players spin the reels and achieve certain combinations or hit specific milestones, they can climb up this ladder, unlocking various bonuses and rewards that enhance the gameplay experience.

The game also incorporates elements from the 75-ball bingo format. Players are given e-cards, akin to bingo cards, where numbers are arranged in a specific pattern. The main objective in Slingo is to spin the slot reels and then match the numbers that appear with those on your e-card.

Each successful match allows you to mark off numbers on your card, similar to how you would in a bingo game. The more numbers you match and mark off, the higher your chances of achieving a winning combination or even hitting a ‘Slingo’, which is the equivalent of a full house in bingo.

This blend of slot machine excitement and bingo strategy creates a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. Players must balance the luck of the spin with strategic choices about which numbers to prioritize and when to utilize any bonuses they might earn.

The game’s appeal lies in its simplicity, combined with the depth of strategy and the thrill of chance. This makes Slingo an attractive option for both seasoned casino enthusiasts and newcomers looking for an easy-to-understand yet captivating game.

4 Top Slingo Games to Try

1. Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches

The Rainbow Riches series of slot games have been a very long-running hit. Now there are fantastic slingo games available as part of the series too and that was bound to happen.

The graphics of a sunny Irish countryside complete with the rainbow and the gold pots that give the series its title will be familiar to anyone who has played the slot games. This imagery of lush green meadows full of leprechauns is a cheery sight and the Celtic music soundtrack helps to bring the theme more fully to life.

Another thing that makes Slingo Rainbow Riches better than standard casino games is the huge number of bonuses. There are no less than seven of them, including Magic Toadstool, Pots of Gold and Wishing Well.

These extra rounds are fun to play and can bring sizeable payouts, so there is much to recommend this game.

2. Slingo XXXtreme

You would expect something a bit special with a name like that and Slingo XXXtreme delivers. Scoring a full house – which is when the reels bring up all of the numbers on your card – activates a jackpot worth 1000x what you bet.

So this is a game that will reward a willingness to go for broke. With an impressive 11 free spins to start off with, there is a chance to start winning payouts before you have spent any money on the game though.

XXXtreme is one of the most fast and furious slingo games and comes with some energizing graphics too, so it stands out as one of the top options for slingo enthusiasts.

3. Slingo Deal or No Deal

Slingo Deal or No Deal

This is a spin-off from the game show that has been a success around the world and it features elements from that show, including the famous banker. If you get up to four slingos during the game, he will hit you with the chance of a deal.

You can either accept it or keep playing in the hopes of a full house. Scoring that will land you a jackpot of 20x your wager; but it is the nail-biting choice between continuing to play and taking the deal that really differentiates this game from the numerous choices on offer at casino sites.

It is something unique that will test your passion for gaming.

4. Slingo Centurion

The themes used for slingo games are getting more interesting and inventive all the time, as developers take a leaf from the slot game playbook. An example of that is Slingo Centurion, which takes place in Ancient Rome.

That means bonus rounds with names like Cesar’s Free Spins and Reelus Maximus. This latter one lets players switch to a three-reel grid, which is put together to make up Colossal Reel. That can produce a massive payout for any slingos.

The free spins round also has the potential to multiply your payout, especially the red bonus part. The big money and the engaging theme combine to make Slingo Centurion one of the most original slingo games to be found online.

These four slingo games will all provide an experience that is a little bit special. That is important when the field is growing more crowded all the time.