Is Your Spouse Entitled to Your Military Pension in a Divorce?

When facing the emotional and legal complexities of divorce, questions about financial matters often take center stage. If you or your spouse serve in the military, one significant financial aspect that might come into play is the military pension. Divorces involving military personnel can be uniquely challenging, and understanding your rights and obligations regarding military … Read more

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5 Signs You May Need To Hire a Trademark Lawyer in 2024 – Protecting Your Intellectual Assets

5 Signs You May Need To Hire a Trademark Lawyer

As a business owner, an official trademark is a must. It legally protects your brand’s products and services. But that’s not all. It also prevents other businesses and people from piggybacking off your success (also known as copycat brands). However, registering a trademark is no small task. What’s more, ensuring continuous protection to it requires … Read more

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